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“You're the one who's always building everything and coming up with all the plans, you and Zane.”
Kai to Nya

Nya is the current Elemental Master and Ninja of Water, and Kai's younger sister. Upon meeting Wu, Nya and Kai joined him in his quest to protect Ninjago. As her brother trained to be a Ninja, Nya grew tired of being left out from the team and created the identity of Samurai X. During this time, Jay began to start a relationship with Nya. She helped fight the Serpentine and later the Stone Army, who corrupted her using Dark Matter. After the Overlord's defeat, Nya was purified but faced new problems when a love triangle formed between her, Jay and Cole.

After Zane's apparent demise, Nya and Dareth journeyed to Chen's Island, joining the Ninja to save the restores Zane and fight Chen's army. Following the conflict, Wu trained Nya to harness her element of water. Though her training troubled her at first, she unlocked her True Potential and destroyed the Preeminent. Consequently, Nadakhan freed his crew of pirates and wreaked havoc on Ninjago. After being captured by Nadakhan, Nya was accidentally poisoned and died, but she survived due to Jay's final wish as it undid recent events. On the Day of the Departed, Nya and Kai battled and defeated Chen, who was accidentally revived by Cole.

Nya and the Ninja went on to battle the Time Twins and their army of Vermillion. After being faced with a new Samurai X, Nya and Kai discovered that their mother and father were still alive. The family reunited, and Nya and her brother helped Wu fight and defeat the Time Twins—though Wu was lost to time. The Ninja then faced the Sons of Garmadon, a criminal syndicate led by Princess Harumi that sought to resurrect Lord Garmadon.

After Wu and the original Ninja were seemingly killed, she, Lloyd, Misako, P.I.X.A.L., Dareth, and some of the Elemental Masters were left to resist Garmadon's oppressive reign over Ninjago. When the Wu and the others returned, they reunited and defeated the Colossus while Lloyd faced and defeated his father again.

Peace returned briefly until the Oni invaded and Nya along with her friends had to leave the city. She experienced guilt for unintentionally leaving Cole behind but got an idea to forge the golden weapons to defeat the threat. At the monastery, she and her friends fought the Oni along with Wu, Garmadon, and Cole who returned to help. During the end of the fight, Nya accepted Jay's Yin-Yang Promise once the enemy was vanquished.


Early life


Kai and Nya were very young when their parents were taken from them.

Nya and her brother Kai were raised by their father, who was a blacksmith in the town of Ignacia, and their mother. Unbeknownst to her, she inherited her mother's control over the element of Water. When they were young, their father would tell them stories of the Dragons; mystical creatures that belonged to both the world of the living and of the dead. After their parents went missing, the siblings inherited his shop, Four Weapons and Kai continued his father's legacy while Nya managed the store itself.

Pilot Episodes

Way of the Ninja


Working in Four Weapons

One morning the two were working in the store when Kai showed off how to craft a sword, only to make it too quickly and be rendered useless. Nya reminded her brother to take his time and of their late father's advice to be patient. They were soon interrupted as the shop was visited by an old man who complained that none of the merchandise were suited for a Ninja. After Kai told the man off for loitering, Nya motioned for him to attempt to make a sale, though by then the man had vanished.


Fighting Skulkin

Moments later, a dark cloud appeared and the small village fell under attack by the Skulkin army. Kai suited up for battle and order Nya to stay inside, though not wanting to be left out of the action, she grabbed a Nin-Jô and joined her brother in battle. However, Nya was quickly captured by the Skull Truck and taken away.

King of Shadows


Captive at the Fire Temple

Nya was eventually taken to the Fire Temple where she was used as bait to lure Kai there. There, Garmadon threatened Kai to remove the Sword of Fire for him, warning him that he needed a weapon to sever the chain carrying his sister and save her, lest she be dropped into the lava below. Despite her pleads for her brother not to go by his demands, Kai unsheathed the Golden Weapon and severed the chain, freeing her just before she could be plunged into the lava. Motioned to stay behind her brother, Nya watched as Garmadon summoned several shadows to mercilessly defeat Kai, remarking angrily on his underhanded tactics. However, the two were saved by Master Wu, only to be attacked by the Fire Dragon. Even as Master Wu took the Sword of Fire through the Underworld entrance, she warns her grieving brother of the impending beast.

Weapons of Destiny


Awaiting her brother's return

The Fire Dragon soon realized that they were just trying to protect the weapon as well and became friendly with Nya and Kai. Cole, Jay, and Zane soon arrived at the temple, and Nya mentioned that their father used to tell them stories about the Dragons and how they ferried between their world and the Underworld. Jay asks Nya if she likes the color blue, to which she replies that it is her favorite. The two siblings then agree to part ways, and Nya tells the Ninja that she'll light a candle in the shop window until they returned.


Celebrating their victory

Nya did as promised, and before long the Ninja returned, she rushed out overjoyed to see them, hugging both her brother and Jay. She stated how happy she was they were back, though Kai was quick to remind her that it wasn't over and that Garmadon would one day return.


Secrets of the Blacksmith

With peace restored to Ninjago, Nya decided to move into the Monastery of Spinjitzu with the Ninja. Jay flew her back to Four Weapons on his Lightning Dragon for her to pick up a few things. However upon arriving at the shop, she is ambushed by Wyplash, Krazi, Bonezai, and Chopov. After briefly distracting the group, she knocked Wyplash and Krazi to the ground before springing a trap on Chopov and kicking Bonezai. Nya managed to take the upper hand by cleverly using a gong, but the noise caught Jay's attention and he came charging in, only to find Nya alright. He questioned what the commotion was about, but she explained she had knocked over a few samurai helmets. The two then fly back to the Monastery.

Return to the Fire Temple


Riding Flame

At one point, Nya and Kai took a ride on the Fire Dragon, whom that had named "Flame." Suddenly, Flame veered off course and took the two to the Fire Temple where he showed them a secret entrance to the Underworld, which Wyplash a few other Skulkin were using at the time. Kai, however, fell off the edge and was trapped by the Skulkin, though Nya and Flame sent them in retreat.

Rise of the Snakes

Rise of the Snakes


Warning of Garmadon's return

Ninjago's era of peace soon came to an end as Nya heard that Lord Garmadon had been spotted approaching Jamanakai Village. She rushed to warn the Ninja, who had become rather lazy with peace, and thus scrambled to get on their dragons. When Kai suited up on Flame, Nya inquired if she could do anything to help, but Kai told her that it was a job for a Ninja, only to then ask her to hand him up the reigns. As the Ninja flew away, Nya asked Wu if they would ever reach their true potential.


With Kai

While the Ninja were away, Nya used the time to attempt to beat her brother's record on the training course. She only managed to get halfway however before she was knocked off by the spinning axe. The Ninja returned, the crisis merely being Lloyd Garmadon after all. While the Ninja held a match to see who was the Green Ninja, Nya decided to instead visit Jamanakai Village.


At Jamanakai

During her visit, Nya witnessed Lloyd raid the village again for candy, only this time with the Hypnobrai, who promptly control all of the village's citizens. Nya however managed to avoid their hypnotizing stare and held out until the Ninja arrived. She informed them not to look the Hypnobrai in the eyes when they rattle their tails, and also noted that the General of the tribe is holding the Hypnobrai Staff, which contained the anti-venom to cure the villagers. As the Ninja prepare to attack, Jay makes Nya their honorary member of their team, much to her annoyance.


As the "honorary member"

During the ensuring battle, Cole managed to take the Staff from Slithraa, though briefly falls under the hypnotism of Skales before Nya dealt the snake warrior a kick in the face. As the Hypnobrai retreated, Nya orders Cole to place the staff in the fountain, so the anti-venom can be distributed through the water supply and restore the villagers back to their normal selves.


Listening to Wu

Wu soon arrived and the Ninja, realizing the error of their ways, asked their master to help them reach their true potential. As they left the village, Nya asked him when she would get her own dragon, though Wu assured her that her time would come.


On Zane's night to cook, Nya joined Wu and the Ninja in the monastery's dining hall. When Zane entered in a pink apron, Nya began to laugh with the others, noting that even she wouldn't wear such a thing. When Cole later started a food fight, Nya joined in.

The next day after the Ninja had left to destroy Lloyd's Treehouse Fortress, Nya and Wu rode Flame to the scene, arriving just it time to save them from the collapsing structure. They returned to the monastery to find it engulfed in flames, as the Hypnobrai had burned it when they reclaimed their staff.

Nya and the Ninja lived for a short time in a makeshift shelter in the Sea of Sand until Zane discovered the Destiny's Bounty and they made it their new home.


Nya, impressed that the Ninja cleaned up the Bounty, informed they were going to have visitors, Jay's mom and dad. She then offered them a tour of the Bounty.

The next day, she went with Jay to visit their junkyard, only to find it taken over by the Fangpyre Tribe and Jay's parents slowly turning into Serpentine. She helped fend them off, and caught Jay when he fell out of his Storm Fighter. When they got back to the Bounty, she made an antidote for Ed and Edna.

Never Trust a Snake

In Zane's dream, Nya informed him that no one is safe with Lloyd and the Serpentine at large.

When the alarm for the Bounty went off, she told the Ninja that Lloyd and Pythor invaded Darkley’s. In order to help the Ninja stop them, she agreed to drop the anchor so they can get in the school.

Can of Worms

After Pythor stole the Map of Dens from Lloyd, Nya figured out the locations of the Constrictai and Venomari tombs based on the locations of the first three tombs. Later, when the Ninja were trapped in the Toxic Bogs, Samurai X arrived and pulled them to safety before scaring off the snakes. When the Ninja approached the Samurai to thank her, she sprays them with a sleeping gas. She then flies off just as the Destiny's Bounty arrives.

The Snake King

After the Ninja get their new ZX suits, Nya reports that Serpentine are terrorizing the amusement park. The Ninja are more than ready to reply to the call. Upon arriving, however, the Ninja find that Samurai X has taken care of the snakes, tying them up in rope. The Ninja are under the belief that whoever catches the Samurai will be the Green Ninja, and so place a bet. A montage shows how they try in different ways to capture the Samurai, but to no avail.

Back at the Destiny's Bounty, the Ninja complain about their failed attempts to try and capture the Samurai. After realizing Lloyd isn't with them, the Ninja track him down to the Lost City of Ouroboros. However, upon arriving they realize it's a trap when they are captured by Pythor. Pythor announces another Slither Pit for the entertainment of the Serpentine, to find out whether the Ninja or Samurai is stronger than the other. Although seeming to fight, Samurai X reveals he was just putting on a show until an opportunity presented itself, and helps the Ninja escape. After the Samurai's exo-suit malfunctioned, they landed in the desert. Cole, Zane, and Jay landed together in the desert, but Kai landed nearby the Samurai, where he discovers that Nya is Samurai X once she removes her mask.

After a discussion, Kai compliments his sister's actions and she happily accepts them before becoming relieved when her brother promises not to tell the others about her secret. She summons her armor to pick her up and leaves the area while giving him the item he was looking for.

That night on the Bounty, she is pleased to see Kai has kept his word on not telling the others before Wu gives her advice and tells her that "sibling sharpens sibling."

Tick Tock

During the Ninjas' attempts to reach peak physical condition, Nya and Jay helped as additional weights for Cole.

After Master Wu left to find someone to be of aid, Nya and the Ninja went to Jamanakai Village and hung up "missing Fang Blade" posters. Jay mentioned that he thought Wu was getting the mysterious samurai for help, though Nya and Kai were quick to dismiss such an idea. They were quickly distracted by the matter however, as Zane spotted the falcon. Kai ordered Nya to return to the Destiny's Bounty while they followed the bird, and she begrudgingly agreed.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

After some nearby villagers unearthed a Fangpyre skeleton, Nya examined it and determined that the effects of their venom could be undone if one's heart-rate is dramatically increased. She presented her findings to the Ninja at a meeting, though it was interrupted as Jay had been tricked into wearing perfume (which Nya was allergic to) by Kai. After the other Ninja had left, Jay apologized, saying he only did it to impress her. To make it up to her, he offered to take her out to a fancy restaurant on a date. Nya eagerly accepted, though quickly left before the perfume toxins could enter her blood stream. While, unbeknownst to her, Jay pricked his hand on the skeleton.

