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Ninjago Rush is a LEGO Ninjago online game released in early 2015.


Upon starting the game, the player has four stages available to choose from. At each of them, the player can get the three Jadeblades. Each step is a separate ninja control. In addition, each level requires different skills:

  • Kai - Attack: reduces the number of attacks needed to destroy obstacles and enemies
  • Jay - Speed: increases the player's movement speed
  • Cole - Health: increases the number of lives the player has
  • Lloyd - Jump: increases the height the player jumps

Collecting Jadeblades gradually strengthens the skills of warriors, so that they are able to obtain Jadeblades that were out of reach the first time through. These skill boosts don't work in other training stages, but they do work in its own training stage and the two non-training stages. Gaining an adequate number of Jadeblades unlocks up to three levels:


  • After completing Cole's challenge, Cole's dagger will turn into a sai.
  • All of the training stages are designed so the player must get the Jadeblades one at a time. However, for Cole's challenge, it is possible to get two at once if the player is quick with getting the last one before the ball hits the player.
  • In the Tournament, Lloyd or Jay will finish first. Karlof or, ironically, Griffin Turner, will finish last.
  • In the options for picking Elemental Powers, instead of Energy, Lloyd's element is an element related to leaves, and when Spinjitzu is performed with his leaf element, the tornado will throw leaves.


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