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We are gathered here today to honor the memory of Nya. Inventor, Samurai X, ninja, Master of Water, and our dearest friend. Her courage and strength have saved us time and time again. And although we- we were unable to save her, we will always remember her. Wherever she is now, she is in our hearts.
Wu delivering Nya's eulogy in "The Turn of the Tide"

Nya is the embodiment of the Endless Sea, the last known Elemental Master and Ninja of Water, Kai's sister, Jay's girlfriend and yang, and Ray and Maya's daughter. She was named after her ancestor, Nyad, the original Elemental Master of Water. Upon meeting Wu, Nya and Kai joined him in his quest to protect Ninjago. As her brother trained to be a ninja, Nya grew tired of being left out from the team and created the identity of Samurai X. During this time, Jay began to start a relationship with Nya. She helped fight the Serpentine and later the Stone Army, who corrupted her using Dark Matter. After the Overlord's defeat, Nya was purified but faced new problems when a love triangle formed between her, Jay, and Cole.

After Zane's apparent demise, Nya and Dareth journeyed to Chen's Island, joining the ninja to save the restored Zane and fight Chen's army. Following the conflict, Wu trained Nya to harness her element of water. Though her training troubled her at first, she unlocked her True Potential and destroyed the Preeminent. Consequently, Nadakhan freed his crew of pirates and wreaked havoc on Ninjago. After being captured by Nadakhan, Nya was accidentally poisoned and died, but she survived due to Jay's final wish as it undid recent events. On the Day of the Departed, Nya and Kai battled and defeated Chen, who was accidentally revived by Cole.

Nya and the ninja went on to battle the Time Twins and their army of Vermillion. After being faced with a new Samurai X, Nya and Kai discovered that their mother and father were still alive. The family reunited, and Nya and her brother helped Wu fight and defeat the Time Twins—though Wu was lost to time.

The ninja then faced the Sons of Garmadon, a criminal syndicate led by Princess Harumi that sought to resurrect Lord Garmadon.

After Wu and the original ninja were seemingly killed, she, Lloyd, Misako, P.I.X.A.L., Dareth, and most of the Elemental Masters were left to resist Garmadon's oppressive reign over Ninjago. When the Wu and the others returned, they reunited and defeated the Colossus while Lloyd faced and defeated his father again. Peace returned briefly until the Oni invaded and Nya along with her friends had to evacuate the city. She experienced guilt for unintentionally leaving Cole behind, but got the idea to forge the Golden Weapons to defeat the threat. At the monastery, she and her friends fought the Oni along with Wu, Garmadon, and Cole who returned to help. During the climax of the fight, Nya accepted Jay's Yin-Yang promise before they all used the Tornado of Creation to vanquish the enemy.

Months later, Nya and her friends fight against Aspheera and her Pyro Vipers after accidentally releasing them from their tomb. After Zane is banished by Aspheera's sorcery, she and the remaining ninja send themselves to the Never-Realm to rescue him. Nya struggles when she is unable to use her powers, due to the realm's extreme winter freezing all water, but is mentored by an elder of the village they've taken shelter in, Sorla, to learn how to control ice, before the village is frozen by Boreal. Nya uses her new skill to briefly knock out the Ice Dragon and discovers that Zane is the Ice Emperor. After Kai uses his restored Fire elemental power to finish the dragon off, they reunite with Lloyd and Zane, whom Vex inadvertently managed to return to normal, and use Traveler's Tea to head back to their home realm.

Sometime later, Nya and the other ninja enter the virtual world of Prime Empire, when the legendary arcade game resurfaces and hundreds of gamers are zapped into it. Nya and Jay participate in a dance competition to gain points to participate in a race called the Speedway Five-Billion and win. She, Jay, and Lloyd survive the Speedway and keep moving on without Kai or Cole as they both got cubed. Lloyd is eventually cubed in a fight with Avatar Harumi, and Nya and Jay move on to the Temple of Madness. They make it through, however Sushimi, barely alive, he throws a malice at Nya, killing her. Jay moves on alone and eventually convinces Unagami to free everyone previously trapped in the game, including Nya. They embrace upon seeing each other.