Later in the day, she dawned her Samurai X attire and returned to the Bounty just as Jay asked to move their date to Mega Monster Amusement Park. As her bracelet revealed that Serpentine had been spotted there, she accepted and dressed up for the occasion, though secretly hid her samurai gear inside her purse.

At the amusement park's restaurant, Nya and Jay split a meal, though it was still too large for either of them to finish. Jay claimed that he was the first to get his knot badge in little scouts and that he tried daring foods, though Nya was increasingly distracted by the alert of nearby Serpentine. Jay soon began complaining about how much he hated the Samurai, to which Nya quietly agreed with him about. He soon excused himself however and when he didn't show signs of returning, she decided that duty called and raced out of the restaurant.

Finding a deserted alleyway in the park, Nya changed into Samurai X and jumped into her mech. She arrived at the entrance of the Ghost Train ride just as Pythor and the other Serpentine were leaving with the first Fang Blade. Using one of the functions of her suit, she grabbed the blade only to find that her mech's boosters had malfunctioned. She fled on foot with Serpentine pursuing her, though eventually was ambushed by Constrictai who disabled the mech. Pythor ordered her helmet be removed to discover the identity of the mystery man, though quickly corrected himself upon it being revealed the samurai was female.

Nya was tied to a roller coaster cart, bound for doom as the Serpentine had destroyed a part of the track. Jay soon arrived to help her, though Pythor then ordered for the cart to be started on its wild ride. Nya discovered that Jay had been bitten by the Fangpyre, though he hadn't told her so it wouldn't ruin their date. She then remembered Jay's accomplishment of being the first to receive the knot badge, though when she brought it up he admitted he had made it up to impress her. As the cart drew closer to the flaming hole, Jay began frantically calling for the Samurai to help them. It was then that Nya revealed that hadn't been entirely honest and that she was in fact the Samurai. Nearing the end, Nya told Jay that she liked him best when he was himself and kissed him, restoring him back to normal. Coming to terms with this, the Blue Ninja was able to unlock his True Potential and save them.

Later, the two met up with the other Ninja and revealed her secret to Cole and Zane. Both were surprised about it, though Cole expressed that he wished he had a sister like her. Kai noted that he had been the first to discover her secret and that meant they he would become the Green Ninja, though the others expressed no recollection of such a bet. Jay then stated that he had learned that day of the importance of being himself, though Cole reminded them that the Serpentine now had the first Fangblade.

The Royal Blacksmiths

On the Destiny's Bounty, Nya reminded the Ninja of their current standing with finding the Fangblades and how to find them while Jay is still surprised she was Samurai X, something Kai was already over. Cole soon discovered the next Fangblade was the Blade Cup, a trophy won by his father and his dance team, the Royal Blacksmiths and the Ninja set off to find out from Lou who had the Cup now.

Nya was seen in the audience during the show and cheered when the Ninja, as Spin Harmony, won.

The Green Ninja

After Wu came back, she and the Ninja went to greet him, and to their surprise, Garmadon. She and Kai went to the deck to prepare for Serpentine, but Kai states that he must unlock his True Potential.

When Wu suspects Nya to be the Green Ninja, she refused, and told Kai, who was eavesdropping on them, that she's happy being a Samurai. Jay told them the Falcon spotted the Serpentine in the Fire Temple, and they prepare to fight. However, Kai went off to stop Garmadon from stealing the Golden Weapons, much to their disappointments. Nya stayed behind on the Bounty and instructs the Ninja not to use their weapons, as the Temple is unstable.

When everyone but Kai and Lloyd made it out of the Temple on time, Nya was upset, but cheered up when she sees them, and was told Kai unlocked his True Potential.

Back inside the Bounty, Kai informed them Lloyd was the Green Ninja. The Golden Weapons reacted in front of him, signalling Lloyd is the Green Ninja.

All of Nothing

Nya, Wu, and the Ninja head to the Serpentine's Underground Fortress to retrieve the Fangblades, but was caught in a Vengestone cage. After Lloyd saved them and they retrieved the Fangblades, the team celebrated, unaware that Pythor got on board.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Nya piloted the Bounty to Torchfire Mountain to destroy the Fangblades, but when Pythor stole them, she arrived on her Samurai Mech. The Ninja eventually had to chase the Serpentine, but when Wu detached his and Pythor's car, they waited until Lloyd carried them with the Bounty. They got to the City of Ouroboros, but watched as the Devourer swallowed Wu and Pythor.

Day of the Great Devourer

After just barely avoiding the Devourer, she and the others are devastated at the loss of Wu and the Bounty. Kai motivated them to try their best and followed them to Ed and Edna's junkyard, where they created the Ultra Sonic Raider. However, the snake slithered away toward the city.

Without a way to defeat the snake, the Ninja decided to give Garmadon their weapons. After Garmadon defeated it, the Ninja cheered when they saw Wu alive.

Legacy of the Green Ninja

Darkness Shall Rise

After Jay asked if anyone seen Nya, she arrived on her motorbike, along with Wu, claiming to have found a place to live. She handed him a pamphlet saying Patty Keys is a real estate agent that could help them find a place. She then drove off after Wu explained they have to get parts for the Ultra Stealth Raider and the Ultra Dragon’s dragon ointment.

When she and Wu went to their new suite, they had to save Lloyd from Skales. They move back to their old apartment, claiming they don’t need anything other than each other.

Pirates Vs. Ninja

After giving the Ultra Dragon its medicine, Nya provided Lloyd with a quick lesson about the dragon, explaining that it would be his one day.

During the Ninjas' fight against Captain Soto's pirates, Nya suited up as Samurai X and came to the Ninjas' aid, defeating the pirates.

Double Trouble

While the Ninja are helping Lloyd train at the dojo, Nya walks into the room and invites Jay to come by the auto body shop, mentioning how he can help her fix the Ultra Sonic Raider in her off time. Later on, she is seen working on the Ultra Sonic Raider when Jay's Doppelgänger shows up. He kisses her as a distraction while he takes the keys to the vehicle and drives off, Nya not realizing it wasn't the real Jay.

Ninjaball Run

Nya told the Ninja they can save Dareth's dojo by entering Ninjaball Run. The next day, she told them about a modification with the Ultra Sonic Raider, but due to the loud ambience, they can't hear her. She sat in the audience, watching the Ninja compete.

Child's Play

After the Ninja lecture Lloyd on his responsibilities as the Green Ninja, Nya came in and told them that Garmadon is breaking into the Museum. After Lloyd complained about their opinions, Nya offered to train him. When the Ninja didn't come back the next morning, she became worried. She and Wu headed out to look for them.

Coming back to the Bounty, Nya played a voicemail message from Lloyd that said the Ninja were turned into kids and that they're at Ninjago Doomsday Comix. Wu said they have to go to Mistaké's to get some Tomorrow's Tea. When Wu gave the tea to the Ninja just in time, she was surprised to see Lloyd had also grown up into a teenager.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

While the Ninja were training the newly-aged Lloyd, Nya entered the training room with a watermelon, only for Zane's shurikens to be embedded in the fruit after Lloyd dodged the attack. Nya commented on how quickly Lloyd was improving, but Master Wu told his students to try the exercise again without holding back.

Later, Nya joined the others in infiltrating the Lost City of Ouroboros for what they assumed would be their final battle against Lord Garmadon. When Lloyd froze the tip of Garmadon's Mega Weapon, the villain fled and left his minions to fight the Ninja; after defeating the Serpentine, Nya broke down the door of the building Garmadon had fled to, only to find an open time portal that Garmadon had summoned. As they contemplated the new twist, Ouroboros began to flood with sand—Zane identified this as a consequence of the past being altered. While the Ninja leapt through the portal to undo whatever damage Lord Garmadon was doing, Nya joined Master Wu and Lloyd in fleeing the city before they were buried alive.

In the past, the Ninja discovered Lord Garmadon's plan was to ruin the Skulkin's attempt to kidnap Nya (as seen in "Way of the Ninja"), thereby removing Kai's motivation to train. Despite this, the Master Wu of the past was still able to convince Past Kai to come to the Monastery, largely due to Nya encouraging him to go. Unfortunately, Past Kai was highly unmotivated since his sister was with him, forcing the Ninja of the present to kidnap Past Nya and deliver her to the Skulkin. During the kidnapping, Jay almost blew his cover when he automatically apologized to Past Nya for capturing her, but Past Nya was in too much of a fury to care.

After being delivered to the Skulkin, events transpired in the same way as before for Nya until her brother rescued her at the Fire Temple. Instead of his own shadows, Past Kai was attacked by the future version of Lord Garmadon, who had formed an alliance with his past self. More bizarrely still, Nya then bore witness to her brother fighting alongside the future version of himself, shortly before the future versions of the other three Ninja arrived with the Golden Weapons of the past. After the Golden Weapons were used to destroy the Mega Weapon, Past Nya disappeared before Past Kai's eyes as history repaired itself.

The Stone Army

Nya soon received word that strange things were happening at the Ninjago Museum of History and hurried to inform the Ninja. As they raced off, Lloyd took the opportunity and handed off the bag of dragon droppings before she realized what it was.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

When Ninjago City fell under attack by the Stone Army, Nya piloted the Destiny's Bounty to the designation evacuation point only finding it crawling with Stone Warriors. She relayed the dilemma to the team, who directed her to the top to the NGTV office tower instead. When she arrived, the Ninja and the city's inhabitants were there, but Stone Warriors pursued them. They attacked the boat's boosters, forcing Nya to take off despite Wu and Misako not there yet. Zane however sensed his master's plight and ordered Nya to descend so that when Wu and Misako jumped out of the tower, they landed on the deck of the ship.

The Last Voyage

Though they managed to fly the Bounty to the coast, the ship's boosters were beyond disrepair, and she reported this fact to the Ninja, who were concerned about another attack from the Stone Army. It was then that Misako advised that to go the Temple of Light where they would be able to unlock Elemental powers. Nya noted that the Bounty was unable to fly, but Misako was quick to remind her that as it was a ship, it would still be able to sail to the Dark Island.

While the Ninja wished their goodbyes, Kai placed Dareth in charge of protecting Ninjago. When asked what his elemental power was, Nya suggested "hot air," to which Dareth interpreted as meaning he controlled the wind. Master Wu soon announced that it was time to set sail, and Nya steered the ship out of port.

That evening, Nya watched the horizon with Misako and Wu until Zane received word from his Falcon. They joined the Ninja on the bridge and watched as the Falcon neared the Dark Island. However no sooner was it over land than a Stone Warrior used a boomerang to disable the mechanical bird. Kai and Nya rushed to comfort the disheartened Nindroid, though they were quickly distracted as a storm was growing on the horizon.

Due to an attack by Starteeth, the Bounty drifted aimlessly the next day. As fate would have it, they eventually crashed onto an island containing the Prison Lighthouse where none other than Zane's father was imprisoned. They were ushered inside his makeshift home, and Nya listened with the others as the inventor explained how he survived. When the idea of repairing the Bounty's rocket boosters came up, Nya pointed out that the rotors and gears were shot, though the inventor stated it didn't matter.

Island of Darkness

While the Ninja began to look for the Temple of Light, Nya use the time to build the Fire Mech and stowed it at the back of the Earth Driller. When the Ninja returned seeking vehicles, Nya noted that she had packed a surprise before giving Jay a goodbye kiss.

Nya, Misako, Wu, and Dr. Julien observed the events of the Temple of Light from the Bounty's display screen and celebrated when the Golden Dragon was summoned.

