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"That's not what happened at all!"

This article is about something not canon to either the storyline of the TV show, Ninjago, or The LEGO Movie franchise.

Ninjago was one of the many planets accessible via rocket pads in Nexus Tower. The world consisted of a moat, monastery and the Underworld.


Before Ninjago appeared in the game there was a small shrine on the edge of Crux Prime, where one could learn Spinjitzu from Neido. The shrine remained where it was even after Ninjago was opened.

When you arrive, The planet is under siege by Lord Garmadon and the Skulkin, who have been mining Maelstrom ore to make them stronger. They are not easily damaged by regular Nexus Force weapons, so special weapons must be used instead to defeat them.


Inside the monastery, players can talk to Master Wu who will give you missions to collect the Golden Weapons and teach you the art of imagination Spinjitzu. You can also learn with KaiJayCole, and Zane. As well as the many vendors dotted around the monastery, you can also talk to Nya, who will give you side missions.

The Scythe of QuakesShurikens of IceNunchucks of Lightning and Sword of Fire are guarded by ChopovBonezaiKrazi, and Frakjaw respectively. The latter, unlike the others, has his own minigame boss battle.


After you land on the planet, you are faced by a bridge over a large mining station, where the skeletons are looking for Maelstrom ore. The towers are similar to the ones near the Caves of Despair.

Past the bridge is the monastery, which includes a great hall, a box room and some gardens, where players can do parcour over lava. In the room with the boxes there is a secret entrance to the Underworld.

The underworld is very dark and icy. There are different caves within it where the skeleton bosses are guarding the weapons.



  • Skeletons can do Spinjitzu in the game, unlike the TV series.
  • The Skeletons' armor is purple, probably corresponding to the color of the Maelstrom.
  • Oddly, there is no mention of SamukaiWyplash, or Kruncha.


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