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This page will outline what is expected for each Character page.

Which characters should have pages?

  • All named characters should have pages.
  • All characters who exist in minifigure form should have pages.
  • Speaking characters should have pages unless they are generic citizen designs or have no significant relation to the story or any other existing character.
  • All crossover characters should have pages.

What should the pages be named?

Generally, character pages should include both the character's first and last name in the title, with some example being Brad Tudabone and Jacob Pevsner. However, major characters' pages such as Jay and Lloyd should simply be the characters' first names, because this allows for easier linking on most pages.



After creating the page, please use the {{Character}} infobox and fill out the necessary information about the character in the spaces provided.

  • color - This field should match the physical appearance of a character. If the character is currently unknown, please leave it grey.
  • image - This field should be an image of the character in the Ninjago series. It is also possible to have an image from other official media if the character has not appeared yet in the TV series. Furthermore, the image may be cropped to show the character. If there is no image for the character, please add this file.
  • affiliation - This field should list all of the groups a character has been part of willingly or unwillingly.
  • home - This field should list the character's home realm or homeland. Note this should only be included for characters who are from islands or realms other than Ninjago.
  • favweapon -This field should list all of the weapons used by the character.
  • element - If a character is an Elemental Master, their Elemental Power should be listed in this field. This does not include listing all of the Elemental Powers a character has possessed. If the character doesn't have an Elemental Power, please leave this field blank.
  • first appearance - This field list the first appearance a character makes in the series. If they appear in a set, it should be placed below. Meanwhile, if a character never appears, the episode they were mentioned in can be listed. An example is with Atta the Ratta who was mentioned "The Meaning of Victory."
  • status - This field should indicate a character's current condition. For consistency sake, please use "Alive" if they are still alive and "Deceased" if they are dead. Other words to describes different situation will be discussed within the community.
  • family - If a character's family has been mentioned in the series, it should be included here. This field should not include love interests (e.g. Jay and Nya, Kai and Skylor, P.I.X.A.L. and Zane, etc.)
  • voice actor - This field should have the character's voice actor.


Another part of the character page is the {{Quote}} template. For the quote itself, it should describe the character's history, role, personality, or a famous catchphrase. It should not be something random which leaves the reader confused. For example:

Tes neeb sah part eht.
— Mr E's message in "Dead Man's Squall"

While this is something Mr. E said, the quote is really vague and can make readers scratch their head unless you can describe the situation. Even when you describe the quote, it defeats the whole purpose of having a quote in the first place.

Moreover, the quote can be said from another character and doesn't have to come from the character you're editing.

Opening paragraph

The opening paragraph should have the title of article in bold as well as a brief, short info on the general character. If a character happens to have a nickname, please put the nickname in parentheses like Killow.

Required headings

  • History or Biography

This section should include the history of the character (in chronological order) and what the character did. When writing the history of a character, the episode that they appear in should have a sub-heading 1 with the rest of the text using the normal size text. The heading "Biography" should be used for characters and "History" should be used for anything else.

  • When a character's appearance in a flashback predates the series, the information should be placed at the appropriate time in the character's life, with (flashback) in the heading next to the episode name. However, if a flashback simply uses footage that was already seen in a previous episode, the episode does not need to be included in this section.
  • For characters whose background information is gained from many episodes rather than one episode in particular, or simply in contexts where the (flashback) format would not work as well, episode titles can be cited using the <ref> format rather than being used as the heading names, while the heading can have a more descriptive name like "Background" or "Early life". See Dr. Julien's Background for an example of this.
  • Legacy (optional)

If the character is deceased, this section should describe how the character has impacted their environment and/or other characters. If the information would be no more than one or two lines such a section is unnecessary and the information should instead be placed in the History/Biography section. This section should describe how the character has impacted their environment and other characters.

  • Appearance (optional)

This section should explain the character's physical attributes and physical appearance such as their clothing, hair style, and anything else about the character.

  • Relationships (optional)

This section is only allowed if the character has a character relationship page. Otherwise, please don't include this section.

  • Personality (optional)

This section should talk about the character's attitude and/or behavior throughout the series.

  • Abilities & Weapons (optional)

This section should list all of the fighting abilities the character has as well as the weapons use when in combat.

  • Weaknesses (optional)

This section should list any weakness the character has.

  • Vehicles

This section is for vehicles belonging to this character. A character using a vehicle does not necessarily mean it will be listed here.

  • description(s) or Official description(s) (if applicable)

This section must be copied and pasted exactly from the website. Please do not edit the official description unless it was copied incorrectly or vandalized. If there is more than one description, sub-sections should be used to specify each description.

  • Appearances

This section should list all of the appearances a character appears in. This includes their physical appearance, pictures featuring them, murals, pixelated versions of them, flashbacks, cameos, etc. Mentions do not go in the appearance section.

  • Behind the scenes

This section should contain information about the character's creation, inspiration, or design process. Information regarding differences between the show and the products should be placed here.

  • Trivia

This section should contain any miscellaneous information which appeals to the reader.

  • Videos (if applicable)

Any videos the character appears in should go here. When adding videos, please make sure to refer to the Video policy to see what is acceptable.

  • Gallery

This section should contain images of the character. If a character happens to have a gallery page, please link it here. Furthermore, please make sure to check our Image policy when uploading images.

  • References (if applicable)

If there are any citations made in the article, please make sure to put them here using the <references/> tag.


Required categories

The following categories must go onto each objects page. Categories in bold must be included in the page. Other categories are allowed as long as they fit the requirement of the category.