After the Prime Empire events, Nya, Wu, and and the other ninja get an invitation to visit Shintaro. When the ninja notice that Cole and Vania are gone, they go underground but get captured by Vangelis' skeleton army. Shortly after, Nya, Lloyd, and Jay escape with Murt to encounter Murtessa, the queen of the Munce. She and Nya fight in the Munce arena to claim Jay, and Nya wins and becomes the new queen. At the battle of the Dungeons of Shintaro, Nya makes the Geckles and Munce work together to defeat the Grief-Bringer.

Nya traveled to The Island of the Keepers to save Misako and Wu. There, the ninja discovered the Storm Amulet and the existence of Wojira.

Shortly after returning from The Island of the Keepers, Nya's powers started to fail due to Kalmaar's attempts to reawaken Wojira. Nya, her mother, and the ninja traveled to Merlopia to investigate Kalmaar's plot and fix her powers. Following their escape from Merlopia, they struggled to protect the Storm Amulet needed to awaken Wojira. After Wojira was awakened, Nya was forced to merge with the Endless Sea, becoming a water spirit in order to defeat Kalmaar and Wojira and save Ninjago City at the cost of her humanity, but also ultimately save Jay's life as well. Eventually succeeding, she bid goodbye to the ninja and entered the sea.


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Nya has long dark hair kept in a ponytail, pale pink lipstick, and small dimples on her cheeks. She has a beauty mark on her right cheek. When in casual wear seen in "The Mask of Deception" and "The Explorers Club", she has a leather jacket over a white shirt with blue stripes and dark blue jeans. The color of her ponytail scrunchies changes often. For a majority of Seasons 8, 9, and 11, it was black (or gray), for her fisherman disguise in Season 9, it was yellow, for her kimono in episode 95, it was dark blue, and with her Season 10 suit, it was light blue. After combining with the Endless Sea, her body takes on a transparent water-like appearance where her eyes and lips turn light blue and she gains tidal markings on her face and torso.

Prior to Season 8, she had short black hair fashioned in a bob cut and red lipstick. Her lipstick changed to pale pink in Season 6 and her eyebrows changed slightly in Season 7. Her eyelashes were represented with three dashes before Season 8, but as of Season 8 she has single-line eyelashes similar to Skylor's. She typically wore clothing in various shades of red and gold with a gold phoenix as her symbol. In the show, she wore a large golden bracelet with a red jewel on her left arm which doubled as her communicator. On her alternate face print primarily seen in the Ninjago Spinners game, she has a red bandanna tied around the lower half of her face. Her original face prints also had red eyeshadow that was never present in the show but would sometimes appear in other media, including various points in the Dark Island Trilogy.

When corrupted by Dark Matter in the final few episodes of Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja, her skin and outfit were all grey and her eyes were purple.

As Samurai X, she has a gunmetal samurai helmet, with a bucket handle piece on top in the place of horns and a red face mask. She also has gunmetal samurai shoulder pads with a red armor suit underneath. In the show, she wears a pair of goggles over her eyes and her bracelet on her right arm.

During the battle against the Golden Master, her Samurai X armor became silver as did some of the stitching of her attire. During her time on Chen's island, she gained a Kabuki disguise from Dareth, which she incorporated into her next and final Samurai X suit: a black armored, red, and green suit with her gold phoenix symbol enlarged in the middle of her torso.

In "Endings," Nya wears half of the Yin-Yang medallion on her chest that Jay offered to her.

In an anime-styled scenes of "The Absolute Worst," Nya is shown to have brown eyes.

In the Prime Empire short, "Let's Dance," she wears a pink yukata, a light gray scrunchy, and black sandals.

For more images on Nya's appearance in her different Samurai X and ninja suits, click here or here.


Like the majority of her fellow Ninja, Nya is in her late teens. She is two years younger than her brother, Kai.[1] However, the ninja do not officially have specific ages,[2] as they are meant to be perpetually in their teenage years for the duration of the show.[3]

Potential Estimations: During the events of the pilot and Season 1, Nya was at least 13 or 14 years of age.[4][5] She was around the same age as Lloyd after he was aged two years as a result of the Tomorrow's Tea.[6]


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Although she was not trained as a ninja early on, she is very capable of defending herself. She doesn't like the fact that so much focus is put on the ninja, so she resolved to become a hero in her own way, which she did by becoming Samurai X, and is highly independent, desiring the choice and ability to choose her own identity and destiny.