The Last Hope

When Dr. Julien repaired the Falcon, the mechanical bird discovered that the Ninja and Misako were being threatened by Garmadon's Samurai Mech. Nya came to the rescue in the Power Drill, but Garmadon caught up in the jungle and tossed the drill around. After Lloyd disabled the Samurai Mech, Nya drove the Power Drill to the Celestial Clock, and watched the Ninjas' search for the Helmet of Shadows' pedestal. Unfortunately, they were unable to stop the countdown in time, and General Kozu captured Nya while the others fell off the mountain.

Return of the Overlord

Evil nya

Nya turned evil

Nya was brought before Lord Garmadon and the Overlord, who were admiring the newly-completed Garmatron. Nya insisted that the Ninja would stop the dark weapon, but Garmadon laughed at her defiance before using her as a test subject for the Dark Matter he intended to use against Ninjago. Corrupted by the Dark Matter, Nya became a loyal servant of the villains, and was deployed against the Ninja when they attempted to pursue the Garmatron.

The Ninja stayed behind to occupy their corrupted friend, while Lloyd, Master Wu, and Misako continued to chase the Stone Army. Despite being outnumbered, Nya held the upper hand against the Ninja, as they were unwilling to hurt her with their elemental powers. However, Zane eventually realized that they could use their powers on the environment instead, leaving Nya trapped in a dome of ice while the Ninja moved on. She eventually broke free and reached the beach in time to join the Overlord's forces in passing through a portal to Ninjago City, leaving the heroes stranded on the Island of Darkness.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

From atop the Garmatron, Nya observed the Overlord's attack on Ninjago City. After the Overlord regained his true form and transformed the Garmatron into a massive fortress, Nya was stationed on a mobile turret on the outside of the building. She opened fire on Lloyd when he breached the outer wall, crippling his Golden Mech. When the Ninja arrived to support Lloyd, Nya destroyed an ice wall made by Zane, but retreated when Dareth took control of the Stone Army by donning the Helmet of Shadows.

When the Stone Army began climbing the tower, Nya shot them off the stairs with her turret. She also fired on the Ultra Dragon and clipped its tail with a shot, forcing it to land. Nya then returned to attacking the Ninja as they climbed the stairs, watching their numbers dwindle as the Overlord infected Cole and Jay with darkness. With Zane staying behind to fend off his corrupted allies, Nya confidently mocked Lloyd's chances of victory, but Kai destroyed her turret and engaged her in combat to allow the Green Ninja to reach the top of the tower.

Nya watched the final battle between the Overlord and Lloyd, who unlocked his full powers as the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master and defeated the embodiment of darkness. With the Overlord's defeat, the darkness infecting Nya's body and mind disappeared, returning her to normal just in time to hug Kai and a similarly-recovered Jay.


The Surge

With no evil to fight, Nya took a job as a teacher at Master Wu's Academy along with the Ninja. At one point during this era of peace, Nya and Jay established boundaries while the young boys in her classes barely listened.

One day she exited her class during break and was offered pudding by Jay, though she declined. She informed the Ninja they had been given clearance for a field trip to tour the famed Borg Industries. The students were soon loaded onto the bus with Wu and the other Ninja, and Nya drove them to New Ninjago City.

Upon arriving in the upgraded city, Nya became so distracted by all the new technology that she accidentally crashed the bus into the Postman's hover-car. They decided to walk the rest of the way to Borg Tower while their bus was repaired. Inside the building, they were met by P.I.X.A.L. who guided them on their tour, though the Ninja were sent to speak with Borg.

While on the tour, Nya and some of the female students came across a "Perfect Match" machine and Sally encouraged her to try it. The young student noted that it would no doubt be Jay, but to everyone's surprise, it turned out to be Cole. Horrified of the results, Nya ordered them not to tell anyone and they quickly continued on to the next part of the tour.

P.I.X.A.L. brought the students, Wu, and Nya to the factory line, though unfortunately at that moment, the Digital Overlord took over the machines, burning everything against them, including P.I.X.A.L. herself. Nya sprang into action to protect the children from the deadly machines, and they narrowly escaped the factory. They were picked up by the Ninja in a hover-copter and taken to the school bus where Kai ordered her sister to take the students back to the school and get Lloyd while they protected the city.

Once at the school, Nya frantically searched for Lloyd, at one point coming across Dareth who was more concerned that he was missing his favorite show. She eventually found the Gold Ninja and sent him to the city to help.

The Art of the Silent Fist

Nya met up with the Ninja outside Garmadon's Monastery and helped them hide their vehicles with branches. She presented Lloyd with his Techno Robes to protect him from drones and they entered the monastery where they were met by students of Garmadon. She watched as both Cole and Jay played with them, her mind still on the results of the perfect match machine. She was confronted by Misako who recognized Nya's dilemma as she herself once had to choose between Wu and Garmadon.

That night, Nya participated in Master Garmadon's class and learned about the silent fist. Their class was soon interrupted however as Zane returned with a captive P.I.X.A.L. Moments after she was cleansed using a Techno Blade, Nindroids appeared seeking the Techno Blades. Lloyd began attacking them with his golden power, but Nya quickly urged him not to as it just made them stronger. She herself fending off several Nindroids using her fan before they fled using the monastery's waterwheel. After the Nindroids left pursuing the Ninjas' auto-piloted vehicles, Nya urged Lloyd and Garmadon to head to the Samurai X Cave to get whatever they needed to get as far away from New Ninjago City as possible.

To avoid detection, Nya, P.I.X.A.L., and the Ninja stowed away on a circus train in order to get to the Wind Farms Power Station. On the way, Nya explained that while shutting down the power would disable the Overlord and the Nindroids, they would still need to use the Techno Blades to wipe the system clean. She later came across Cole alone, who asked how the students were. Nya panicked think he meant that she and him had children, but after he corrected her, she explained that Dareth was looking after them. She began to flirt with the Black Ninja, but Jay and Kai soon arrived to inform them they had arrived.

Nya and the Ninja snuck into the power station, avoiding the Nindroid guards and looked for a way to turn it off. They eventually decided to use the Silent Fist and let the Nindroids in and tricked them into destroying the station's core. With the power gone, they exited joyously only to find Zane with P.I.X.A.L. who was powering down as well.


After Nya gave P.I.X.A.L. half of Zane's power supply, they were attacked by Nindroids. She saved Cole and Jay from being crushed by a compactor and fought Techno Wu, who was rescued by a stranger. After P.I.X.A.L. analyzed a clue, they realized the stranger is a Serpentine. The Ninja sent a message via Falcon to Lloyd and Garmadon, telling them to keep as far away as possible.

The Curse of the Golden Master

The Hover-copter was eventually converted to solar power, and Nya returned to New Ninjago City with the Ninja and P.I.X.A.L. There, they reunited with Borg and explained their suspicions as to who stole the hard-drive containing the Overlord. They then descended into the sewers and Cole cautioned Nya about the old ladder, though he was too busy arguing with Jay to notice when Nya actually fell because of it.

They eventually came across the Stone Army Tomb, only to find the seal had been opened. Upon confronting Skales, they learned that the Serpentine had reformed and the Snake King even had a son. Nya and the Ninja were lead to a campfire where Acidicus told them of the Curse of the Golden Master, and how they believed it was referring to Lloyd. While the Ninja discussed the curse, Nya expressed her confusion that if the Serpentine didn't take the hard-drive, who was the culprit.

Both questions had to be put on hold though, as Nindroids suddenly attacked the place, and Kai ordered her and the other Ninja to protect the Serpentine. Nya used her fan to defeat one of the warriors, though when Cole discovered their power source, she deactivated one just as it was attacking Jay. They quickly learned however that this was simply a diversion and that the true objective was capturing Lloyd. Before they left, Nya asked again if the Serpentine would help, though they declined. Skales however did reveal to them that Pythor was in fact the only Serpentine that was so fond of using Electrocobrai.

Enter the Digiverse

As they had no idea where Lloyd was, Borg proposed an alternate solution: scan the Ninja into the Digiverse so they could clear the hard drive remotely. They gathered in his office in Borg Tower where he explained how it would work, but they were interrupted by the Postman and other savages who believed Borg was keeping all the power to himself. Yet before they could destroy the devices, Nindroids arrived and Nya sent the savages to stop them.

While the Ninja entered the Digiverse, Nya watched over them, but became distracted when Borg's robotic legs appeared and attacked him, forcing Nya to help the inventor.

The Postman then alerted them that they had failed to stop the Nindroids and they were coming up. Nya raced off to intercept them, signalling her Samurai Mech on the way. On a lower floor she confronted them and gave them one chance to surrender. Cryptor laughed but at that moment her suit crashed through the window, rolling over the Nindroids.

Nya continued to fend off the mechanical army until the Ninja rebooted the system. Cryptor order his forces to flee, though informed Nya that he looked forward to their second "date." She rushed up to Borg's office and celebrated their victory with the Ninja as well as being reunited with a restored Wu.

The Void

Nya returned to Borg Tower with Wu, Garmadon, and P.I.X.A.L. where they were able to contact the Ninja and provide help in their attempt to take over the comet-bound ship. However, their communications were discovered by Pythor who lead a squad of Nindroids to attack Borg Industries.

The four managed to escape to Garmadon's monastery and once they re-established contact with the Ninja, Nya warmed them of the insects native to the comet that could eat through metal.

The Titanium Ninja

With the Ninja trapped on the comet, Jay and Cole began inquiring over who she would miss most, though Nya refused to give a definitive answer, instead asking if she could miss them both equally. However, the Ninja soon managed to create a new spaceship and escape the comet, and Nya cheered along with the others at their success.

Donning her Samurai X mech and armor, Nya hurried to the outskirts of New Ninjago City with Wu, Garmadon, and P.I.X.A.L. where they reunited with the Ninja. After receiving a message from a now restored Borg urging them to the Temple of Fortitude, the heroes set off into the city. The Golden Master began raising the buildings higher, though Nya eventually manged to get over the wall. She disposed of two Nindroids who were terrorizing the city, but was subsequently shot down.

As she emerged from her ruined mech, Nya encountered Cryptor again and the two fought, with Cryptor easily gaining the upper hand now that the samurai was without her suit. Eventually Cryptor began taunting her, but Nya tricked Min-Droid into fighting the Nindroid General. Stealing the Destructoid, Nya arrived at the Temple of Fortitude just as the Ninja were leaving, though she did blast some Nindroids out of the way. Later, she met up with P.I.X.A.L. and Borg atop a building rooftop, where they witnessed Zane sacrifice himself to defeat the Overlord once and for all.

Nya was present at Zane's funeral, questioning what happened after this, and joined the other heroes by his statue as snow began to fall.

The Tournament of Elements

The Invitation

Ninjago returned to peace and Nya and Wu decided to use that time to rebuild the Destiny's Bounty. They created plans at Garmadon's monastery and asked him for help, though he mysteriously disappeared shortly after.



Nya fixes the D.B. Express to find her friends.

Once plans were finalized, Wu and Nya began rebuilding in the Samurai X Cave. While working, Nya explained her dilemma between either Cole or Jay, though all she managed to do was put the Master to sleep. She eventually asked for his wisdom, but he refused, and before the matter could be discussed further Misako arrived stating that she had yet to hear from Garmadon or the Ninja. Wu ordered that they expand their search, and Nya revealed the D.B. Express, though admitted she wasn't fond of the name she had given it.


Zane's beacon alerts Nya

Nya used the mobile base to search for her friends in the Sea of Sand, yet was without luck until she encountered the Falcon wondering why it brought her there. It was then that she discovered that Zane's beacon was emitting a signal from a secluded island off the coast. Surprised with this new development, she contacted Wu, stating that she may have found the Ninjas' location and headed off.

Ninja Roll

Nya eventually found herself back in New Ninjago City, discovering that the noodle trucks providing Chen's Noodle House with goods disappeared at night. Hidden in an alleyway, Nya reported her findings to Wu and decided to follow them to find answers. She cloaked the D.B. Express to appear as a noodle truck and followed the real ones to the docks.

However just as she was about to board the ferry, Nya was startled by Dareth who, mistaking her for an actual employee, begged her to tell Master Chen not to discontinue the puffy potstickers before he saw her face. Not wanting to arise suspicion, she pulled him inside and informed the Brown Ninja that she was going undercover. Yet when he stated he was coming with her, she refused, but by then it was too late for him to get out as her disguised mobile base was already on the ferry that was setting off.

