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These are the ongoing projects or tasks that need to be completed at some point on the wiki. Users may add their own points if they think of a notable task that needs to be done, and points can be removed if completed.



Adding text

  • Expand all stubs
  • Improve all articles in need of improvement
  • Add (no lines) to episodes in characters' appearance sections where they do not speak.
  • Make sure all the video game voice actors are listed in the voice actor infobox sections for their respective characters
  • Add the First Appearance field to the locations pages.
  • Add {{Fairuse}} templates to images on the wiki, as they contain copyrighted characters, etc.
  • Mention favorite weapons in all of the Skulkin and S1-2 Serpentine characters' infoboxes based on the weapons they are seen using in various battles throughout the show
  • Add these, these, these, and these to infobox templates and then add them to infobox pages
  • Add descriptions to Sets sections of installment pages.[1]
  • Add Decoded episodes to Appearances sections for all pages whose subjects appear in Decoded
  • Add all {{MiscSets}} sets to their respective season pages
  • In the cast for the Serpentine (and the Skulkin?) on the Ninjago (TV series) and List of Ninjago cast and characters pages, make sure all the correct voice actors are listed, as those villain army members can have multiple voice actors.
  • Add Decoded and Wu's Teas to all relevant character biographies
  • Add non-canon backstory/information to pages, such as Cole and Yang's relationship in Way of the Departed, using the {{Noncanonstart}} and {{Noncanonend}} templates.
  • Organize and complete the relationship pages and add better and higher quality images.
  • Make sure all MiscSets and Books are included in the Appearances sections of the minifigures they include as well as the Types of Ninja page in the ninjas' case.
  • Add the heading "Locations featured" to the episode pages and change current headings of "Locations Visited" and "Locations Featured" to "Locations featured".[2]
  • Add all MiscSets to the lists of sets on the appropriate season pages when they are for a specific season
  • Make sure the favweapons listed on all the Anacondrai warriors pages are accurate names and accurate for the character and link to the correct weapon page
  • Add all Ninjago Magazine issues to the Appearances sections of all characters/locations/etc. that appear in the respective comics
  • Find out whether each of the Shark Army members speaks in the film or is a non-speaking character. If the former, add "|voice actor = Unknown" to the infobox, and if the latter, add the page to that category.
  • Add Noteworthy events sections to episode pages and more the relevant information there[3]
  • Add {{Trivia Organization}} to the necessary trivia sections and organize them chronologically
  • Add powers/abilities sections to more pages for characters who have powers/abilities, such as Aspheera, Bansha, Soul Archer. And on pages such as Fungus, specify more about the individual spells he uses
  • Add all occupations to relevant character and creature infoboxes as mentioned [[1]]
  • Add species to character and creature infoboxes as mentioned [[2]]
  • Add information from all books to the characters' histories
  • Add home field to the appropriate character pages[4]
  • Add all relevant information from the set designers' bricklist notes (found on the Brickset pages linked on their pages)
  • Add all info from the documentary
  • Add the Designer's notes section to set pages containing BrickLink notes like it is here.[5]

Adding files

  • Make sure all images are in all appropriate galleries (for example, all images of Jay are in his gallery and all images from a certain episode are in that episode gallery)
    • Add all video game character icon images to their appropriate galleries
  • Upload better images for sets
  • Add these images to the relevant character gallery pages in "Promotional Media" sections
  • Add the rest of the released soundtracks from YouTube and SoundCloud to the Ninjago Soundtrack page (and relevant episode pages) as videos or via the {{SoundcloudPlayer}}.
  • Complete all character design variant galleries[6]
  • Add the image for each set in Ninjago (sets).
  • Add all the S5 concept art to the S5 page gallery
  • Add images from Cards/Gallery to the relevant character galleries
  • Add Trading Card Game#Cards images to all relevant galleries
  • Add the comic book covers to all the character (and other) gallery pages
  • Add these images to the wiki and the relevant pages
  • Add an image showing an animation error as a reference to the episode pages as it can be seen here.

Citing information

  • Add episode citations for flashbacks, character early backstory information, and other episode references that may be too obscure for most viewers, as well as relationship pages.
  • Cite where the weapon names come from in cases where there is no LEGO.com description.
  • Try to cite all the LEGO.com descriptions with the Wayback Machine
  • Cite all citations needed including for images
  • Check if Breakout! is the source for most of this information and if so, cite it.
  • Make sure all Fold song lyrics are the versions from their official YouTube video descriptions.
  • Make sure all Sky Pirates crew members pages are not including information from their Tall Tales in their main biographies and that their pre-series biography information is cited for its episode.
  • Cite all the information in lists of abilities on powers/abilities pages.

