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"What do you call it again? Rylo? Ruby?"

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“Will you be my Yang?”

The special event is the next installment of the LEGO Ninjago series that will come out in 2019. Bragi Schut, who previously worked on both Sons of Garmadon and Hunted, is the lead writer.[2] The Hageman Brothers are involved with the creation of the story but are not the script writers. Each episode is 22 minutes long, adding up to a full 88 minutes.[3] It is only a small part of the six hours of content planned.



Note: Sets have yet to be officially revealed, and names are subject to change. The name of this set wave is "Legacy" according to the box-art, but it is currently unknown if "Legacy" is also the name of the special. Some of the sets are updated remakes of concepts used in sets from Ninjago's 2011 to 2013 waves.

Early/Winter 2019




  • Tommy Andreasen stated that the four episode special event serves as "a conclusion of a 24 episode arc."[12] this may mean that any loose ends left open at the end of "Green Destiny" will be concluded by the end of these 4 episodes.
  • The four episode special event is planned to be released early 2019.[13]
  • On July 15, 2018, Tommy Andreasen tweeted a sneak peek image for Ninjago's storyline in 2019.[14] It was revealed in full detail during San Diego Comic Con on July 22, 2018, and will be about Jay proposing to Nya.
  • Tommy Andreasen stated that Jay's proposal to Nya may not have to do with marriage.[15]
  • Tommy Andreasen stated that episode 97 is "the most intense episode in the series yet"[16]. He also stated that episode 97 is his favorite.[17]
  • When asked for spoilers, Tommy Andreasen ominously replied with, ". . . one ninja will fall. . . ."[18] He also stated "... one ninja will make a fatal mistake ..." and "... one director will try to downplay just how much pain those dear ninja will have to endure ..."[19][20]
    • He also stated that "one ninja will hold the fate of Ninjago in his hands."[21]
    • And recently stated that "one ninja must let go of his love."[22]
  • Dareth is set to appear in this installment.
  • The final episode of Hunted, "Green Destiny," hints that future villains will most likely be the Oni, as Lloyd believes they are coming. Though it is unknown if this is in the special-event, or in the installment after it.
  • A clip was released (in its early animation) of Jay practicing asking out Nya with Kai in the Monastery of Spinjitzu. It is revealed through the clip that the emblem is what Jay uses to ask Nya to be his Yang.[23]
    • The original Monastery is as good as new in the clip, despite being burned down by the Hypnobrai in Season 1 and again accidentally by Kai in Season 7. It appears that two people are reattaching the door of the Monastery, meaning that the Ninja are restoring it and have moved back into it as their home base.
    • It was confirmed in the summary for a book that the Monastery was rebuilt by the Ninja.[24]
  • Tommy Andreasen also stated that the episodes of the special event will have an intro sequence but it will be different from any previous ones.
  • It was once again revealed on Tommy Andreasen's Twitter, that Ninjago would be around "for a long time."[25][26]
  • During the San Diego Comic Con panel, Tommy Andreasen revealed that the special event's name spoils the end of Hunted.
  • The special event will reveal how long it takes place after the end of Hunted.[27]
  • There will be scenes of the Ninja casually hanging out, similar to when the Ninja were playing a video game in the first season.[28]
  • As of September 11, 2018, animation for the special event is done, and two episodes had finished rendering.[29] It will be completed by the end of November.[30]
  • In the San Diego Comic Con panel, the text "Masters of Spinjitzu" is reverted back to the pre-Season 8 text.

Leaked Info

  • Several things about the Winter/Early 2019 wave of sets have been revealed online. It is unknown how they relate to the plot of the special event, or if they have anything to do with at all.
    • Although the sets appear to be based off of material from the earliest seasons and sets, the mini-figures all have new designs.
      • The Ninja appear to be returning to their roots in character design, reusing their pre-Season 8 symbols, and also smaller details like Cole having sleeves, and Nya's colors returning to pre-Season 7 colors.
    • The Overlord will get a brand new figure, with four-arms (the upper-torso looking similar to the Golden Armor), a translucent head, and a ghostly tail (like the ghosts of Possession, and Djinn such as Nadakhan).
      • It was also leaked that Kruncha and Nuckal will reappear, with head molds similar to Wyplash.
      • Some Serpentine also come back including Lasha (with a brand new design) and Pythor (who has his colors reverted back to Season 1.)
    • The Ninja have a new one-piece mask mold that is similar to a longer, more angular version of the Deepstone to Fusion suits. All have images of dragons emblazoned on them. They have their pre-Season 8 symbols.
      • Lloyd's gi has triangular shirt folds.
        • Lloyd's Golden Ninja form returns, with a golden version of Lloyd's post-Season 8 face.
          • The torso is completely new, but the legs look similar to the 2012 version.
      • Nya has returned to her maroon and azure color scheme rather than the gray suits she had in the seventh, eight, and ninth seasons.
      • Zane's gi looks very similar to the gis that Kai and Nya had in Sons of Garmadon, except with his signature color, white.
      • Jay's gi looks similar to his Techno Gi.
      • Kai's gi has a very simple design, and looks very similar to the original and DX (Dragon eXtreme) gis.
      • Cole's gi now has sleeves again for the first time since Hands of Time. It looks similar to more detailed version of his original Ninja gi, but with longer shirt folds revealing a mesh undershirt.
      • Wu's normal, elderly form returns in minifigure form for the first time since 2017, now with his movie face. His gi is a slightly tattered version of his original Spinjitzu Master kimono with the protection spell. It now has the word "master" spelled in the Ninjago alphabet, instead of characters from Chinese kanji. He has his normal tan conical hat.
    • Garmadon's minifigure looks nearly identical to his original four-armed design. has a new face that appears to be an updated version of his original face-print. He has his 2012 armor and helmet, and a purple version of his movie/2018 obi.
    • The new Spinjitzu spinners have very tornado-like designs with dual molded colors.
    • A Giant Stone Warrior will get a large brick-built figure rather than a standard mini-figure, similar to Giant Man from LEGO Marvel Superheroes and Ares from LEGO DC Comics Superheroes.
    • The Ultra Dragon's heads will be brick-built, instead of the rubber heads that it had previously. 
  • Kai's new bike will have a new black and red color scheme.
    • Zane's new ice mobile will not look much different than the original.




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