She also gets annoyed when people look at her differently because she's a girl within a prominently male group, as shown in Infamous and The Mask of Deception. She dislikes being labeled by association, like "Jay's girlfriend" or "Kai's sister", choosing to be her own person. Sometimes, she gets annoyed by Kai's protectiveness, but their bond as siblings is very strong. They support each other in many ways, despite Kai remarking in Season 1 about why his sister had to tag along, which Nya took lightly. Many episodes reveal she is highly intelligent, as she was able to create the Samurai armor and several types of technology, and she was able to pinpoint the location of Serpentine tombs. She is also more interested in fighting and training, as shown in the episode Wrong Place, Wrong Time, where Kai only trained to be a ninja because Nya wanted to.

It seemed that Nya was aware of Jay's crush on her very early on, such as when she nodded to Jay's offer to walk to the junkyard in "Snakebit," and by "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", she revealed that she returned his feelings. She may also have too much faith in machinery, or is easily influenced by them. In Season 3: Rebooted, she allowed a matchmaking machine to get between her and Jay by introducing Cole as a potential love interest. It seems she considered it in that season, but ultimately chose Jay. However, this process took a few seasons as Nya tried to separate herself from being solely a love interest for the main ninja.

Nya's weakness is her unwillingness to fail. Being good at so much, when she finds herself in a position to fail, she is quick to give up. She was the only ninja to unlock their true potential before learning Spinjitzu. True failure impacts her strongly, like in Season 10 when she blames herself for Cole's death. This is also seen in Season 14, as Nya's powers begin to go haywire, her aggression and denial against the possibility of failure returns. Likewise, she's insecure and sensitive about her own personal identity, either as Samurai X or her own role amongst the ninja team, and is conflicted over being told her destiny. Over time, Nya tries to grow and be satisfied with her roles, though her assumptions about herself are usually upturned. In Season 1, she was satisfied with being a Samurai instead of a ninja, despite being offered to see if she was the green ninja. In Season 5, just before Misako and Wu told her about her mother, Nya was very nonchalant that Kai inherited elemental powers from their father. She is also rarely jealous of Kai.

Apart from wanting to choose her own path, Nya does not feel the need to be well-known for her accomplishments and skills as long as she knows she's doing the right thing. For example, Nya did not reveal her identity as Samurai X even when the ninja admitted they were no match for the samurai.

In Season 8, Nya is shown to not be easily impressed by wealth or royalty. She had early unfounded animosity towards Princess Harumi and the Royal Family of Ninjago until she was praised for her skill by Harumi.

Nya is Jay's Yang, and therefore has kept a very stable relationship with him. She is annoyed when she has to prove herself or Jay worthy of being together. This is shown in Season 13 when Queen Murtessa shows interest in Jay, and Nya, who couldn't believe the ridiculousness of the situation, yells "I'm not going to fight for Jay!" This is also shown in The Island, when Kai remarks "Who would want Jay?" and Nya rebuttals that she does.

Growing up almost without her parents, Nya learned to take care of herself. She couldn't admit a mistake when she couldn't control her power and was very explosive about the subject. She was very angry when her brother called their mother to help her with the problem. She also didn't like the exaggerated care Maya gave her.

Nya is very explosive and hot-headed like her brother Kai, the master of fire. This implies how closely the two grew up together without much influence of their parents. Ray does not seem to be as impulsive as Kai, but Maya is definitely more of a soothing and elegant master of water.

Despite this, Nya is caring and sympathetic towards others, especially her team. As shown when she comforts P.I.X.A.L. over Zane's presumed death in "A Cold Goodbye" and Benthomaar over Trimaar's death in "The Tale of Benthomaar."

However, Nya is also sacrificial because she accepted her fate of merging with the Endless Sea to save Jay and the entirety of the realm.

After transforming into her new form, Nya experienced a significant change in her personality. It could imply that she developed humility as she becomes more accepting of her new life, which might've caused her to become mellow, as well. Despite losing much of her humanity, Nya still showed compassion when she comforts Jay before leaving.

