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The Ninjago Wiki is the largest source for all things about LEGO's Ninjago line. On December 28, 2010, the wiki was founded by Paifu fan23.



On December 28, Ninjago Wiki was founded by Paifu fan 23.


On March 19, a user named Makuta Tarkairadan (now ElishuaJansen) joined the wiki. On June 12, King Joe joined. On September 23, King Joe adopted the wiki and gave Makuta Bureaucrat rights. The activity of Ninjago Wiki has since started growing. On December 13, Bionclejaller joined and was given admin rights six days later.


The activity grew more than ever. Users like Legodude101 and Vector E. Cramp joined over from the LEGO Universe wiki. Eventually, Legodude was given Bureaucrat rights by Makuta. However, in early December, an incident in chat occurred which caused tensions between Legodude, MisterGryphon, and Meiko. Several people left. On December 19, Legodude demoted himself. SaltNPepper and Vector stayed to help out the wiki.


For the past three years, SaltNPepper and Vector ran the wiki. However, in late March, SaltNPepper resigned and gave her bureaucrat rights to Vector.


Vector's activity on FANDOM started decreasing and he eventually left without a note on September 7. With no active Bureaucrat, there was no way to gain rights. But hope was not lost.


On March 9, Buddermeow requested adoption for the wiki. Her request was accepted on the next day, and she was a bureaucrat and would be able to give rights.


On June 11, Buddermeow announced her resignation, so a vote was made, with Toa Kopaka Nuva winning. He is a bureaucrat to this day. Buddermeow still edits as a regular user.

List of Bureaucrats

The Bureaucrat (aka Sensei) is seen as the de facto leader of the Ninjago Wiki. They are involved in the decision making for the community and play an important role in the future of the wiki. Here are the list of Bureaucrats we've had in chronological order.

Paifu fan23 and King Joe are still Bureaucrats, but haven't been active since 2012. Vector E. Cramp is also a Bureaucrat, but hasn't been active since 2017.

In other languages

Besides the English version, there are several other wikis which cover LEGO Ninjago, but are in different languages. However, not all of the wikis have the same amount of content as other wikis.

In addition, LEGO Ninjago can be found in a plethora of languages if you visit the LEGO.com website or LEGO's YouTube channel.


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