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This page will go over the account policy for the Ninjago Wiki.

Creating an account

Main article: Help: Create an account

Account name and profiles

Just like other communities, please make sure to choose an appropriate username and profile picture. Accounts which contain usernames/profile pictures which are intended to troll, cause disruption, and harass other users will be immediately blocked.

Shared accounts

Each account should represent one individual and one individual only. Users are not permitted to share accounts with others people. If there is concrete evidence that an account is being used by multiple people, the user will be required to stop this practice and may face a ban.

Using multiple accounts

It is recommend that users create only one account. However, users are allowed to create multiple accounts (also known as sock accounts and/or alt accounts). Nevertheless, users may not create sock accounts to evade a ban, cause disruption, and gain an advantage in voting.

Finally, users are allowed (but not encouraged) to move accounts and have a "clean start." Before switching accounts, you must:

  • Write on your old/new account that you're having a clean start.
  • Contact an administrator about the change.

Even if you plan on disabling your old account, you must take the following steps. Failure to take the following steps may result in both account being blocked and being assumed that you're socking. After making the change, an administrator will then place an infinite ban on the old account, but you can continuing contributing on the new account.