By early morning, the ferry was in sight of Chen's island, and Nya and Dareth watched from atop the noodle trucks as they drew closer to shore.

Spy for a Spy

IMG 0896

Dareth disguises Nya

Now outside the Palace, Nya attempted to sneak in but was stopped by Dareth who disguised her as one of Chen's Kabuki, so that she could easily sneak in while in plain sight. After he was finished, she was amazed by his work and questioned on how he was able to change her clothes in the process, though he only said "A Ninja has their secrets."

Inside, she saw Chen threw a banquet for the final 8 and Garmadon, where she approached Jay, who was annoyed by her antics until she revealed her identity to him and the others. She then informed him of her and Dareth (who was hiding in the D.B. Express) being undercover before informing Jay she knew what happened between him and Cole saying it was noble. Kai realized with her in disguise, she can get close to Clouse's Book of Spells and take the page with the spell.

In turn, she points out that they have their work cut out for them as well, since there's likely a spy in their midst. Upon noticing Clouse was looking at the Ninja, Nya walked off to avoid suspension.

Later in Clouse's library, Nya found the spell and was shocked to see what it was for. She nearly got discovered by Clouse, who noticed Kabuki paint on the book. Nya attempted to leave but got dragged into the throne room by on of Chen's kabuki where she overheard Chen and Clouse talking about the possibility of a Kabuki spy and the spell being stolen. She was nearly checked and exposed when Dareth accidentally blew his cover. Despite most of the Cultists heading off to check, she wasn't off the hook and was forced to fan Chen. While doing so, she learned from Clouse that Jay had been injured. Dareth was soon captured and warned Nya that she was on her own, blowing her cover: she soon beat Chen back and escaped, but not before telling him his feet stink.

IMG 0900

Nya battles Clouse

She escaped to the rooftops, where she had a brief fight with Clouse before fleeing into the forest.


Nya fled into the jungle, at one point exchanging her kabuki attire for samurai gear. However as an incentive, Chen promised that whichever Elemental Master found her first would be advanced to the final round of the tournament. Observing the masters parachuting down from the blimp, Nya decided to hide her trail by leaving fake footprints and inscribing the Samurai X symbol onto trees for the Ninja to follow.


A terrified Nya watches as Shade is captured

Nya managed to stay out of sight and even witnessed Clouse capture Shade and the other Elemental Masters. While carving the insignia on a tree later in the day, she heard Jay nearby and ran over only to find him locked in a mech battle against Clouse. When Jay inquired about the spell, Nya tried to explain what Chen intended to use it for, but she was interrupted by Clouse who threw a boulder at her. Jay ordered her to find the others, though they had all been captured.


Nya shows Lloyd the spell

It wasn't until after nightfall that she finally came across Garmadon and Lloyd. Gasping, she informed them that were the only ones remaining and she handed Lloyd the spell. Upon reading it, they learned that Chen planned to turn himself and his followers into Anacondrai.

The Forgotten Element

The next day, Nya, Lloyd, and Garmadon returned to the outer gates of Chen's palace. Nya noted that they were too many guards at the moment and they would have to wait until nightfall to make a move.

When night finally came, Nya shot a line to the palace rooftop and the three slid across it. After taking out the guards stationed on the roof, they crept into one of the halls, though Lloyd accidentally set off one of the alarms. They soon found themselves overwhelmed with Cultist guards, and Nya ordered Garmadon and the Green Ninja to continue on while she held them off.

Nya was eventually knocked out and when she awoke, she found herself tied up in the lair of Clouse's serpent along with Garmadon. They tried their best to get out of their chains, but Skylor, Clouse, and Chen soon arrived, revealing that they had captured the Green Ninja. Nya questioned how they accomplished such a feat and to her horror, Kai stepped into the room admitting he had betrayed Lloyd. He then offered his sister freedom if she pledged her allegiance to Chen, though she declared she would rather be devoured by a snake than join him. The band of villains left, as Nya tried to talk sense into her brother but he said it was how it was the way it had to be and left though not before Kai winked at Nya, assuring her that it was just a ruse causing her to smile.


Nya and Garmadon are saved by the Elemental Masters

Eventually, the serpent awoke and arrived to consume its victims. Yet just as Nya was about to be eaten, the escaped Elemental Masters arrived in the Roto Jet and killed the beast. While the Masters celebrated, a freed Nya rushed over to hug the restored Zane, relieved to have him back as he took her statement literally.

The Masters wasted no time and soon busted into the Anacondrai Temple where Kai destroyed Chen's staff returning the elements to the Masters. With their powers restored, they easily overpowered the Cultists. As the Ninja, reunited and whole again at last, finished up the rest of the battle, Nya noted that such a sight of the gang being together brought tears of joy to her eyes.

They soon were in control of the island, though Chen, Clouse and a few subordinates had escaped with Skylor as their hostage. While the Ninja celebrated with Zane activating his humor switch, Nya assured her brother that they would find her soon.

The Day of the Dragon

With the island under their control, Nya reclaimed the D.B. Express and used it to update Wu and Misako on the situation. Wu reported that the Bounty was nearly rebuilt and that once they were finished, they would use it to pick up the Elemental Masters.

Later while she was talking to the Ninja, Griffin Turner arrived as Neuro had received a message from Skylor that Chen could still complete the spell with his daughter's powers. Garmadon ordered everyone after her, and Nya piloted the D.B. Express in the search. Kai was the first to locate her however, though Nya manged to capture Eyezor and Zugu, and delivered them to Karlof at the palace along with the other Cultists.

Sadly their victory was short-lived, as the spell was soon completed and the Elemental Masters found themselves under attack by the cultists who were now Anacondrai. Nya and the other rushed into battle, but because of their enemy's enhanced reflexes and strength, they were force to retreat inside the palace. She helped them barricade the door, but when the cultists cut off their attack, she ascended with them to see that they had escaped the island using the Roto-Jet and Blade-Copters. When Lloyd declared that he would go on his own, Nya expressed disbelief that he could take on their entire army alone as he explained that he was the only one with an Elemental Dragon, though Zane and Kai soon arrived, having discovered the secret to unlocking their inner Elemental Dragons. This sight motivated the other masters into doing the same and they head after Chen and his army.

The Greatest Fear of All


Flying with Jay

Nya flew back to Ninjago with Jay atop the Elemental Lightning Dragon, though because they had forgotten Dareth and some masters had trouble facing their fears, they were a day behind Chen. Yet even with his advantage, they soon discovered that Chen had not attacked as the spell was wearing off.


Breifing the Ninja

Nya, Skylor, Garmadon and the Ninja journeyed to the Samurai X Cave where they were reunited with Wu and Misako. While the Ninja went to Kryptarium Prison, Nya equipped the Elemental Masters so they could communicate with them from the Samurai Cave. By the time the Ninja returned, Nya had detected twenty of Chen's noodle trucks heading towards Ninjago City and had ordered the Elemental Masters to intercept them. However, the trucks split up and went in different directions, forcing the Ninja and the elemental fighters to split up. Wu meanwhile ordered Nya to ready the Bounty in case things went badly.


Monitoring the trucks

The Bounty took a while to boot up and at one point even caused a power failure in the cave. While the Bounty was restarting, Wu contacted Zane who reported that he had succeeded in diverting the truck he was pursuing, though Skylor realized that the trucks were merely a diversion to split the Ninja up. Nya was horrified to realize this but it was too late to warn the Ninja which allowed Chen and his army invade unhindered.

The Corridor of Elders

The Destiny's Bounty 2.0 was eventually airborne, and from its bridge Nya attempted to contact the scattered masters to warn of Chen's attack on Jamanakai Village. However, Chen took control of the airwaves and appeared on one of the Bounty's screens to divide Wu and Garmadon with a troubling revelation.

Nya and the Elemental Masters eventually regrouped in the Samurai X Cave, where Nya revealed that Chen had taken over the entire eastern seaboard. Wu determined that they should make their stand the next day at the Corridor of Elders and the masters spent the remaining chunk of the day rallying support.

During the battle at the canyon, Nya piloted the Destiny's Bounty to provide aerial support, stating that the new girl hated to miss out on the action. Wu ordered Nya and Misako to drop the anchor on the Anacondrai and with it they disabled several Condrai Crushers. Yet even with their aid, the Ninja were unable to hold Chen's army back and they passed the line of no return.

This changed after Garmadon willingly allowed himself to be banished to the Cursed Realm in order to free the Anacondrai Generals, who soon curse Chen and his army, banishing them to said realm, allowing Ninjago to triumph.

Following the battle, Nya enjoyed a campfire with the Ninja, Misako, and Wu as they remembered Garmadon, who had sacrificed himself to release the spirits of the Anacondrai Generals that ensured their victory.


Main article: History of Nya (Possession)



Having become a celebrity alongside the Ninja, a disgruntled Nya was frustrated over not being included in their commercial, further indignant by Dareth's sexist comment over what kinds of commercials she could do. Seeking her own identity as one of the Ninja instead of her relationship with another person, Nya consequently kept her distance with Jay. Later, while stopping at the hospital to sign Nelson's cast, Nya and the rest of the Ninja were forced to evade the paparazzi Kai attracted through chirping, heading to the rooftop.


The ninja hide from fans.

However, with helicopters heading in on their location, the others hid behind a sign, with Jay offering his hand to help her up. In response, Nya refused, wanting to put her past with Jay behind them, consequently getting spotted alongside the others. Later, arriving at Stiix, Nya failed to spot Clouse, and as the six of them sat down to discuss their next plan of action, promptly witnessed news reports of the Ninja committing crimes. Realizing they had been framed, Nya and the rest of the Ninja were forced to flee, witnessing Misako and the Destiny's Bounty 2.0 being captured by the Police Commissioner.

Public Enemy Number One

Meeting up at the remains of the burnt-down Monastery of Spinjitzu, the Ninja, based on Zane's research, came to the conclusion that a Djinn was evidently responsible for not only framing them, but also capturing Master Wu. To find their culprit, the group split up, with Nya tagging along with her brother. Stopping by at Jamanakai Village, the two drove off on a pair of motorcycles she had prepared, only to be chased by Ronin at the Corridor of Elders. Attempting to evade him, the two were unsuccessful, being fooled by a hologram he had set up to resemble a dead end and being arrested and hauled off to Kryptarium with the others.


While at Kryptarium, Nya and the others were briefly confronted by The Mechanic and several angry inmates, only for Noble to come in and calm them down. Later, as they ate lunch and discussed what they had learned of the Djinn, Nadakhan, they were confronted by Soto, who had overheard their conversation. Properly seeing Nya's face for the first time, Soto remarked on her uncanny likeliness to someone he knew before explaining his past with Nadakhan, having been the one to imprison him within the Teapot of Tyrahn, before afterwards scattering the Sky Pirate Crew across the Sixteen Realms.

However, the group was confronted by the Mechanic once more, and after the brief skirmish, were told by Soto that the weakness of a Djinn was the venom of a Tiger Widow, and that in return for telling the location of Tiger Widow Island, he had to be freed. Moved to a more secure prison cell due to their involvement in the skirmish, Nya and the Ninja managed to escape, freeing Soto along the way and heading through the sewer tunnels. Free, the Ninja were told of the map to Tiger Widow Island being on the Misfortune's Keep, and even as Soto went on his own path, the pirate captain realized, to his amusement, that Nya resembled Dilara, Nadakhan's deceased lover.

Misfortune Rising

Infiltrating the police headquarters under disguises, Jay and Nya succeeded in not only tracking down the location of the Destiny's Bounty 2.0, but also the Misfortune's Keep, only for Cole and Lloyd to note the Sky Pirate ship was missing, and for Kai and Zane to be driven off by the guards. Going off to have lunch, Nya decided to talk out her issues with Jay, making peace with her friend.

