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User Conduct

The Ninjago Wiki strives to have a family-friendly environment. As such users are expected to follow these guidelines.

  • Per Fandom's Terms of use, you must be 13 years of age to have an account on the Ninjago wiki. Any user who is discovered to be under 13 will be blocked.
  • Images of unreleased figures leaked from factories or watermarked set images are strictly forbidden on the wiki. Any image portraying leaked material will be deleted on sight. If the user continues to upload leaked images they might be blocked.
  • On the wiki, no swearing, no abbreviations containing swear words, no inappropriate or controversial comments (including sexual or religious comments without context, or verbal aggression towards others) are allowed. Situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis depending on severity.
  • Don't spam nonsensical and pointless messages on the wiki. Make sure all content added to pages is significant and relevant.
  • This is an English Wiki, don't add content in other languages, Spamming by translating articles into other languages and adding it is highly discouraged. Continuing to add content in other languages may result in a block.
  • Please refrain from making pages with very little importance (Bus token, chair, etc.)
  • Use proper grammar when on chat and editing pages, or use the spellcheck program to check your work.
  • Don't be mad at other users. If someone was bullying you, please contact one of the Clan members if you need help, and we'll be glad to assist you!"
    • Similarly, if you disagree with somebody undoing your edit, contact them rather than starting an edit war.


Users are discouraged from using multiple accounts on this wiki. Using alternative accounts to evade blocks, deceive users, spam, vandalize, and post inappropriate content is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated on any level. 

Appropriate Actions

  • Some uses of other accounts will be tolerated such as starting over again after a previous account is disabled, forgotten, compromised, lost or disliked by users.
  • Users may also use other accounts to perform actions they're unable to do on their main account due to glitches.
  • Admins have permission to create other accounts that they can use to test blocks, test automated messages, test achievements, test abuse filters, or any other necessary actions.
  • If another account is being used for appropriate actions, the account owner may communicate with a bureaucrat in order to make the account a bot. Bots may be used if an active bureaucrat approves it.
  • Use other accounts for appropriate edits and making jokes with appropriate profile pictures and account information.

Inappropriate Actions

  • If a user is given a block, they may not use another account to edit. If they do so, the "sockpuppet" account, as well as the main account, will be blocked for infinite. If a user continues to use alternate accounts, the local staff may request an IP check from FANDOM and the IP address may be blocked.
  • If a user makes another account to impersonate another user, the account will be infinitely banned. The users' other accounts may be given blocks ranging from 1 week to infinite. Local staff are encouraged to report the user to the global staff, and a global ban might be necessary.
  • If a user makes another account to mock another user's username or harass them using their username, they will be given an infinite block and their other accounts may be given a block ranging from 1 day to infinite.

What Happens if one break the rules?

The Ninjago Wiki takes its user conduct very seriously. Baring very serious cases of vandalism or harassment, bans will only be handed out if warnings do not work. We don't want to have to ban anybody, so making sure that everyone understands the rules is important to us.

Offense Consequences
First Few Rule breaks Warnings
Continuing after warnings 3 day ban
More rule breaks 2 week ban
Further rule breakings Longer ban to be determined by administrators

Using additional (sockpuppet) accounts in order to get around your ban will lead to an additional ban time placed onto your account. This time will be determined by the severity of your original ban as well as the number of sockpuppet accounts.

Appealing a Block

If you feel you were unfairly blocked, please contact the person who blocked you via Community Central. Please do not message the Admin on different wikis as other wikis often don't want drama they're not related to.

When talking to the Admin, please be respectful and explain why you believe you should receive less ban time. If an Administrator refuses to reduce your block, that's the final answer. You are then required to wait out your suspension before you can resume editing. Please do not continue to pester the Admin or contact other Administrators and beg for a reduced block time. This will only make the staff annoyed and may result in an increased ban time.

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