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The Ninjago Museum of History presents ancient weapons of the First Age.
Aspheera reading a sign of the Ninjago Museum of History in "Snaketastrophy"

The Ninjago Museum of History is a museum located in Ninjago City. As its name suggests, its exhibits are centered around the history of Ninjago. The museum features numerous exhibits, including animatronics and artifacts, while other exhibits are no longer available, such as the skeleton of a Grundle and a once dormant Giant Stone Warrior. The Museum and its exhibitions are open to the public on all seven days of the week, and later on Thursdays.[1]

The museum's latest exhibit was the Hall of Villainy, highlighting the greatest threats Ninjago has faced, though the exhibit was damaged after the Day of the Departed. Dr. Sander Saunders was the curator of the museum until Kai realized his true identity was Krux, one of the Time Twins. Later on, the museum presented ancient weapons of the First Age, with one of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu being one of them.

It is currently unknown who the current curator of the museum is, as Krux became lost in time while using the Iron Doom to travel into the future with Acronix.


Legacy of the Green Ninja

Child's Play

The Museum is broken into by Lord Garmadon and the Serpentine Generals, for the purpose of reviving the fossilized remains of the Grundle with the Mega Weapon. The ninja interrupt the process and Lord Garmadon and the Serpentine flee, stealing a sarcophagus on their way out. Realizing they cannot fit the sarcophagus through a manhole, they leave it behind and escape, leaving the ninja to be accused of the item's theft.

The ninja are later escorted back to the Museum by the police and apologize for the crime, to which the Museum Curator accepts the apology but questions what happened to the Grundal's bones. The ninja comes to the conclusion that Lord Garmadon must have succeeded in reviving the Grundal, and attempt to warn the police and Director but to no avail. The ninja escape by discreetly stealing some clothes from nearby school kids, who were on a field trip and make their way outside, the Grundal appears on top of the building, frightening the students outside before running off. It was soon defeated in Doomsday Comix by Lloyd.

The Stone Army

The venom of the Great Devourer eventually made its way into the Ninjago City sewers and got into the museum, causing the Stone Warrior merchandise in the gift shop to come to life. Troubled, the Museum Curator summoned Wu and the ninja to contain the problem.

At the unveiling of the exhibit for a large Stone Warrior statue they had unearthed beneath the Museum, some of the venom dropped from the ceiling and onto the statue, bringing it to life. The Stone Warrior began to attack the people inside, forcing them to evacuate the building. The ninja, with the help of Misako, eventually managed to use the terrain of the Museum to their advantage, leading the Stone Warrior into a fake floor paneling and causing it to fall back into the sinkhole it was unearthed from.

After the Final Battle

At some point, the Helmet of Shadows was brought to and stored at the museum, where it was kept in a back room.[2]


Winds of Change

The Museum eventually opened an exhibit of the ninja's adventures. The exhibit contained animatronics of Lord Garmadon, Chen, Samurai X, and Lloyd, statues of the Overlord dragon, a Grundle, Nya's Samurai Mech, Chen's Chair, and a miniature model of the original Destiny's Bounty. One night while the watchman was patrolling the exhibit, he became possessed by the ghost Morro.

Officers Noonan and O'Doyle were called in, and soon the Green Ninja arrived as well. The possessed watchman took Lloyd to one of the back rooms where Morro left his body in favor of the Green Ninja's.



Shapeshifted into Jay, Nadakhan stole the painting of Chen from the museum.

Operation Land Ho!

Captain Soto went to the museum in search of a new peg leg to replace the one he had lost in the Kryptarium Prison. As he prepared to saw a leg off a stool, Jay appeared with a peg leg for Soto and recruited him into the Ninja Replacements.

New Exhibits

Following the ordeal with the Sky Pirates, Dr. Saunders, the curator of the museum, oversaw the opening of the Hall of Villainy. The exhibit features many of the ninja's old adversaries, including life-sized mannequins of Samukai, Pythor, Kozu, Cryptor, Chen and Morro, all of whom are holding translucent green weapons that resemble their signature weapons.

