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This is where a user can file a request to obtain user rights. The wikia community votes, and if the user has more support votes than oppose votes, the vote is passed on to a bureaucrat, who has the final say. You can nominate yourself or someone else (with their permission of course). Also, if you file a request, but do not meet the required requirements, then your request will not be approved.

Current Requests

Edit Count
Requested Position
Time Remaining


Rollback: 800 mainspace edits in the last 90 days (3 months). Good character overall.

Chat Moderator: 300 edits in the last 30 days (1 month). Seen on chat and is of good character.

Discussions Moderator: 600 edits in the last 45 days (month and a half). Frequently contributing on threads/discussions.

Content Moderator: 1,500 mainspace edits in the last 150 days (5 months). Seen adding large amounts of information, making new pages, reverting vandalism, etc. Holds rollback position.

Admin/Sysop: 2,500 mainspace edits in the last 240 days (8 months). Helpful to users, good character, shows love of Ninjago, responsible, holds at least Rollback and Content/Discussions Moderator position.

Bureaucrat: 5,000 mainspace edits in the last 480 days (1 year and 4 months). Already holds admin position. Requires a vote by wiki users.

Nomination Time Lengths

Rank Time period
ChatMod (ZX) 2 days

Rollback (Ninja)

3 days

Discussion Moderator (DX)

3 days

Content Moderator (Airjitzu Master)

4 days
Administrator (Samurai) 4 days

Bureaucrat (Sensei)

1 week

What to vote on

  • Is the user active?
  • Does the user have good edits?
  • Is the user social? (This is minor)
  • Are the edits the user make helpful to the wiki?
  • Is the user kind to other users if they make a mistake?
  • Is he willing to help other new users?
  • Has the user been complained about?

What NOT to vote on

  • The user is a friend in real life to you.
  • The user is nice to you.

Requirements to vote

Things to do when voting

  • You must have an account that is at least one week old when voting for Rollbacks and Chat Moderators.
  • You must have an account that is at least one month old when voting for Admins/Bureaucrats.
  • You must be logged in to vote.
  • You must always sign your name when you vote. If you do not, you will not be counted.
  • If you want to take back something, use the tags <s> and </s> in source mode.
  • You may not use alts or sockpuppets to vote.
  • You may not advertise or tell people to vote for you.
  • You must have at least one hundred (100) edits to vote.
  • For Bureaucrats, you must receive at least 80% of the votes in favor of you. Exceptions apply on case-by-case basis.

Things not to do when voting

  • You CANNOT use sockpuppets to vote.
  • You CANNOT have been blocked as a result of vandalism or spam before.
  • You CANNOT edit others' votes.

How to vote

To vote, you must sign your name by typing the four tildes (~~~~) or using the signature button in source editor mode. You will have the option of supporting the request, opposing the request, or being neutral. If you vote neutral, your vote won't count towards the support votes nor the oppose votes.


When you are filing a request, please take a look at these:

  • You must be an active user (This does NOT include chatting).
  • You CANNOT block users from chat for no reason.
  • You must not be inactive for a long time without notifying users.
  • You must not insult others, disrespect others, or just be plain mean to others. Doing so will result in your status being taken away and/or being blocked from the wiki.
  • You cannot undo others edits without taking into consideration if undoing it would help the wiki or not.

Making a Request

If this is your first time requesting for a certain position, please follow the instructions below. If this is not your first time making a request, you must title the page as followed:

Ninjago Wiki:Request for Rights/<Desired Position>/<Username> (<Attempt Number>)

For example, if Wikia was requesting for Chat Moderator rights and this was their third attempt, they would title the page as:

Ninjago Wiki:Request for Rights/Chat Moderator/Wikia (3)


Please add your username in the box to create a request.

Chat Moderator

Please add your username in the box to create a request.

Discussions Moderator

Please add your username in the box to create a request.

Content Moderator

Please add your username in the box to create a request.


Please add your username in the box to create a request.


Please add your username in the box to create a request.

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