She is also very messy and leaves a big mess in her room. She also doesn't like getting up early.[7][8]

Weapons and abilities


  • Water: When Nya became the Water Ninja, her fighting skills have increased. In Season 5, she unlocked the Elemental Power of Water, allowing her to perform hydrokinesis. Nya soon drowned The Preeminent, saving the city of Stiix. She also held her own against Dogshank. Nya can produce water from moisture in the air, however, it'll simply evaporate in extremely high temperatures such as the Desert of Doom or freeze up in extreme cold temperatures, like the Never-Realm during The Eternal Winter. She can create and control water and use it for offense and defense attacks.
    • Airjitzu: From Season 6 onward, Nya can perform Airjitzu, along with the other ninja. Nya wields a Katana as her primary weapon and can also do hand-to-hand combat.
    • Spinjitzu: Finally, Nya's Spinjitzu tornado (without being corrupted by Dark Matter) is now a light blue/gray tornado, matching her element instead of the original crimson tornado.
    • Merging with the Endless Sea: When she merged with the Endless Sea, she received full control over it and the element of Water. As the embodiment of the sea, she wields absolute control over the entire ocean. In addition, she can create avatars made out of water to embody her consciousness. Whilst these temporary avatars can be destroyed, she can simply create new ones, as such an incarnation of the ocean cannot truly be destroyed (save for the destruction/evaporation of the entirety of the ocean).
  • Ice: In Season 11, she trained under Sorla who helped her master control over Ice (but failed twice), as Zane was the Ice Emperor and wasn't helping the team out.
  • Combat: Despite a lack of formal ninja training, Nya is a competent fighter, wielding a bo staff against the Skulkin when they attacked the blacksmith shop.
  • Mechanical skills: Thanks to her background as a blacksmith,[9] she has a talent for engineering and operating machinery, building her Samurai X gear and the Samurai Mech in her spare time without any of the others noticing and modifying the Ultra Sonic Raider to give it a flight mode. Nya also helped Dr. Julien construct the Fire Mech and the Earth Driller. She is a skilled pilot, being the de facto operator of the Destiny's Bounty and the Samurai Mech. She often used a boomerang as a weapon.
  • Hand-to-hand combat: Nya is capable of performing hand-to-hand combat.


  • Fan: During the Nindroid crisis, Nya used a fan in combat.
  • Katana: Nya formerly wielded a katana as her primary weapon and can also do hand-to-hand combat.
  • Spear: As of Season 8, Nya uses a spear as her primary weapon.
  • Bo staff: Nya skillfully used a bo staff against the Skulkin when they raided the Four Weapons Blacksmith.
  • Spiked flail: While corrupted by Dark Matter, Nya wielded a spiked flail and sharp throwing needles in combat, and the evil suffusing her being made her completely ruthless as well as completely willing to destroy her former allies.







  • Nya's speedboat
    • She used it when she was Samurai X.
    • It never appeared in the TV series. descriptions


Sister of Fire

Weapon of Choice: Double daggers

Elemental color: Red

Strength: Intuition

Make no mistake – this girl is no damsel in distress. She proved that when she and Flame the fire dragon helped rescue Kai from Lord Garmadon. And she's not one to take no for an answer.

Nya is fed up with the Ninja's boys' club syndrome and is determined to show everyone she can do anything they can do – only better. She trains hard to beat her brother's records, and Sensei Wu constantly reminds her that if she is patient, her time will come.

Sons of Garmadon

Kai’s younger sister, Nya, is a strong woman with great confidence and charm. Being the only girl in the group, she has always fought hard to be recognized as one of the ninja, even if that meant assuming a secret identity! As Samurai X, she often saved the day and once unmasked, she became a vital part of the team. She is an inventor and tech wiz. Nya has turned her blacksmith skills to the creation of high-tech vehicles and gadgets, as well as planning many of their most daring missions![9]

2019 (The Legacy of Nya)

Did you know? Nya is a Water Ninja, like her mother before her. Before she discovered her powers as a ninja, she trained on her own as Samurai X. (And saved the day and got the guys out of trouble more times than she can count.) Nya has always been an inventor and a gifted tech wiz. She uses her blacksmith skills to design and create high-tech vehicles and gadgets for the ninja. She is an expert at planning the most daring and dangerous missions. As Kai’s younger sister, she has learned to keep her cool if the guys get a little too hot-headed. She’s a strong woman, sweet, charming, and always wants what’s best for the team. Favorite NINJAGO® Legacy Weapon in Season 1 & 2 Spears and katana. As the mysterious Samurai X, she favored the katana – a classic, razor-sharp and reliable blade that cuts clean and gets the job done. Quote “All I want is to be able to choose my own destiny.”