Removing content

  • Remove unnecessary, pointless, and repetitive trivia on pages. Episodes through Skybound have already been cleaned up.
  • Deal with all duplicate files
  • Make sure that only vehicles specifically related to an element are listed on an element page. For example, the Earth Mech and Earth Driller should not be on the Earth page nor should they have Earth mentioned in their infobox. The exception is vehicles such as Desert Lightning which have been imbued with the element itself.
  • Delete all Element / Essence fields in infoboxes unless the character/vehicle/object character has this power.Locate pages doing this


  • Chronologically organize trivia sections when possible.
  • Move some of the information from Ninjago (LEGO Universe) to LEGO Universe
  • Make sure all sets listed in Appearances sections are ordered based on chronology, not set number.[7]
  • Organize the {{Books}} navbox more, especially the Other section. Possibly separate sections by publisher because often there is a difference between DK and Scholastic books, for example. (Only Scholastic books so far have been counted as canon.) Also, make sure there are clear definitions and distinctions between "Readers" and "Chapter Books". It would probably be a good idea to separate the books that are actual stories vs the ones that are the DK ones that mostly talk about the characters and sets.
  • Make sure for characters like the Skulkin and Serpentine that their biographies only really list information from the show, and the information from books and the website are moved to Trivia.
  • Possibly (more discussion in needed): Arrange all galleries into "Promotional Media", "In LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu", and "In other media" even if the gallery only has a few images. Unless there are around three or more, Minifigure and Concept Art images should go in Promotional Media. (Not a specific rule but can work as a general guideline)
  • Organize year categories on pages
  • Organize episode and character galleries chronologically.
  • Try to organize Wu-Cru#Badges gallery by chronology of how the missions were released, or at least as best as they can be organized. Using the Wayback Machine archive[3]
  • Change all references of Elemental Masters to Elemental Alliance if this is the original group that existed during the Serpentine War.
  • Add a "Behind the scenes" section to applicable character pages and move the relevant information there[8]
  • Make sure all "Previous set" and "Next set" on the {{MiscSets}} pages are correct
  • Deal with the History of the ninja (Shadow of Ronin) page in some way
  • Add a Continuity section to your episode pages.[9]


  • Make the "In other media" sections of gallery pages consistent with one another (so decided whether the games mentioned will be linked to or not, and which images should come before others such as character icons or screenshots from the games)
  • Make it so that Day of the Departed is written as "Day of the Departed" rather than Day of the Departed or simply Day of the Departed without quotes.
  • Make the category name capitalization ("<Year> vehicles" vs "<Year> Vehicles" for example) consistent.
  • Capitalization:
    • Change all mentions of "Ninja" to "ninja" because it is written that way in The Book of Spinjitzu and the Dark Island Trilogy.
    • Change any mentions of "Dragon" or "Dragons" as a species to just "dragon" or "dragons" because it's written that way in The Book of Spinjitzu and dragons are a normal species in Ninjago like dogs and other species like this aren't capitalized.
      • Exception is when it is referred to alongside the Oni and the Dragon, as in "the Oni and the Dragon" or something similar.
    • Uncapitalize the word "Djinn" when it's used on its own because that is also not capitalized in The Book of Spinjitzu.
  • Unitalicize an mentions of Ninjago: Legacy, since it is not italicized here.
    • Also, decide if Legacy will be linked when mentioned as (Legacy) in page Appearances sections.
  • Decide what tense image captions should be in ("Samukai wielding the weapons" vs "Samukai wields the weapons") and whether there should be a period at the end or not ("Wu and the ninja" vs "Wu and the ninja.")
    • A possible guideline for this is: if the caption is a sentence fragment (not a full sentence that could exist on its own in a body paragraph), then it should have no punctuation, but if it is a full sentence, then it gets punctuated normally.
  • Rename articles to be not capitalized when their names are not capitalized in the sources
  • Make sure it says ninja's instead of ninjas' (since the plural of ninja is ninja)
  • Make sure all transcripts italicize the action lines
  • Make sure quotations are not italicized in galleries
  • On all pages where it refers to "Training" (i.e. "Training Kai"), change it to "trainee" unless there is a source for calling it "Training".
  • Remove the terms "secondary element" from pages as it is unofficial
  • Change all "out-of-universe" speech in intros and histories into an "in-universe" perspective. For example, instead of saying "Karlof was seen with the ninja", say "Karlof was with the ninja" or something, because "seen" is only something about how the audience sees the character, and history sections are supposed to be in-universe only.
  • Make all event descriptions past tense (meaning history sections and intro descriptions of events).
  • Make it consistent whether transcripts have line breaks between scenes or not
  • Change mentions of the Skybound events being "erased" to "undone."[10]
  • Italicize all references to Destiny's Bounty, Destiny's Shadow, Destiny's Wing, Land Bounty and Hydro Bounty, unless it is a name of a set.
  • Add links of the rooms on the pages from the Monastery of Spinjitzu/Rooms page.
  • Use parentheses and italicize the text in the action blocks in the transcripts.


Pages to create

Also, make sure to add the new pages to the correct navboxes, such as {{Crew}} for the various writers and directors.
If it is decided not to make a page for any of these, make sure to check for links to it using What links here.

Crew members



Renamed pages to make sure are not being linked to via redirect


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