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This page will outline what expected when editing Character Relationship pages.


Character Relationship pages should always be titled as the following.

<Character>'s relationships


Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph (rather sentence) should just say something along the lines of:

These are the relationships of <Character name>.

Required headings

  • Family (if applicable)

This section should include all of the relationships a character has within their family. For example, if the article was about Wu, characters such as Lloyd (nephew), and Garmadon (brother) would be included as a subheading.

  • Love Interest (if applicable)

This section should include any love interest a character has. An example is Kai/Skylor, Jay/Nya, and Zane/P.I.X.A.L.

  • Friends or Allies

This section should include any friends and/or allies a character might have.

  • Enemies

This section should include any specific enemies a character might have.


Required categories

  • Ninjago
  • Character Relationships
  • <Year>
  • <Season>