After Jay went off and was confronted by Nadakhan, unbeknownst to her, he eventually went across the mansion of his true father, Cliff Gordon, and as a result of his second wish, Nya sought him out and found him there. Impressed by the mansion though unknowing of the revelation of his true family, Nya joined up with the others at Yang Tavern, only to hear of the Sky Pirate attack on New Ninjago City. Unwilling to let the citizens be in danger, Nya confronted the Sky Pirates, confronting Flintlocke, who was shocked to realize her uncanny resemblance to his deceased friend. After the Sky Pirates escaped, Nya celebrated the retrieval of the map to Tiger Widow Island, only to learn of her brother's fate, with Kai's soul being trapped in the Djinn Blade.

On a Wish and a Prayer

Regrouping at Jay's estate, Nya, Lloyd, and Zane studied the map, learning the location of the island, only to be alerted to the chunks of Ninjago that were disappearing. Arriving at the harbor, they got a ride on Cliff Gordon's yacht, with Nya piloting the boat. However, the group encountered a massive maelstrom, and as she and the others fought it off, Zane and Pixal were imprisoned in the Sword of Souls by Nadakhan, and the yacht crashed on the shore of Tiger Widow Island.

Recovering consciousness, Nya attempted to locate her two friends, with a frustrated Cole revealing their fate, explaining Jay's encounter with Nadakhan. Hurt and betrayed, Nya promptly assigned Jay to retrieve the venom, and as he did so, kept watch outside the cave. However, the four of them were promptly attacked by Nadakhan, Flintlocke, Clancee, Monkey Wretch, and Dogshank. Confronting Dogshank, the two battled, only for Nya to get caught in one of the Tiger Widow's webs. However, to her surprise, she was freed, with Dogshank explaining her insistent code of honor, resuming the battle between the two. However, when Jay emerged with the venom in tow, she abandoned the battle to help him, regrouping with the others and escaping the spider across a rope bridge, only for one end to snap. Hanging on, Nya watched as Nadakhan emptied the canteen of venom and kidnapped Jay, only to reveal she had switched it with a decoy.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

Attempting to reach Ninjago from Tiger Widow Island, the Ninja failed, prompting the group to begin constructing a raft from the natural materials. However, they were attacked by massive, worm-like creatures, destroying their raft and forcing the three to escape, with Nya unlocking Airjitzu in the process.

Setting to work, she created a device that hurled coconuts, hoping the noise would attract the worms away, even as Cole and Lloyd made a new raft. However, as the three made their way to shore, the device malfunctioned, prompting the worms to turn their attention to the group. Summoning a wave, Nya fought off the worms, carrying the raft out to the ocean, only for it to break apart; Thankfully, the three were saved by the Police Commissioner and Ronin, the former of whom had a change of heart after the group had protected the citizens from the Sky Pirates.


Regrouping at New Ninjago City, the group discussed a plan, eventually formulating one based on the blueprints of a Raid Zeppelin that Jay had dropped off in the ocean. Setting to work, the group built their own Raid Zeppelin, and masquerading as Sky Pirates, snuck into the reconstructing Djinjago to free Jay and hopefully poison Nadakhan with the venom, which she had concentrated into a blow-dart. However, while Cole went off to save Jay, she and Lloyd were confronted by Clancee, who thankfully fell for their disguises.

In the end, all four were captured, with Nadakhan having lunch with Nya, hoping to sway her to become his bride and complete a wedding ceremony that would grant him the power to grant infinite wishes, even for himself. Refusing, Nya was brought on the deck of the Misfortune's Keep, where she witnessed her friends about to be pushed into the ocean, with Nadakhan threatening her to marry him. However, Cole, with no other option, wished for their vengestone bonds to free them, allowing the four to hold off the pirates. Even as chaos ensued, with the others calling out their wishes and Nya accidentally using up two of hers, Cole's final wish ended up throwing everyone off of the ship. As they all plummeted, Nya used her final wish to make the clouds stop their fall, and landing safely, briefly fought the Sky Pirates, only to be cornered. Lloyd, now aged as a result of his wish to become wiser, severed the cloud she and Jay were standing on, causing them to fall out of Nadakhan's reach. Even as they plummeted, she and Jay put their hands together, combining their remaining strength to create a fusion of their Elemental Dragons; one made of Water and Lightning. Riding off on the Water-Lightning Dragon, the two evaded a pursuing Flintlocke, being rescued by the police in the process.

The Last Resort


Nya and Jay find Echo Zane.

Making plans to hide at the Lighthouse Prison, Nya briefly escaped a confrontation with Nadakhan alongside Jay, fleeing the police department through a trapdoor. Arriving at the prison, the two talked over their problems, with Nya revealing her dispute and inner conflict with Jay. As they discussed what Jay's last wish should be used for, the two came to the conclusion that they should wish for Nadakhan to no longer become a Djinn, rendering the ceremony useless. However, noticing Echo Zane spying on them, the two confronted him, and discovering his nature, Nya realized he must have been made as a replacement for Zane during Dr. Julien's imprisonment.

Making friends, the three of them played around, only for Echo Zane to notice Nadakhan and Clancee spying on them through a mirror, forcing them to shatter it. Realizing the Sky Pirates were already coming, Jay and Nya set up several traps in preparation, being confronted that night by Nadakhan's crew. Fending off the first wave, the two were confronted by Doubloon aboard the rooftop. Clashing with him, Nya was captured by Dogshank, and struggling against her, yanked out her hair, enraging the pirate over the underhanded tactic. Freeing herself, Nya clashed with her opponent, and when some of the Traveler's Tea spilled, knocked Dogshank into the resulting portal. However, with Echo Zane falling apart and Nadakhan appearing to capture them, Jay and Nya fled to the basement, retrieving the Traveler's Tea that Monkey Wretch had hidden there. With only enough left to transport one of them, Nya admitted her feelings for Jay, and wishing for his welfare and to handle her destiny, shoved him in. Even as Jay disappeared, Nya confronted the Sky Pirates, only to be overwhelmed and brought before a triumphant Nadakhan.

Operation Land Ho!

Held captive at Yang's Haunted Temple, Nya struggled against Doubloon and Clancee's attempts to fit her into her wedding dress, only for Dogshank to arrive and easily force her in. Sarcastically commenting on the presence of four sleeves, being told that it had originally belonged to Nadakhan's mother, Nya's possession of the Tiger Widow Dart was quickly discovered. Horrified, Nya pleaded with the three Sky Pirates desperately, begging for them to not tell Nadakhan, and to her presumed relief, they complied.

Later, whilst in her room, she encountered Jay attempting to free her. Briefly reconciling, Nya was confronted by Nadakhan, forcing Jay to hide, with Nya trying to stall for time so Jay could say his wish. However, she failed, but managed to convince Nadakhan to leave behind the Djinn Blade, teasingly mocking him for staying to his father's legacy too much, and was escorted to the wedding area.

The Way Back

With the Ninja closing in on her location, Nya was nevertheless helpless to stop the Djinn ceremony and her wedding with Nadakhan. Even as the Ninja managed to break in, Clancee, finishing the ceremony, promptly bestowed upon making Nya queen and Nadakhan the ability to grant infinite wishes, making him nearly unstoppable. Even as Nadakhan easily forced the ninja to flee, Nya attempted to attack him, only for the Djinn to wish for her to become unconscious. Afterwards, Nya had her consciousness replaced by Dilara, who used her body as a vessel in order to interact.


Nya possessed by Dilara's spirit.

After Flintlocke shot Nadakhan with the Tiger Widow Venom, it consequently weakened him, causing much of his magic to dissipate, freeing Dilara's soul from Nya's body. However, as she regained consciousness, to her horror, Nya realized that some of the venom had splashed onto her, making skin contact. Even as she collapsed, being caught by a terrified Jay, she weakly pleaded for him to use his wish to stop Nadakhan, and with her last breath admitted she never really wanted to be a Ninja, attempting to alleviate the mood, before dying.


Nya dies in Jay's arms.

With Jay sobbing over her death, he used his final wish to erase the events of the season, and weakened by the venom, Nadakhan was unable to twist his words around. As a result, time was reversed, resurrecting Nya, bringing her and Jay back to the moment on the rooftop where Jay asked her to give him her hand. Recalling what had happened, Nya graciously accepted, and though initially puzzled by only her and Jay seemingly remembering the events of the season, they simply laughed it off and reconciled with Jay, their reunion being broadcasted all across Ninjago by an eager Dareth.

The Dark Island Trilogy

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 1

Nya and the other Ninja were summoned to the Samurai X Cave by Master Wu, who informed them that Misako and Ronin had gone missing off the coast of the Dark Island. The Ninja quickly readied the Destiny's Bounty and they set off towards the island to rescue them.

Upon nearing the island however, the Bounty encountered an unnatural storm that sent the Ninja flying to various areas of the Dark Island. Shortly after recovering, Nya encountered a giant starteeth and encountered Jay while she fended the creature off. As they searched the coast of No-Man's bluff for the others, Jay and Nya encountered a band of Sky Pirates who were transporting the latest captured fisherman. Shortly after defeating them, the two came across Ronin, and after a brief skirmish with a Leviathan, he explained his situation to them. Although Ronin hoped that they would be his ticket home, Nya and Jay were adamant to find the others and the three set off into the forest.

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 2

Ronin, Nya, and Jay followed the tracks of the Sky Pirate's vehicles, eventually ending up near the entrance to Digger's Deep. There, they encountered Zane and Cole whom had secured the Ultra Stealth Raider and Titanium Ninja Tumbler. Using the vehicles, Nya and the others were able to ambush the Sky Pirates in front of the cave, freeing Lloyd, Misako, and the Fishermen. The Sky Pirates retreated and the Ninja followed them, heading towards the Temple of Light.

Day of the Departed

Using their new vehicles—including the components of the Ultra Stealth Raider—the Ninja traveled to the Ninjago Museum of History on the Day of the Departed in order to acquire lanterns for the celebration. After viewing the Hall of Villainy, the Ninja split up to pay their respective requests, inadvertently leaving Cole behind. Kai and Nya traveled back to Four Weapons Blacksmith in order to commemorate their parents, and Nya questioned whether they would ever learn what really became of them. Master Chen and two of his Anacondrai Cultists, revived by the dark magic of Master Yang, then arrived to attack the pair, but were able to defeat the villains and destroy them.

Returning to the museum, they found their friends and learned it was part of Yang's plan from Wu and a revived Morro. Seeing Morro again, the Ninja quickly armed themselves but are surprised when Wu tells them he was on their side and Morro informs them that Yang tricked Cole into opening a rift to return to Ninjago. The Ninja soon realized they forgot about Cole and Wu orders them to ready the Bounty and head for the Temple of Airjitzu while a redeemed Morro returns to the Departed Realm.

The Ninja used the Bounty to travel to Yang's floating Temple of Airjitzu, where they are caught in a powerful storm with wind blowing their ship around. However, their timely arrival gave Cole the drive needed to win and they watch as he overpowered Yang.

Nya and the Ninja become confused by Cole speaking to Yang and tell him to pass through the Rift.

The Ninja watched as the Rift closes before getting caught in its shockwave forcing them to make a crash landing on the ground of the floating temple. Once they landed, they feared that Cole hadn't made it through the Rift in time but were overjoyed when he emerged from behind a rock, human again. The Ninja happily hugged their friend relieved to have him back to normal with Nya pointing out that he looked good as new to the latter's joy.

At Cole's suggestion, the Ninja took up residence in the magically restored temple.

Later that night, they gathered around a fire with their families and friends listening to Cole's story before releasing lanterns into the sky in celebration.

The Hands of Time

Main article: History of Nya (Hands of Time)

Sons of Garmadon

The Mask of Deception

Nya was on assignment, rescuing some slaves from samurais when she was called by P.I.X.A.L. to return to Ninjago. When told they'll be guarding the Royal Family, Nya was the only one against it. She blends in with the crowd before hearing something and goes to investigate, only to discover it is firecrackers.

The Jade Princess

While training, the Ninja gave Lloyd some advice on how to attract Harumi, but Lloyd agreed with Nya to just be himself.

