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For more on specific page naming, see here for characters and here for episodes.


The following is the order in which sources should be considered when naming articles. In other words, if there are conflicting names, the source used should be the one from the highest listed number below.

The TV series should always be the first resource for naming pages. If no name is given in the TV series, sets and set descriptions should be the second go-to, followed by canon books such as the Dark Island Trilogy and The Book of Spinjitzu or readers/episode recap books such as Attack of the Nindroids. If no name is available from any of these, a number of other sources can be relied on (listed in no particular order):

If none of these sources supply names, the credits from the TV series can be used. The reason the credits are less reliable than the sets and other sources is because they have been known to have errors in past seasons. This can be proven by the fact that canon books refer to characters such as Skales and Ronin with the spellings of their names from the sets, not the versions ("Scales" and "Ronan") seen in earlier seasons of the show.

Video games can also be used as a source if no others are available.

Note: names from the show are only prioritized over the sets if they are spoken in the show, but not if they are only included in the credits.For example, the page for Cole's Ghost Cycle is named that way because it is called this in the show even though the set calls it the Blaster Bike. However, Auto's page is named as such because his name, Mini-Robot, is only given in the credits of the show, while Auto is a name given on the box of the set.

When other names are not available, statements from creators such as Tommy Andreasen can be used to source the titles. The reason this should be used as a last resort is because Andreasen has stated that the official publications are the go-to place for official names and he does not want to contradict them with his opinion if given the chance.[1]

Generally, the newer sources should be prioritized. For example, the bo staff page is named "Bo staff" rather than "Nin-Jô," because "bo staff" is the term used in more recent set descriptions. However, there can be exceptions to this if the names do not come from the same source: for example, if a past set description differs from a more recent but more casual statement from a creator, the older source should be used.

When a character's name in the show or credits is too vague or non-specific, a conjectural title can be used instead. An example is Fugi-Dove's brother, who is called Criminal #1 in the credits, or Jay's mother, who is given the nickname "Lightning" in the series. This allows for easier linking and searching for the page and prevents the page from being confused with something else.

Episode subtitles from platforms such as Netflix should not be used as a source. This is because they are not done by the official Ninjago crew and often have inconsistencies with the show and with themselves.

Plural titles

When pages are about a type of creature or an enemy faction, such as Grundles or Stone Warriors, the title should be pluralized. The exception is for recurring character models such as Bonezai or Mezmo who have given names that would not make sense to be pluralized. Weapon pages should not have plural titles, because while they are about groups of weapons, they are more about the weapon as a concept, which is referred to with a singular name.

However, pages should be pluralized if they refer to a specific set of weapons owned by a character, such as explosive shurikens.


When page names are descriptive titles, such as Wu's horse carriage or Jay's mother, the words should not be capitalized unless they are proper names, such as Wu and Jay in these cases. Vehicles such as Zane's bike should always have the object be lowercase.

However, if there is sufficient evidence that a title is a proper name, it should be capitalized. Location pages such as Hollow's Bluff and Chan's Theater, because this type of locations are proper names in real life. Same goes for vehicles, such as Ghost Taker GT. However, names such as Wu's temple should not be capitalized when they are merely descriptive, conjectural titles.

See the here for various sources for the exact capitalization/punctuation/etc. for page titles.