Nya - the Elemental Master of Water!

Nya is a strong woman who oozes great confidence and charm. The only girl on the ninja team, she had to fight for recognition at first, and resorted to creating an alternative identity to be seen and appreciated.

As ‘Samurai X’, she often saved the day and once unmasked, she was accepted as a vital member of the team. And with training from Master Wu, she has harnessed her elemental power of water to defeat many dangerous enemies.

Nya and her older brother Kai helped out in the family blacksmith shop when they were growing up and that experience has served her well. An inventive, tech wizard, she has adapted her blacksmith skills to create awesome vehicles and gadgets, as well as planning many of the ninja warriors’ most daring missions.

A central figure in lots of thrilling NINJAGO® TV show episodes, fans love to role-play as this cool character with the Nya minifigures that feature in many LEGO® NINJAGO playsets.


The ninja of water, Nya uses her mastery of this element to fight the evil invaders of NINJAGO. As Kai’s younger sister and the only girl in the team, she is renowned as a bold and strong character.

Season 13

When the ninja get split up, Nya, Lloyd and Jay are taken in by the Munce. There, Queen Murtessa takes an instant liking to Jay and turns on Nya, whom she views as a rival for Jay’s affection. Murtessa challenges Nya to combat. Nya is forced to fight her, and when she defeats Murtessa, discovers that she is expected to become the new Munce Queen! Long live Queen Nya! Like her brother, however, Nya doesn’t want the job and finds being Queen more challenging than she anticipated. But she digs deep and manages to unite the two warring tribes against the Skull Sorcerer.



Nya knows that learning never ends, even when you become a true Master. But that's a good thing! Without curiosity, a ninja can never be a Master in the first place. And Nya knows that although it never ends, learning never stops being fun, either!

Nya is the Water Ninja. The adventurous Nya is always ready to embark upon the next big mission, and is usually the one doing the planning![10]

Water Dragon

Join Scuba Zane, NRG Nya and a terrifying attack-ready dragon for underwater combat against the evil Maaray Guards! Stand back in awe as Nya fuses with her elemental power and becomes a fierce Water Dragon who can swish her tail to use as a deadly weapon. Help Scuba Zane zoom into action inside his cool mini submarine. It is essential you win the wave amulet to protect the future of NINJAGO® City![11]

Enjoy awesome adventures with Nya!

Kids will be thrilled to play out all-action stories with Nya from the NINAGO®: Seabound TV series. She can dive to the bottom of the Endless Sea in the Hydro Bounty submarine toy or fuse with her elemental power to becomes a fierce and highly posable Water Dragon. Kids can also stage daring battles between her and underwater villains Prince Kalmaar and the Maaray Guards.[12]



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago: Reimagined



Video games


Nya's name means "purpose" in Gaelic and Swahili. In-universe, she was named after Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water by her parents.[13]

At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, it was confirmed Nya's original name was going to be "Aya" and she was going to be the Master of Air, however, she was later renamed to Nya and became the Master of Water. Other names included Nia with an "I" and Aura.[14]