When the palace exploded, the Ninja fought the Sons of Garmadon. Later, Lloyd and Harumi picked them up on the Destiny's Bounty and informed them the Emperor, Empress, and Hutchins didn't survive.

The Oni and the Dragon

When the Ninja left to find who the Sons of Garmadon's leader is, Nya stayed behind with Harumi.

When Lloyd and Jay came back from Mistaké's shop, they watched Cole karaoke at Laughy's on television. Cole was attacked by the Sons of Garmadon and when Zane didn't help, the Ninja went to help him. While they were chasing Mr. E, Lloyd realized Zane was trying to gain their trust.

Snake Jaguar

To help Zane blend in with the Sons of Garmadon, Nya builds him a bike.

After she and Harumi gave Zane the bike, she helped with the remainder of the race.

Dead Man's Squall

When Cole was feeding the baby, she asked what he was feeding him, before learning it is tea. She soon went off, saying Cole can't feed a baby tea, but he tells her the baby likes it.

The Quiet One

While the Ninja repair the Bounty, Nya found the Samurai Mech and said it belongs to P.I.X.A.L. now.

When the Ninja tell Nya the things the baby did and how they discovered he is Wu, she doesn't believe that he is actually Wu. However, she soon does believe after she hears the baby talk and drink tea like her master does.

The Ninja watched infant Wu go for more tea, in which Jay refills it for him. Afterwards, questions are raised by how Wu reverted to a toddler; Nya deduced it was because he touched the Reversal Blade before he was lost in time. Zane states if Nya's theory is correct, the blades' effects have worn off and now Wu will keep aging until he returns to normal, eventually.

The Ninja later discover Harumi is the Quiet One as the Sons of Garmadon attacked and surround them.

Game of Masks

The Ninja, now tied up in chains, try to convince the Sons of Garmadon not to resurrect Lord Garmadon, to no avail. When Killow calls for Ultra Violet, Wu hands them the keys and they start to confront the Sons of Garmadon.

During their standoff, they were reunited with Lloyd and Crabby attacked. The Sons of Garmadon leave on the Bounty and Lloyd followed them after they froze Crabby in ice. They were shocked when Lloyd was captured and Crabby started to break free.

Dread on Arrival

After the Ninja tamed Crabby, they rode it to the police station. They told the Commissioner the Sons of Garmadon are going to resurrect Lord Garmadon and need reinforcement.

While the police attack the Sons of Garmadon, the Ninja traverse to the Temple of Resurrection. They defeated the Sons of Garmadon and rescue Lloyd and Misako. They helped as the police arrested the Sons of Garmadon.

True Potential

To celebrate, the Ninja went to Laughy's to karaoke. However, the music was cut off and they watch the news about Garmadon breaking Harumi free from jail.

The Ninja went to the police station to question the Commissioner. The Commissioner confirmed he was Garmadon They watched the news again and realized Harumi and Garmadon are at Kryptarium Prison.

On the Bounty, the Ninja told Lloyd not to face his father. They later were tricked by the Green Ninja, who locked them in a room so he can go it alone.

When the Sons of Garmadon broadcasted Lloyd's fight with Garmadon, the Ninja are forced to watch.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

Nya calls Misako, saying they found the injured Lloyd before being advised by her and baby Wu to go to Mistaké's tea shop. When heard that there will be consequences when they must use their powers to help the tea to work, Nya didn't hesitate. She stayed behind to make sure Lloyd woke up before they head to Dareth's Apartment to rescue Wu and Misako when Lloyd sees a vision of his father going after them. Nya and Misako stay to deal with Garmadon while Lloyd takes Wu to safety. Later, they pick Lloyd up after seeing Zane, Cole, Wu, her brother, and her boyfriend's supposed demises.

Prior to Hunted

Nya, Lloyd, Misako, P.I.X.A.L., and Dareth managed to resist Emperor Garmadon's oppressive hold on Ninjago City whilst mourning over the "deaths" of her friends, boyfriend and brother, not knowing they are marooned in the barbaric Realm of Oni and Dragons.




Nya and her group surrounded by the Sons of Garmadon.

Nya's group managed to evade Killow, Mr. E, and their grunts before they discover the wreckage of the Bounty. They are sad as Lloyd finds the picture of him and his friends before finding a leaf for Traveler's Tea and alerts the others of this. The group investigate the ship more and see half of it has disappeared, realizing that their friends were not killed but, teleported elsewhere. This gives them hope before their enemies show up and prepare to attack but Karlof punches Mr. E away as Griffin Turner and Shade appear.

After the enemies sent are defeated, a garbage truck driven by Skylor picks them up and everyone retreats.

Iron & Stone

When the Resistance made it to the Garbage Depot, she exclaimed they could use scrap metal to build whatever they need to save Ninjago. She, Skylor, and Neuro started building.

Radio Free Ninjago

Nya informed Lloyd that they need bigger and more powerful weapons now they're outnumbered. The Resistance watched as Lloyd lead Dareth in a fight against Karlof. When Karlof won, Lloyd suggest they make a plan.

How to Build a Dragon

The Resistance celebrated Lloyd's speech. They started planning on who else they could recruit to help them.

The Gilded Path

When the Sons of Garmadon attacked the Garbage Depot, the Resistance fought them. Nya, Lloyd, SKylor, and Dareth got on the armored vehicle to escape. The Colossus stepped on them but P.I.X.A.L. attacked Garmadon, freeing them.

The remaining Resistance members try to comfort Lloyd. When they see a rat, she reveals herself to be Mistaké. She told them she will explain how she was able to transform after she eats.

Two Lies, One Truth

With Ninjago City invaded by the Sons of Garmadon, the Resistance took shelter. They were shocked to hear Mistaké is an Oni.

When the Sons of Garmadon started asking who seen Lloyd, Lloyd had a plan. The Resistance took out the Sons of Garmadon and surrounded Harumi.

The Weakest Link

Harumi informed the Resistance that the Sons of Garmadon would find her. Mistaké and Skylor comes in carrying the Oni Mask of Hatred. Lloyd refused to use it. On the rooftop, the Resistance thought of a plan to use Skylor as a prisoner and Mistaké would transform into Harumi. They could get close enough to Garmadon so Skylor can copy his Elemental Power to control the Colossus.

Saving Faith

Nya is worried when Skylor experiences strain from Garmadon's powers and decides to flee with the others after Garmadon becomes enraged.

Lessons for a Master

As they escape Garmadon, they come across Violet who was on a payphone after she was sent flying by Skylor. Seeing them, Violet hangs up the phone to get revenge for her humiliation, Nya stays behind to fight her.

She fights the corrupt general and puts up a good fight against her with Violet even praising her for it before moving to finish her. Nya prevents this by sending a rush of water but its not strong enough to stop her and she traps Nya under a car, dislocating her shoulder and nearly finishes her but the others return and hit Violet with the wagon that causes her to be sent through a wall, breaking her mask as well.

Green Destiny

As Violet tumbles after them, Nya wondered if she ever stays down before the latter collapses but when they prepare to escape, more members of the Sons of Garmadon surround them and they wonder what to do. Fortunately, a portal forms in the sky and dragons appear while the riders are revealed to be the Ninja. Nya quickly contacts her brother to tell him that she hears him and Zane tracks the signal.

Nya is happy to see they have come back and they brought dragons to help. Nya watches as the ninja fight off the Sons of Garmadon and she is amazed to see Wu has aged into a teenager and by his new armor. When the four Ninja landed, Nya immediately hugged Jay. Nya later helps her allies in attempting to take down the Colossus. She is further relieved to see the other members of the Resistance have broken out and help in chaining the Colossus which collapses.

Afterwards, she helps in loading up the Sons of Garmadon in the police wagons and is soon happy to see Lloyd has regained his powers and defeated his father who has lost his own and has been arrested.


With peace restored, Nya hugs her boyfriend.

Several days later, she and the others begin to clean up the destruction left by Garmadon before Wu, now reverted back to his old age, stops them to tell them there is trouble. The Ninja rush out to see that its only the citizens who want to thank them for saving the city. As they celebrate, Nya calls for Skylor, P.I.X.A.L., and Dareth to come up with them. She soon rests her head on Jay's shoulder, happy to have her boyfriend back.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

After showing Kai, Jay, and Dareth her new kimono, Nya told them that Wu is in the courtyard looking at the murals. Suddenly, they saw Firstbourne crash and landed near the mountain. They ran to her and saw Faith was also badly injured. They brought her inside the Monastery to help her heal.

Faith mentioned that darkness swept over her home realm and that she barely escaped. Wu points out it might be the Onis' doing and the Ninja head to the Bounty to prepare.

Once they arrived in the city, the Ninja fought the darkness but to no avail, Nya pulled them back up to the Bounty. The Ninja then went to Kryptarium after Lloyd told them Garmadon might help.

Into the Breach

Once the Ninja are airborne again, the Ninja discussed if they could trust Garmadon. Meanwhile, he turned the engines off, and the Bounty starts plummeting toward the ground. The Ninja hanged on until Zane got to the emission switch on time.

Later, Zane then asked that everyone meet up at the bridge, where Garmadon proceeds to tell the Ninja about how the Oni were able to enter Ninjago. They used the Realm Crystal and he would be able to go inside the dark cloud to destroy it due to being part Oni, but he would need a weapon. Lloyd then argues that they can't just let him have a weapon then let him walk away unsupervised. Since Lloyd is part Oni as well, he claimed would also survive the darkness and decided to go with him.

While Nya is piloting the Bounty, Jay approaches her and tries to start a conversation. He mentioned he wants to ask her something but when Garmadon arrived, he decided to tell her later.

When they arrived at Borg Tower, the Ninja handed Garmadon a sword, but he started attacking them to activate his powers. He jumped off, and Lloyd followed. After watching Lloyd on his head cam, they heard distress calls and tried to find the source. They flew off, while P.I.X.A.L. decided to stay behind in case the two needed assistance.

While trying to find the source, the Ninja watched as Lloyd and Garmadon approaches the Crystal. When The Omega attacked them, his head cam broke.

The Fall

The Ninja found the source of the distress signal at the NGTV building. Jay and Cole went out to help the people, but once they were about to leave, Nya accidentally turned the thrusters the wrong way. This caused Cole's rope ladder to snap as the Ninja watched him fall. Kai pushed Nya from the steering wheel to turn the ship around, but Zane convinced him otherwise.

They went to save P.I.X.A.L., Lloyd, and Garmadon as they ran out of fuel. The Ninja told them Cole fell off the Bounty, and Nya blames herself despite Jay and Kai saying it was an accident. After Garmadon told them they are wasting time mourning, he showed them the Golden Master's armor. However, everyone was upset at him and started leaving.

Nya still blamed herself while Kai tried to reassure her by telling her she's the one that makes plans for the Ninja. She then said they can go back to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to forge the armor's metal back into weapons. Despite Kai being hesitant, he agreed.


The Ninja landed near the monastery and Wu and Misako went to see them. They told the two that Cole fell into the dark clouds and destroying the Realm Crystal did nothing. However, Garmadon showed them the Golden Armor and Nya explained they might have a chance if they reforge the Golden Weapons. After Kai was done, he gave the weapons to their respective Ninja, but had to give the Scythe of Quakes to Nya. A monk then signals to the Ninja that the Oni are here, and they prepare to fight.

The Ninja began the fight them and were surprised to see Cole arrived. Nya then hands him his Scythe but they were overpowered and retreated into the monastery. They then watched as Jay asked Nya to be his Yang, to which she accepts. Lloyd then points out that they can try using the Tornado of Creation against the Oni.

However, they found Lloyd under a pile of debris and mourned. He suddenly woke up and the Ninja were relieved. As celebration, their allies visited the monastery and watched the Ninja make a new mural with their handprints.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

The Ninja, sans Jay and Zane, watch as Cole is beats Zane's high score in a game called Lava Zombies. The Ninja sit in the hot tub, which actually turns out to be the Bell of Divinity. Infuriated, Wu puts the Ninja to a test to see how long they can survive in the room with his chicken. They were able to trap the chicken, but Wu was unimpressed.

