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This page will outline what is expected when editing Transcript pages.


Transcript pages should always be titled as the following:


For example, the transcript page for "Snakebit" should be titled as:

  • Correct: Snakebit/Transcript

Please avoid other titling errors such as:

  • Incorrect: Snakebit (Transcript)
  • Incorrect: Transcript for Snakebit
  • Incorrect: Transcript/Snakebit


At the start of every transcript page, this template {{EpisodeHeader}} must be added. Please fill it out accordingly.

Action blocks

When describing something, you must use parentheses and italicize the text. For example:

(Wu goes to the video game room only to find that none of the ninja are there.)


When writing dialogue, the person who's saying it should be bolded while the dialogue should have no formatting.

Cole: Oh, you want a little more? Take this!


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