Behind the scenes

  • In Season 6, her lipstick changed to pink, whereas all seasons before had her lipstick in cherry red.
  • In 2018 sets, she used her movie counterpart's double-sided head with one confident and one determined expression, but starting in 2019 she used a version where the happy expression previously exclusive to 70607 Ninjago City Chase replaced the determined expression.
    • The 2019 version was used on some later versions of two sets from before 2019.[15]
  • Kelly Metzger, the voice of Nya, referred to Samurai X as "The Robo-Samurai."[16]
  • When Nya became a ninja, the designers chose to give her a combination of dark red and light blue in order to incorporate the color of her element while still retaining the red color scheme of Samurai X. After the movie, Nya's red color began to be phased out, but the Legacy line interrupted this because it required designs similar to the characters' early versions. However, gunmetal gray remains her primary color as of now.[17]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, there's something big planned for Nya in the future, later being Nya becoming the endless sea.[18]
  • Her Avatar form is shown using a Spear Gun in a LEGO set, 71708 Gamer's Market. This technically makes her the first ninja to use a gun, however it is not seen in the show.
  • Despite having an Avatar minifigure for Prime Empire, it never appeared in the actual season.
  • Despite wearing her outfit from the pilot all throughout the first two seasons, it only appears in three sets from 2011.
  • Nya's destiny as the Water Ninja was foreshadowed by in early 2015, saying "she chooses the flow of her life herself. Maybe when more water has gone under the bridge she will become a ninja. Time will tell..."[19]
  • Kai and Nya's last name was considered to be "Smith" behind the scenes, but this is not necessarily canon to the show.[20][21] This is also what they were called in the 2014 blooper reel.
  • Tommy Andreasen wanted Nya to take control of Boreal with her powers in "Awakenings" instead of crushing it with ice. However, there were too many moments in the episode, so the scene had to be cut.[22]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, we will see more of relationship between Nya and Jay in 2021 than in previous years.[23]
  • Her blue kimono from "The Darkness Comes" is the same as her original red kimono, but in a different color and with sleeves.
    • The original kimono also lacks breast lines, which means that Nya has grown up over time. However, these lines are present on this variant in minifigure form.
  • Her phoenix symbol may represent her "reincarnation" from Samurai X into the Water Ninja.
  • The fancy outfit she wears in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," "All of Nothing," and "Double Trouble" comes from Willie Scott's red dress (with some alterations) from LEGO's Indiana Jones theme.
  • When asked why Nya's NRG variant is different in the sets and the show, Michael Knap jokingly responded, "We are sadly not able to manifest water into a solid form and put it in a box yet. But i will promise that when we find out we will create a perfect representation of Nya."[24]


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  • She is the third ninja to have sacrificed her body in some way, the first two being Zane and Cole.
  • In "Weapons of Destiny," she stated that her favorite color is blue.
  • She does not seem to like videogames, as in Season 12, she angrily told everyone to get back on topic, when they all started talking about videogames, and told Jay and Cole that not everyone is video game nerds so she needs to learn about Prime Empire. In Season 14, she yells at Ray and Kai, angrily for spending their last moments playing Prime Empire.
    • In "Peak-a-Boo", Nya responded "It's my favorite color" when Kai told her that the color of her gi suited her well. However, it is unclear whether she was referring to the partial blue coloring or the main maroon coloring, though she was looking at her maroon sleeve when she said it.
      • Tommy Andreasen has since stated that her favorite color is blue,[25] meaning she was referring to the partial blue coloring in "Peak-a-Boo".
      • According to Tommy Andreasen, she prefers blue now because red reminds her of Samurai X.[26]
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," she says she is allergic to perfume, however, her dressing table, in fact, has perfume bottles sitting around.
    • This could've been either a mistake in the scene or bottles of hypo-allergenic perfume.
    • Symptoms of her allergy include involuntary blushing; should it enter her bloodstream, she'll go into shock.
  • Nya is the Elemental Master who has been shown to control the most physical matter at once, that being the tidal wave she controlled upon reaching her True Potential in "Curseworld, Part II."
  • There were a number of early indicator of Nya's identity as Samurai X:
    • The Samurai X minifigure had two face prints depicting Nya.
    • In the show, Samurai X wore Nya's bracelet, yet the ninja didn't notice this detail.
    • In the 2012 description for Nya, she is wearing her Samurai X clothes.[citation needed]
  • Ironically, Jay seemed to hate the Samurai the most, even though he actually had a crush on Nya. He later accepts the truth calmly after he and Nya reveal their feelings for one another and he discovers her identity.
  • She is the only ninja who has never been dependent on Lloyd in order to harness her Elemental Power. This is due to Lloyd not sharing his Golden Power with her, since Water is not one of the elements of Creation as the other ninja's elements are, and Nya only discovered her power in Season 5. However, as of Season 8, the other ninja's powers work independently from Lloyd's as well.
  • Nya and Lloyd were also the only ninja to be able to control their Element well before unlocking their true potential.
  • Considering the Elements the other ninja share, Nya and her Element share a very profound effect on them: she tends to quell the fire in Kai's spirit, she has a sparking relationship with Jay, she can erode Cole's hard-headed personality to reveal his soft side, she shares many interests with Zane, and she is powerful like Lloyd.
  • Nya and her brother Kai could be long distantly related to the Merlopians being that the first Elemental Master of Water is Nyad. However, similarly to Zane, the power could have just been bestowed.
  • Nya is the only ninja to have two selections of theme music. As Samurai X, she had her own theme music, and now, whenever she uses her water powers, a variation of the music that played as she unlocked her true potential plays.
  • Ironically, before her element was revealed, she was associated with Fire, an element considered to be the opposite of Water. This is seen in her original spinner pack and art, which depicts her with fiery elements.
  • She is the second ninja to be possessed by a spirit, the first being Lloyd.
  • Despite dying in an alternate timeline, she is the only ninja to not have been thought to be dead, as the other ninja were thought to be dead in several episodes.
  • Alongside the Preeminent, Nya has arguably caused more deaths than any character in the entire series, as destroying the Preeminent killed nearly all of the Ghost Warriors and Anacondrai warriors; and in turn, started off the destruction of Djinjago, killing all but one of the Djinn as well.
    • However, she had to do this to save the lives of everyone in Ninjago and possibly all the other realms as well.[27]
  • Nya is currently the last ninja to unlock her True Potential and learn Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.
  • It's confirmed that after becoming the Water Ninja, she learned Spinjitzu between Skybound and "Day of the Departed,"[28] and the latter revealed her Spinjitzu to be a deep blue tornado.
    • This means that she learned Airjitzu before she learned Spinjitzu, unlike the other five ninja.