After complaining about the traps Wu set up, the Ninja asked him what to do. He challenged them to a battle, but were easily defeated. Once again, the chicken was released to punish them.

Questing for Quests

In a hot tub, the Ninja think about what villain they should battle. Nya point out that maybe they should fight crimes and do other heroic things instead finding a villain. They eventually thought to help the police catch criminals.

Nya is also seen with the other Ninja going around town trying to solve mysteries and crimes instead of the police but is disappointed to find nothing. They eventually all return to the monastery hear about a pyramid in a far off desert in Ninjago that Clutch Powers is reluctant to explore and soon venture to go there and look for a quest.

A Rocky Start

The Ninja rush around the Monastery, packing to prepare for their quest. Before they head off, P.I.X.A.L. introduces the Ninja to the Samurai X Cave 2.0. They quickly head off with the Land Bounty and two other vehicles.

In the Land Bounty, Zane informs the Ninja about Beohernie, although Jay thinks the people mispronounced his name and should be called "Bernie." Cole discovered an oasis to stop and have lunch. Zane continues talking about the desert, and Cole leaves to get food, but the basket sank to the ground. The Ninja rush to their vehicles and are able to outrun Beohernie; however, it isn't at the cost of losing one of the key compartments the Land Bounty needs.

The Belly of the Beast

Nya and the others are trapped while Zane attempts to repair the Land Bounty, but it will be impossible to escape without the component the beetle ate.

That night, Nya hears Zane says that the Bounty is useless without the component, and the only way to retrieve it is to go to the belly of the beast itself. He then gets the idea that one of them has to be strapped to a rope and sent into the stomach of the beetle. They play a rock-paper-clamp tournament in order to decide who goes in, and Zane ends up being the winner.

The next morning, Zane goes on the sand and is consumed by Beohernie. When Zane notifies the Ninja that he found the component, the Ninja pull him from Beohernie, but he resists by pulling onto Cole's Dirt Bike. The force by Beohernie causes Cole to fall out of his vehicle and onto the sand where two more bugs begin to attack, but they are repelled by the Ninja. Eventually, Kai shot fireballs at Beohernie's belly which allowed Zane to escape the belly of the beast.

With the component recovered, the Ninja were to escape the rock and outrun the other scarab beetles to their next destination, the Ancient Pyramid.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

The Ninja try to convince Clutch Powers but cannot. Clutch gets a call from the Explorers Club. His membership is about to get revoked, so he helps. The Ninja go past obstacles. Cole uses his strength to lift a column. Later on, Jay trips a cobweb and the Ninja fall into spikes Kai destroyed with his fire.

They soon reach a room with a sliding puzzle on a wall. Jay and Nya accidentally freed Aspheera, by finishing the puzzle. Clutch flees, saying he will be asking for help. She steals Kai's power and traps Jay and the other Ninja after she beats them with Spinjitzu. She then gets onto the Fire Fang and explodes a part of the pyramid and sends the rock and Clutch Powers flying to Ninjago City.

Ninja vs Lava

Despite the rushing lava, the Ninja are able to escape their prison; however, they are still chained. When they get to the barrier, Cole uses his lava arms to lift the barrier allowing the other Ninja to pass. As Cole was lifting the rock up, Jay caught sight of lava approaching them and immediately begins running away from the lava. Not realizing they were still tied together, this caused a chain reaction, as Lloyd and Cole were pulled towards Jay causing Cole to drop the rock and nearly crushing Kai.

When they reach the spikes, they find supplies from Hageman needed to ascend the slope. As they began their ascent, Cole complains about Kai's weight causing him to lose his grip and the Ninja to fall until Nya is able to grip the slope. Despite the setback, the Ninja are able to reach the top.

The Ninja reach outside the pyramid, but they realize they are surrounded by lava. When all hope seemed lost, P.I.X.A.L. arrives in the ShuriCopter and saves the Ninja.

After the long ride, the Ninja reach their vehicle and promise that they will be ready for Aspheera.


Before Fred Finely is devoured by an Elemental Cobra, the Ninja save him and defeat the Elemental Cobra before heading off to the Ninjago Museum of History.


The Ninja save the Police Commissioner and his crew from the Elemental Cobras before heading off to the Museum without Kai.

Nya fights the Elemental Cobras while Lloyd fights Aspheera and ultimately losses to her. She then performs Spinjitzu against the Ninja and successfully defeats them. Aspheera then used her staff to destroy parts of the roof and cause the debris to fall on the Ninja. After that, she reawakens the Pyro Vipers still in their tombs and tells them to follow her out of the museum, and the Elemental Cobras to finish off the Ninja.

Before the Elemental Cobras destroy the Ninja, Jake comes in to shield the Ninja, but Kai catches up and rescues Jake out of trouble while turning on the fire sprinklers to distract the Elemental Cobras before Zane finishes them using his ice powers.

Ancient History

Lloyd, Zane, and Nya head off to stop Aspheera by taking a shortcut using Zane's GPS system. After arriving close to Aspheera, Zane headed off somewhere and promised to return.

Nya distracts Aspheera while Lloyd attempted to steal the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Ultimately, Lloyd failed and both were surrounded by Pyro Vipers. Luckily, Zane arrives in his Shuricopter and creates an ice barrier, giving Lloyd and Nya enough time to escape.

Under Siege

While Lloyd, Nya, and Zane are in Ninjago City looking for Aspheera, Cole notifies them that she is on her way to the Monastery. In addition, he tells them to find Clutch Powers; believing he knows the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu's whereabouts.

When Lloyd, Nya, and Zane arrive at the Ninjago City Hospital, Clutch Powers tells them that the second scroll is at the Explorers Club, but he refuses to leave. When Nya pulls him from his bed, Clutch calls the nurses who escort the Ninja away.

The Explorers Club

When Lloyd, Nya, and Zane enter The Explorers Club, they are welcomed by Cecil Putnam, and the trio explains that they need the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Luckily for them, The Explorers Club possessed the scroll; however, the Ninja needed a membership for the club. Since the Ninja didn't have a membership, they were pushed out from the building.

The Ninja tried again, but this time, they used Zane disguised as Clutch Powers. Once Zane entered the building, he is confronted by Putnam who tells Zane that his membership had been suspended and cannot obtain any artifacts.

After the two failed attempts, Nya decided to be bold by sneaking in the building and stealing the scroll. Lloyd and Zane follow up, and all three reach the rooftop. The trio then shut down a fan by using Lloyd's sword and Zane's ice to prevent it from moving, and made their way down the ventilator using a rope hook. Suddenly, the fan broke free causing the Ninja to fall and crash into a middle of a meeting between Shippelton, Smythe, and Underhill. Lloyd tried to come up with an excuse by saying they were working on the air conditioning, but his sword came tumbling down. Shippelton knew he was lying and calls for security, causing the Ninja to flee into a room.

After more searching, Lloyd came across The Mirror of Fears and it showed his greatest fear of becoming his father. For Nya, her greatest fear was just being a normal citizen, and for Zane, his greatest fear was having no life. While Lloyd was talking to Zane, something crawled on Nya, causing her to freak out and throw the mysterious object onto Lloyd and Zane. Then, the door opened and the security guards tried to seize the Ninja, but they were able to enter another room.

Zane realized they entered the entomology room prompting Nya to tell Lloyd to not touch anything, but Nya knocked down a glass containing Venomasicus Tigrus which happened to have the second-most painful stings. The Ninja tried to outrun the sworn of wasps, but they are stopped by Cecil Putnam and his security forces; nevertheless, the wasps attack them. Putnam is able to get away from the wasps and shoots a blowdart at Zane, but it deflects off him and hits a glass holding Vastodectrus Venemous which happen to have the most painful stings. Amongst the chaos, Nya told Lloyd and Zane to regroup and they enter another room.

This time, Nya found the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, so they wrapped it up and exited the building, leaving everyone else inside The Explorers Club in disarray.

Vengeance is Mine!

The Pyro Vipers break the door to the Underground Base, but they are unable to find Wu until Jays gives their hideout by sneezing. Before Aspheera could do any harm, P.I.X.A.L. uses the Titan Mech to defend the Ninja and Wu. Despite this, Aspheera is able to hold her ground and holds the Ninja hostage until Lloyd, Nya, and Zane arrive with the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

A lengthy battle ensues with all the Ninja (except Nya) having the chance to possess the Scroll when it falls into their hands. Eventually, Zane gets the Scroll and freezes the Pyro Vipers. Before Zane gave back the Scroll to Wu, Aspheera's arm manages to get free and she attempts to zap Wu, but Zane saved his master by pushing Wu of the way causing him to be hit and be seemingly destroyed.

A Cold Goodbye

The Ninja come running in after P.I.X.A.L. has a nightmare of losing Zane. Wu then tells the Ninja that Zane is alive; however, Wu won't let the Ninja come since its location is remote.

Despite this, Lloyd steals the Traveler's Tea, and the Ninja head to the Underground Base where they spot Wu holding the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. A lengthy battle occurs as both sides were fighting for the Traveler's Tea. This gave the Ninja no choice, but to tie Wu up and place a mouthpiece over him. In the end, the Ninja headed inside the Land Bounty while P.I.X.A.L. stood outside and zapped the vehicle into the Never-Realm.

The Never-Realm

The Land Bounty lands are a cliff forcing the Ninja to evacuate and during the process, Cole loses the Traveler's Tea. This causes an argument with Jay before Lloyd breaks up the fight and suggests they head down the mountain to avoid freezing.

After hiking through frigid temperatures, the Ninja finally make it to a forest where it's still cold. In addition, the Ninja face danger when they are approached by wolves. The Ninja flee from the danger, but Lloyd runs into a tree giving a chance for the wolves to attack but in spite of that, the wolves head off somewhere else. What the Ninja don't realize is that one of the wolves is frozen on a tree.

Following the unusual sight of wolves running away, the Ninja stumble upon some people who are also frozen. Nya is able to sense one of the victims realizing they have a heartbeat and are still alive, but Nya also gets a signal on the Titan Mech. Before they sought out to find the Mech, Jay believed they should help the people, but Lloyd and Nya stand their ground saying they should get more information before assisting the people.

After following the bleak signal for some time, the Ninja run into the wolves again, but this time they fight. They are able to hold their ground for some time until three mysterious people shoot arrows at the wolves causing them to run away. 

The Ninja follow the people to a nearby village where they are greeted by Sorla. After both sides give their introductions, Sorla throws a potion into the hearth fire, and they are able to find Zane's location which is the Ice Emperor's Castle. Sorla tells them that Zane was most likely taken captive by the Ice Emperor and he is "lost." However, Lloyd believes Zane is strong and they will still come for him despite all the dangers she said. Sorla then warns them of General Vex who is out to get the Ninja. 

Fire Maker

When Sorla states they must protect the Fire, Nya helps the villagers build a fortress in order to defend against the Blizzard Samurai.

Despite defending the Great Lake, the villagers sit around the empty Fire, freezing in the winter night. Kai continues to blames himself for not having his Elemental Powers before trying once more. This time, he is able to create the Fire, and the villagers chant "Fire Maker" due to his success.

An Unlikely Ally

While repairing the roof, Cole wonders why Nya's powers won't work on snow and ice. She eventually felt useless, and after throwing a snowball at Cole, they find Kai boasting about his Fire powers. She reprimands him before turning his hammock over to get him off it, and storms off.

Sorla confronted her and asks what's wrong. She laments the fact that Kai got his Elemental Powers back but she can't use her's. Sorla tries to convince her otherwise, but she is still unable to move ice. Lloyd found her, and asked that she and the rest of the Ninja protect the Great Lake while he goes to the Castle of Ice alone. Before he leaves, she gives him the device in case he gets close to the Titan Mech.

The Absolute Worst

In Ultra Violet's story, Lloyd and Nya surrendered to Ultra Violet.

In The Mechanic's story, she drove up to him to stop him from stealing. When he escaped, she used her water powers on him and took his truck.