Day of the Departed

On the evening of the Day of the Departed, the ninja, Wu, and Misako arrived at the museum to purchase lanterns at the gift shop. They were then treated to a tour of the new Hall of Villainy by Dr. Saunders as well as the Yin Blade, which Cole later steals. The displays were soon brought to life by their originals' ghosts after Yang brought them from the Departed Realm. When Dareth used the helmet to have the Stone Warriors attack Kozu, they wreck the museum, shocking Dr. Saunders.

Following each ninja's defeat of their respective adversary, they regrouped at the steps of the museum. Later that night, several citizens launched floating lanterns near the museum.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

Sometime after fighting their revived adversaries, the ninja brought the villains' statues back to the museum. It is unknown if the statues were intact after the battles, or if they had to be repaired or rebuilt. At the museum while cleaning up, the ninja learn of a battle that was claimed to be a "myth" by Dr. Saunders between the fabled Time Twins and the original Elemental Alliance at the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

Sometime after the ninja leave, Acronix arrives at the museum. He greets Krux, the true identity of Dr. Saunders.

The Hatching

Inside Krux's lab, Krux is preparing his Vermillion troops while Acronix is amazed by all of the new technology he never got to experience.

A Time of Traitors

Kai goes to the museum to find Dr. Saunders to ask him about a Vermillion helmet he recovered. While trying to cover up the history of The Hands of Time, Saunders' mustache comes off after getting caught on the tail of the snake statue in the room, revealing his true identity as Krux. Kai fights Krux until Acronix arrives. Krux nearly defeats Kai but Nya arrives to help. After locking Krux in a sarcophagus, Acronix uses the Forward Time Blade to escape with the sarcophagus and Cyrus Borg, who had been hidden inside the sarcophagus.

Secrets Discovered

Cole, Jay, Lloyd, and Zane go to the museum to find anything that could be used to locate Krux and Acronix's base of operations. There, they discover his secret lab, as well as a secret passage to the Vermillion Swamps.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


Aspheera entered the Museum and asked the security guards where to find the first Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. When she could not find it, she destroys some relics out of anger. In the process, she revived Char, her servant. She then orders him to find the scroll; unbeknownst to them, the ninja, except for Kai, who chose not to go with them, were watching them.

The ninja then got to the correct Hall in time. Lloyd grabbed the scroll, but since it corrupted him, Nya hits it out of his hands towards the entrance. The snakes then got in, and they fight for the scroll.

Aspheera came out victorious, and collapse the ceiling on the ninja. She then recruits more members and orders three Elemental Cobras to destroy the ninja while the others follow her.

Jake and Kai then barges in. He turns the sprinklers on, and Jake praises Kai for saving them without powers. Kai then praises him back, and everyone shares a hug.

Meanwhile, Zane asked Lloyd what the scroll did to him. He responded that it made him feel powerful, and concluded that they need to get it back before Aspheera gets the chance to use it.

Ancient History

The ninja cleared some of the Museum's rubble to escape.

Awakenings (flashback)

Zane gets a flashback about the museum.





  • It is unknown how they took the sarcophagus of the Pyro Vipers from the Ancient Pyramid and if it was before the events of Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • Though it's clear from the flashbacks in "Pause and Effect" that Krux disguised himself as Dr. Saunders before the events of the series, another Museum Curator was shown to work at the museum in Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja. According to Tommy Andreasen, this curator is "just a guy," implying there was simply more than one curator working at the museum at that point.[3]
  • It was suggested on the official website that Dareth has replaced Krux as the curator.[citation needed]
    • This is probably non-canon, as Dareth shows no interest in the museum in the next seasons and owns Laughy's instead.
  • In "A Time of Traitors," it's mentioned that Nya, Jay, and Cole had gone on school field trips to the museum, at which they met Dr. Saunders and s. However, it's unclear whether this refers to their time as teachers at Wu's Academy or their own childhood educations.


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