Nya's Spinjitzu when corrupted by Dark Matter

Nya's Spinjitzu in the Tournament of Elements intro

  • Her Spinjitzu would have naturally been red if she learned it before becoming in touch with her Water powers, as seen when she was corrupted by Dark Matter in "Return of the Overlord".[29] This color is also seen in The Tournament of Elements intro, though it's non-canon seeing as she learned Spinjitzu later.
    • Tommy Andreasen was not very involved in the production of "Day of the Departed," so when he watched the intended final version, he was "horrified" to see that Nya's Spinjitzu was red and called Peter Hausner to insist it be changed to the blue.[30]
  • Prior to the Seabound finale, she was the first and, so far, only female ninja on the ninja team.
    • Although Kai invited Skylor to join their team before Nya did, and even though she has ninja-like abilities, she never technically joined the team. Therefore, Nya was the first female ninja to be on the team.
  • In Season 8, Nya has a new hairstyle and a mole, similar to that of her Ninjago Movie counterpart.
  • From Season 8 to Season 9, Nya's main color was gun-metal gray. In Season 10 and in the Legacy sets, however, she has switched back to her original maroon but has gone back to gray (with medium azure as a secondary color) for Season 11 onward.
  • She didn't think too highly of the royal family and was rather impolite around them until Harumi praised her and stated she wanted to be like her. This caused Nya to state she liked the princess.
    • However, she stated that she hated Harumi after her reveal as the Quiet One.
  • Nya has been captured eighteen times across the course of the show by nearly every villainous faction with the exception of the Dragon Hunters, Oni, and Blizzard Samurai.
  • After being forced into Nadakhan's mother's wedding dress, Nya remarked she hated dresses. While this may seem like an error, as she had worn formal outfits in the past, it was later confirmed by Zane in "Legacy" that none of these were specifically dresses, as Zane said, "I have never seen you in a dress before."
    • Then again, Decoded may or may not be canon.
  • In "An Unlikely Ally" Nya can't seem to control her powers without a source of water nearby—this is touched upon as the water in the Never-Realm is frozen. It is unclear as to why she needs water, as the other ninja are simply able to use their powers freely.
    • However, Tommy Andreasen has said that she can still summon water, and she just chooses not to. He used the analogy of not wanting to run everywhere when he could walk, meaning that Nya finds it easier to use existing water than summoning it.[32]
  • In "Let's Dance," it is revealed that Nya has always wanted to take dance lessons.
  • The color of her hairband depends on her clothing.
    • In Seasons 8 and 9, and 11 onward she wears a gray hairband with her grey ninja suit and yukata in "Let's Dance." In Season 10, Nya wears a cyan hairband with her maroon ninja suit.
    • She also wears a yellow hairband while she was in hiding during Season 9.
  • She is the only person on the team who does not have any of the suits previous to the Deepstone Suits, though designs for them were created for a game on the Wu-Cru site.
    • This is due to her not being a ninja prior to Season 5.
  • When asked why Nya has never said "I love you" to Jay, Tommy Andreasen said "I guess she doesn’t express herself in that way. She didn’t have the easiest of child hoods."[33]
    • However, though silent, she did finally say it before merging with the Endless Sea in the penultimate episode.
  • It has been stated that Nya's bracelet's only purpose was activating her Samurai Mech,[34] but it also doubled as a communicator, as seen in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" and "Misfortune Rising", and a tracker, as seen in "Public Enemy Number One". This is likely why she still wore it up until "Day of the Departed" even though she had since become a ninja and no longer used the mech.
    • There also appear to be multiple versions of the bracelet, as one of the ninja placed one on a rat to divert attention from themselves in "Public Enemy Number One" but Nya wore hers in the next scene, and all of the ninja besides Cole and Lloyd wore recolored versions of the bracelet in "Misfortune Rising".

