“Back where I grew up, there's this pretty big competition where every year the winner gets the Blade Cup. My dad's won it multiple times.”
Cole to the ninja, "The Royal Blacksmiths"

Ninjago Talent is an annual talent show in the Concert Hall in Ninjago City. The main prize is the Blade Cup, which will be handed over to the winner for one year. Lou and The Royal Blacksmiths often attended the competition. The ninja and Serpentine attended the competition one time because they wanted to win the Blade Cup.


The Royal Blacksmiths

The ninja compete in the competition to win the Blade Cup, which is made of a Fangblade which they require. Unfortunately, they had competition, but easily won due to their performance, which included Spinjitzu and the Triple Tiger Sashay. This is notably the event where Cole unlocked his True Potential.


  • The competition has an open audition.
  • Pythor participated in the competition as one of the judges, although he did not get his place honestly, but by eating the original judge.
  • Skales, Mezmo (2×), Rattla, Darkley's students, Nya, Wu, Ed, Edna, Kruncha and Nuckal were some of the spectators at the Ninjago Talent.
  • The Ninjago Talent show was later seen on two of the NGTV news buildings' TV screens in "The Day Ninjago Stood Still" and on one of the Borg Tower TV screens in "The Surge."
  • A man with a Ninjago Talent shirt and hat is the microphone holder in the 2014 blooper reel.
  • The talent show is presumably at least a decade old, as Cole (a teenager) mentions it was around during his childhood, and Clutch Powers, the creator of the Blade Cup, explains in "Boobytraps and How to Survive Them" that he retired from adventuring ten years ago.
  • According to a story on LEGO.com, Dareth competed against and lost to Lou in multiple talent competitions in the past.[1] This most likely refers to Ninjago Talent.





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