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This page will outline what is expected when uploading images.


It is important to add high quality images to the wiki. Low resolution or blurry images can make it difficult to see the image and can make the wiki look unprofessional.

A reference for good quality is for the image to be 1080p or better. While 720p is generally accepted, most images can be found with 1080p. Please avoid uploading images with a quality less than 720p.

Acceptable images

Not acceptable images

Watermarked images

Watermarked images are pictures which contain a design unrelated to the actual image. These include TV logos, news tickers/crawlers/slide, names of YouTube channels, etc. When uploading images, please avoid watermarked images. When new episodes are being released, this rule will be relaxed as most of the images will have watermarks. However, it's best to replace these images once higher quality images are available.

Photo spamming

One of the most common mistakes we get from users is when they spam images. Photo spamming is when someone uploads every single frame of of a scene. Not only is this unnecessary and makes the gallery page longer, but it can be seen as a form of badge farming.

Fanmade images

Fanmade images are welcome on the wiki as long as they are in forums, blogs, or someone's user page. However, they may not be placed in articles. To indicate that your image is fanmade, please write somewhere in the filename or the description about your image.

Leaked images

Images of unreleased figures leaked from factories and/or watermarked set images are strictly forbidden on the wiki. Any image portraying leaked material will be deleted and the uploader will be blocked.


Adding captions are optional, but are recommended when editing pages. Captions can provide context to a situation especially if the image doesn't tell the entire story. When adding captions, make sure to include a period at the end if the caption is a complete sentence. Meanwhile, if you include a sentence fragment, don't include a period at the end.

Other Rules

  • Before uploading any images, please make sure the image you're about to upload already exists on the wiki. We do not want to have duplicate images on the wiki as this can often lead to confusion on what's been uploaded or not.
  • Please do not add colored borders to the images.
  • While you are allowed to upload images unrelated to the Ninjago franchise, any images uploaded that are inappropriate will be deleted and the user will be blocked without any warnings.