Nya's phoenix symbol on the Phoenix Temple walls, as seen in the episode "The Call of Cavora"

  • Nya's original phoenix symbol is present at the Phoenix Temple in Legends of Chima. It's unknown if this is a meaningless Easter egg or a hint at a deeper connection.

Nya in LEGO Friends

  • Nya appears in the form of one of Emma's paintings in the LEGO Friends episode, "Andrea's Big Moment." The painting is a redraw of Nya's pilot character art in the LEGO Friends style.
  • When asked about Nya and Cole's apparent feelings for each other, Tommy Andreasen stated "...she was more mislead by doubt and curiosity. She and Jay are meant for each other."[35]
  • If she had a dragon as the original four ninja did, it may have been named "Flow".[36]
  • Nya is responsible for possibly creating the most vehicles and technology utilized by the heroes throughout the series, including the Samurai X suit and Samurai Mech, Fire Mech, Earth Driller (with Dr. Julien), Samurai X Cave, Proto Sam-X, D.B. Express and Auto, Destiny's Bounty's second model (with Wu), Ice Mech,[37] Kai's bike and Nya's bike, Samurai VXL, Zane's bike, and Battle Wagon (with Skylor).
  • Nya states in "Wishmasters" that she "Never had much of a sweet tooth," though she is seen eating ice cream as a child in a brief flashback vision in "Curseworld, Part II."
  • Despite their similar appearances, Nya and Delara are not related.[38]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it is possible that when Ray and Maya disappeared, Kai and Nya were cared for by their friendly neighbors, whom Wu asked for.[39]
  • According to Dan and Kevin Hageman, if Nadakhan saw Nya's current appearance, he would still recognize her as Delara.[40]
  • Nya is the only ninja not to have an individual "Previously on Ninjago" opening shot. She and Kai were both in the shot for The Hands of Time, though Kai and the other four ninja all had at least one season opening shot before Season 11, when the intro sequence changed.
  • Nya's hair does not fit with her Digi armor despite her being mask-less for most of the season. This is because her side bangs come into contact with the shoulder armor.
    • This is probably why in a LEGO Life video featuring minifigure renders of Jay and Nya, Nya wears her Avatar suit while Jay wears his Digi robe without a mask.
  • She is similar to P.I.X.A.L., because they are both female protagonists living in the monastery who were at some point in their life inventors and Samurai X, have a color scheme consisting of blue and red, use the same piece of hair, love one of the ninja and build a secret base, which ninja use as a garage for vehicles.
  • In "Five Thousand Fathoms Down," Nya says she prefers chewy cookies over crumbly ones.
  • In May 2021, Tommy Andreasen shared an "interview" conducted with Nya that provided deeper insights into her character and her thoughts on various topics.[41]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Nya cannot produce hot water on her own.[42]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, if Nya was a YouTuber, she would make self-improvement videos.[43]
  • In "The Mask of Deception", Nya was able to hold three soldiers in water and make it stop moving to keep them in place. It is unclear whether she was using her water powers or she was somehow using the element of Ice.



Main article: Nya/Gallery


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