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This page will outline what is expected for each Location page.



After creating the page, please use the {{Location}} infobox and fill out the necessary information about the location in the spaces provided.

  • color - This field should match the appearance of the location. If the location is currently unknown, leave it gray.
  • image - This field should have an image showing the location in the Ninjago series. It is also possible to have an image from other official media if the location has not appeared yet. Furthermore, the image may be cropped to show the location. If there is no image for the location, please add this file.
  • location - The field should indicate where the location is.
  • inhabitants - This field should show all of the people who live at that location. Please do not include visitors.
  • first appearance - This field list the first appearance the location makes in the series. If the location appeared in a set, it should be placed below. Meanwhile, if the location never appears, the episode they were mentioned in can be listed.


Another part of each locations page is the quote. The {{Quote}} template should go at the very top of each article. For the quote itself, it should describe the location or be something important said about the location. The colors should match the physical appearance of the location.

Required Headings

  • History

This section should include the history of the location (in chronological order). This includes if the location appears in an episode or is mentioned by a character.

  • Inhabitants

This section should include a list of people who currently live or used to live at the location.

  • Visitors

This section should include a list of people who visited the location.

  • description (if applicable)

This section should have the description copied and pasted exactly from the website. Please do not edit the description unless it was copied incorrectly or vandalized.

  • Areas (optional)

This section should include all of the rooms or parts of the location. An example can be seen with the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

  • Appearance (optional)

This section should describe the physical appearance of the location.

  • Appearances

This section should list all of the appearances a character appears in. This includes physical appearance, pictures featuring the location, flashbacks, cameos, etc. Mentions do not go in the appearance section.

  • Trivia

Any miscellaneous information that doesn't belong in the intro paragraph goes here.

  • Videos (if applicable)

This section should contain videos highlighting the location. When adding videos, please make sure to follow our video policy.

  • Gallery

This sections should contain images of the location. When adding images, please make sure to follow our image policy.

Required Categories

Other categories are also used, but these are the most common.

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