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This page will outline our Leak Policy.


Images of unreleased figures leaked from factories or watermarked set images are strictly forbidden on the wiki. Any image portraying leaked material will be deleted and the uploader may be blocked.

Leaked information, speculation, and rumors are not allowed on the Ninjago Wiki. Leaked information consists of images with a "confidential" watermark as well as Minifigures which have been taken from factories that sometimes find their way onto the web.

Speculation and rumors are any assumptions about the story or set that does not have confirmation in official media. Any and all information about leaked sets is not allowed. Please wait until the sets appear on LEGO.com or the site of an official seller before adding them to the Wiki. Plot points from episodes may only be added to a page once the episode has officially aired in English somewhere in the world.

Information based on future content in all situations must have a reliable source. If you would like to dispute a source please contact a staff member.

Non English Content

When non-English episodes are aired, special actions are taken to avoid giving spoilers and false information to readers as well as fellow editors.

Users are still welcome to edit the history section of the subject, plot of an episode, and appearances section; however, these markups (<!-- -->) must be used when editing the page. The markups will allow users to continue editing the article freely, but it will hide the content from public view. Please do not remove the markups until the selected episode is released in English.

Meanwhile for any gallery pages, users are still allowed to uploaded images. However, users are required to add this template to the gallery pages. Once again, please do not remove this template until the selected episode is released in English.

Finally, translations of dialogue is often uncertain and inaccurate from its English counterpart, so information about the origin of objects, characters, etc. is not allowed on pages. Under no circumstances may users rename and/or move pages based on information from non-English episodes. If something new is introduced that doesn't have an article, users are welcome to create the article, but this template must be added.

What to cite

The following are acceptable sources when citing.

  • Anything mentioned by people who work for Ninjago such as creators (e.g. Tommy Andreasen, Bragi Schut, etc.) cast members (e.g. Vincent Tong, Brent Miller, etc.) and artists (The Fold)
  • Content from Cartoon Network, LEGO.com, and The Fold
  • Certified sellers such as LAN members, Amazon, and Target as well as certain foreign sellers

What not to cite

Please avoid citing these sources as they don't have the most accurate information and are not part of the Ninjago franchise.

  • Unofficial YouTube channels dedicated to Ninjago
  • Unofficial websites
  • Wikipedia, or other wikis on FANDOM
  • Posts made from accounts not official to Ninjago
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