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“Jay, concentrate on unlocking your Golden Weapon. Let your heart guide you.”

The Nunchucks of Lightning are one of the Golden Weapons, which were used to create the realm of Ninjago. The Nunchucks were formerly used by Jay, prior to their destruction. They were used by him again briefly after the weapons were reforged by Kai, but are now powerless after the Tornado of Creation used to defeat the Oni.


The Nunchucks were first used by the First Spinjitzu Master along with the other three Golden Weapons to create Ninjago.

Later, following the First Spinjitzu Master's death, his sons Garmadon and Wu were tasked with protecting the Nunchucks of Lightning and the rest of the Golden Weapons. When Garmadon tried to steal the Golden Weapons, he was banished to the Underworld. Wu then decided to hide the Golden Weapons, guarding them with a lightning dragon.

Ghost Story (flashback)

After training Morro, Wu laid the Nunchucks of Lightning and the other Golden Weapons before the Master of Wind. However, the Nunchucks didn't react, revealing Morro was not destined to become the Green Ninja, enraging him.

Battle Between Brothers

Garmadon would attempt to steal the Golden Weapons, only to be confronted by Wu. In their ensuing battle, the Nunchucks of Lightning was wielded by the elder brother. When Garmadon and Wu slammed the Golden Weapons together, it resulted in an explosion that scattered the two, causing a storm to form above.

Later, Master Wu would hide the Nunchucks of Lightning in the Floating Ruins, tasking Wisp, to guard it.

King of Shadows

When Master Wu's four ninja, Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay were searching for the Golden Weapons to prevent Lord Garmadon from collecting them, they discovered the Nunchucks of Lightning in the Floating Ruins. As the ninja climbed, they realized that they were being followed by the Skulkin, although when they reached the top and retrieved the Nunchucks, they encountered Wisp, immediately jumping off and using Jay's gliders to escape. Later, Samukai would ambush the ninja in the Forest of Tranquility and claim ownership of the Nunchucks of Lightning and the other two Golden Weapons they had retrieved. On Garmadon's orders, the Nunchucks of Lightning would be transported into the Underworld.

Weapons of Destiny

Samukai uses the Nunchucks of Lightning in his final battle with Master Wu, summoning a lightning bolt for the finishing blow. However, when Samukai held the Golden Weapons, the Nunchucks of Lightning and the rest of the Weapons overloaded the Skulkin with their power, eventually destroying him and leaving a portal to the Realm of Madness in the process. After Garmadon left through the portal, Jay would go on to claim the Nunchucks of Lightning for himself.

Rise of the Snakes

During a three-hour video gaming marathon with the other ninja, Jay carelessly left the Nunchucks laying on the floor. Jay brought the Nunchucks along with him when the ninja journeyed to Jamanakai Village to stop Lord Garmadon, though he didn't use it as the threat turned out to be the dark lord's son, Lloyd. Later, Jay used the Nunchucks during the tournament to determine who would be the Green Ninja but accidentally shocked himself with them.


With Master Wu's guidance, Jay would succeed in transforming the Nunchucks of Lightning into the Storm Fighter, using it to retrieve the Fangpyre Staff before the weapons changed back to their default form.

Throughout the season, Jay would continue to use the Nunchucks of Lightning in battle.

The Snake King

After trapping the ninja in the Lost City of Ouroboros, Pythor would claim the Nunchucks of Lightning alongside the other Golden Weapons for the Serpentine. However, Samurai X would reclaim the Golden Weapons and proceed to return them to the ninja following their escape.

Day of the Great Devourer

Garmadon would use the Nunchucks of Lightning alongside the other Golden Weapons to destroy the Great Devourer, before escaping with them in tow.

Darkness Shall Rise

Garmadon would use the Golden Weapons to create the Black Bounty as a show of strength, rallying the Serpentine to his cause. Afterward, he would force the Nunchucks of Lightning with the rest of the Golden Weapons at the Golden Peaks, creating the Mega Weapon.

Following the destruction of the Mega Weapon and its subsequent crash into the comet Arcturus, the Nunchucks of Lightning would be partially restored in a melted, fused state alongside the rest of the Golden Weapons.

The Void

On the comet Delta V, Cryptor and the ninja battle over the Nunchucks of Lightning and the remains of the other Golden Weapons, with the Nindroids eventually bringing it back to Borg Tower.

The Titanium Ninja

The Overlord would succeed in reforging the Nunchucks of Lightning and the remains of the Golden Weapons into the Golden Armor, donning it, and using its power to become the Golden Master.


Kai reforged the Nunchucks and gave them to Jay. Jay used them in the battle against the Oni until a wave of golden power swept Realms. The Nunchucks were seen on the floor unconnected, with just a golden ball at the end of each one, powerless following the Tornado of Creation.[1]


  • Lightning- When gyrated rapidly, the Nunchucks gain a high amount of power and causes a large frenzy of uncontrollable energy that can be used by shooting lightning. This power was used to turn on the Bounty's engines and electronic devices.
  • Vehicle transformation: They also transform into Jay's Storm Glider when used with a certain technique (techniques are probably unique to each person, this is evidenced by Wu's words "let your heart guide you"). description

Held together by a bolt of lightning, these Nunchucks are pure energy. Fast and powerful, they lightning strike first, and thunder boom after. Master them, and you’ll control the storm. They’re one of the four Weapons of Spinjitzu that helped create Ninjago.[link unavailable]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 15: Crystalized

Video games


  • The video games and playsets depict the Nunchucks of Lightning as two regular handles attached with a single gold chain while the series depicts the Nunchucks of Lightning as the head of a dragon attached by a bolt of lightning.
  • According to The Book of Spinjitzu, the Nunchucks of Lightning is the lightning connecting the dragon heads, not the heads themselves.
  • In the Ninjago: Legacy sets, they are two golden dragon heads connected by a gold chain.
  • In the original sets, there were two ways to build the Nunchucks: to place the chains on the handle or the top.
  • In the ninja's briefcase in "The Royal Blacksmiths," the Nunchucks can be seen in their deactivated form to have a silver chain connecting the two handles.
    • After the reforged Golden Weapons are depowered in "Endings," the Nunchucks have nothing connecting the two handles.


Promotional media

In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 5: Possession

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 15: Crystalized

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