The Message

When the children of the village runs out in fear, Kai questioned what he did. He claimed to have told them about how Aspheera trapped Zane to the Never-Realm, and Nya asks if that's appropriate for them.

Meanwhile, Uthaug runs up to show the village he found a piece of Lloyd's gi and there were signs of a fight and avalanche. The villagers and Ninja are concerned and hoped he is safe.

The Traveler's Tree

Nya is first seen with Sorla trying control frozen water. She was unsuccessful at first but Sorla tells her to try again but when Nya does, she gets interrupted by Cole.

Later, Nya hear a roar coming from the mountain. Boma and Uthaug rushes to tell them Cole is also on the mountain, prompting Jay and Nya to go after him while Kai stays behind to protect the village.

Krag's Lament

Nya and Jay walk up the mountain. They are concerned when they hear Krag's roars. They found footprints that lead to a cave. They investigated it, and when they hear Krag, they attacked. When Cole explained Krag is his friend, he introduced them to Krag. Cole allows Krag come along with them down the mountain.

My Enemy, My Friend

Nya is snowboarding down the mountain along with Cole and Jay. Krag follows them down the mountain and they discuss on how they could make the Traveler's Tea. They are interrupted by a roar from a dragon and run off to hide behind the ice. They see the dragon head off for the village and run after the dragon. However, they arrive too late and they find the village frozen. Nya sees Sorla frozen and starts beating on the ice, frustrated and upset. Jay and Cole calm her down and Kai suggests to find the Land Bounty to fix it up and use it to distract the Ice Emperor. In the end Nya smile, agreeing.

Once and For All




Nya's current appearance

Nya has long black hair kept in a ponytail, pale pink lipstick, and small dimples on her cheeks. She has a beauty mark on her right cheek. When in casual wear, she has a leather jacket over a white shirt with blue stripes and dark blue jeans. The color of her ponytail scrunchies change often. For a majority of Seasons 8, 9, and 11, it was black (or gray), for her fisherman disguise in Season 9, it was yellow, for her kimono in episode 95, it was dark blue, and w/ her Season 10 suit, it was light blue.


Nya, with her original bob-cut

Prior to Season 8, she had short black hair fashioned in a bob cut and red lipstick. She typically wore casual clothing in various shades of red and gold with a gold phoenix as her symbol. In the show, she wears a large golden bracelet with a red jewel on her left arm which doubles as her communicator. In the Spinjitzu Spinners game, she has a red bandanna tied around the lower half of her face.

As Samurai X, she has a gunmetal samurai helmet, with a bucket handle piece on top in the place of horns and a red face mask. She also has gunmetal samurai shoulder pads with a red armor suit underneath. In the show, she wears a pair of goggles over her eyes and her bracelet on her right arm.

During the battle against the Golden Master, her Samurai X armor became silver as did some of the stitching of her attire. During her time on Chen's island, she gained a Kabuki disguise from Dareth, which she incorporated into her next and final Samurai X suit: a black armored, red and green suit with her gold phoenix symbol enlarged in the middle of her torso.

In "Endings," Nya wears half of the Yin-Yang Medallion on her chest that Jay offered to her when he asked her to be his Yang, which making her Nya Walker.

In an anime scene of "The Absolute Worst," Nya is shown to have gray eyes.


Like the majority of her fellow Ninja, Nya is in her late teens. She is two years younger than her brother, Kai.[1] However, the Ninja do not officially have specific ages,[2] as they are meant to be perpetually in their teenage years for the duration of the show.[3]

Potential Estimations: During the events of the pilot and Season 1, she was at least 13 or 14 years of age.[4][5] As the most recent events take place three to four years after the events of Season 2, she is most likely around 17.[6]


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Although she was not trained as a Ninja early on, she is very capable of defending herself. She doesn't like the fact that so much focus is put on the Ninja, so she resolved to become a hero in her own way, which she did by becoming Samurai X, and is highly independent, desiring the choice and ability to choose her own identity and destiny. Sometimes, she gets annoyed by Kai's protectiveness, but their bond as siblings is very strong. Many episodes reveal she is highly intelligent, as she was able to create the Samurai armor and several types of technology, and she was able to pinpoint the location of Serpentine tombs. At first, it seemed that Nya was unaware of Jay's crush on her, although by "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," it is revealed, she returns his feelings.

Nya's weakness is her unwillingness to fail. Being good at so much, when she finds herself in a position to fail, she is quick to give up. Likewise, she's insecure and sensitive about her own personal identity, either as Samurai X or her own role amongst the Ninja team, and is conflicted over being told her destiny.

Abilities and Weapons

Despite a lack of formal Ninja training, Nya is a competent fighter, wielding a Nin-Jô against the Skulkin when they attacked the blacksmith shop. She also develops a talent for engineering and operating machinery, building her Samurai X gear and the Samurai Mech in her spare time without any of the others noticing and modifying the Ultra Sonic Raider to give it a flight mode. Nya also helped Dr. Julien construct the Fire Mech and the Earth Driller. She is a skilled pilot, being the de facto operator of the Destiny's Bounty and the Samurai Mech.

After being corrupted by Dark Matter, Nya displays the ability to perform Spinjitzu, creating a crimson energy tornado that can knock the Ninja around. She wields a spiked flail and sharp throwing needles in combat, and the evil suffusing her being made her completely ruthless as well as completely willing to destroy her former allies.

When Nya became the Water Ninja, her fighting skills has increased. In Season 5, she unlocked the Elemental Power of Water, allowing her to perform hydrokinesis. She can create and control water and use it for offense and defense attacks. From Season 6 onward, Nya can perform Airjitzu, along with the other Ninja. Nya wields a Katana as her primary weapon and can also do hand-to-hand combat. Finally, Nya's Spinjitzu tornado (without being corrupted by Dark Matter) is now a dark blue/silver tornado, matching her element instead of the original crimson tornado. As of Season 8, Nya uses a Spear as her primary weapon.


While Nya can produce water from moisture in the air, it'll simply evaporate in extremely high temperatures such as the Desert of Doom.

At her current power level, Nya cannot manipulate frozen water, thus leaving her incapable of controlling Ice or snow. Most likely, she may be unable to create Water in extremely cold conditions without it freezing over. Description


Sister of Fire

Weapon of Choice: Double daggers

Elemental color: Red

Strength: Intuition

Make no mistake – this girl is no damsel in distress. She proved that when she and Flame the fire dragon helped rescue Kai from Lord Garmadon. And she's not one to take no for an answer.

Nya is fed up with the Ninja's boys' club syndrome and is determined to show everyone she can do anything they can do – only better. She trains hard to beat her brother's records, and Sensei Wu constantly reminds her that if she is patient, her time will come.

Sons of Garmadon

Kai’s younger sister, Nya, is a strong woman with great confidence and charm. Being the only girl in the group, she has always fought hard to be recognized as one of the ninja, even if that meant assuming a secret identity! As Samurai X, she often saved the day and once unmasked, she became a vital part of the team. She is an inventor and tech wiz. Nya has turned her blacksmith skills to the creation of high-tech vehicles and gadgets, as well as planning many of their most daring missions!

2019 (The Legacy of Nya)

Did you know? Nya is a Water Ninja, like her mother before her. Before she discovered her powers as a ninja, she trained on her own as Samurai X. (And saved the day and got the guys out of trouble more times than she can count.) Nya has always been an inventor and a gifted tech wiz. She uses her blacksmith skills to design and create high-tech vehicles and gadgets for the ninja. She is an expert at planning the most daring and dangerous missions. As Kai’s younger sister, she has learned to keep her cool if the guys get a little too hot-headed. She’s a strong woman, sweet, charming, and always wants what’s best for the team. Favorite NINJAGO® Legacy Weapon in Season 1 & 2 Spears and katana. As the mysterious Samurai X, she favored the katana – a classic, razor-sharp and reliable blade that cuts clean and gets the job done. Quote “All I want is to be able to choose my own destiny.”


Nya - the Elemental Master of Water!

Nya is a strong woman who oozes great confidence and charm. The only girl on the ninja team, she had to fight for recognition at first, and resorted to creating an alternative identity to be seen and appreciated.

As ‘Samurai X’, she often saved the day and once unmasked, she was accepted as a vital member of the team. And with training from Master Wu, she has harnessed her elemental power of water to defeat many dangerous enemies.

Nya and her older brother Kai helped out in the family blacksmith shop when they were growing up and that experience has served her well. An inventive, tech wizard, she has adapted her blacksmith skills to create awesome vehicles and gadgets, as well as planning many of the ninja warriors’ most daring missions.

A central figure in lots of thrilling NINJAGO® TV show episodes, fans love to role-play as this cool character with the Nya minifigures that feature in many LEGO® NINJAGO playsets.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot Episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: The Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

The Dark Island Trilogy

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  • In "Weapons of Destiny," she stated that her favorite color is blue.
  • In "Once Bitten, Twice Shy," she says she is allergic to perfume, however, her dressing table, in fact, has perfume bottles sitting around.
    • This could've been either a mistake in the scene or bottles of hypo-allergenic perfume.
    • Symptoms of her allergy include involuntary blushing; should it enter her bloodstream, she'll go into shock.
  • In Season 6, her lipstick changed to pink, whereas all seasons before had her lipstick in cherry red.
  • Nya's 2011 minifigure has a dual-printed head: a regular side and a side with a red mask over her mouth.
  • One early indicator of Nya's connection to Samurai X is found in the 9566 Samurai X set, with the minifigure having Nya's two minifigure faces. Likewise, an in-show indicator of Nya being Samurai X was her bracelet.
    • In the 2012 description for Nya, she is wearing her Samurai X clothes.
  • Ironically, Jay seemed to hate the Samurai the most, even though he actually has a crush on Nya. He later accepts the truth calmly after he and Nya reveal their feelings for one another and he discovers her identity.
  • She is the only Ninja who can harness her Elemental Power without being dependent on Lloyd. This is due to Lloyd not sharing his Golden Power with her, since Water is a secondary element and she only discovered her power in Season 5. However, as of Season 8, this is no longer the case as the Ninjas' powers are now independent of Lloyd's.
  • Nya and Lloyd were also the only Ninja to be able to control their Element well before unlocking their true potential.
  • Considering the Elements the other Ninja share, Nya and her Element share a very profound effect on them: she tends to quell the fire in Kai's spirit, she has a sparking relationship with Jay, she can erode Cole's hard-headed personality to reveal his soft side, she shares many interests with Zane, and she is powerful like Lloyd.
  • As Samurai X, she has her own theme music.
  • She is the second Ninja to seemingly die, the first being Zane.
    • She is also the second Ninja to be possessed by a spirit, the first being Lloyd.
  • Alongside the Preeminent, Nya has arguably caused more deaths than any character in the entire series, as destroying the Preeminent killed nearly all of the Ghost Warriors and Anacondrai Cultists and started off the destruction of Djinjago, killing all but one of the Djinn as well.
  • Nya is currently the last Ninja to unlock her True Potential and learn Spinjitzu and Airjitzu.
  • After becoming the Water Ninja, it was confirmed she learned Spinjitzu between Skybound and "Day of the Departed," and as of "Day of The Departed," her Spinjitzu has been revealed to be a deep blue tornado.
    • This means that she learned Airjitzu before she learned Spinjitzu, unlike the other five Ninja.
    • However, it is possible that she learned Spinjitzu before Airjitzu because she used it Season 2.
  • At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, it was confirmed Nya's original name was going to be "Aya" and she was going to be the master of air, however, she was later renamed to Nya and became the Master of Water instead.
    • Other names included Nia with an "I" and Aura.[7]
  • She is the first and currently the only female Ninja on the Ninja team.
    • Although Kai invited Skylor to join their team before Nya did, and even though she has ninja-like abilities, she never technically joined the team. Therefore, Nya still remains as the only female Ninja in the team.
  • In Season 8, Nya has a new hairstyle and a mole, similar to that of her Ninjago Movie counterpart.
  • From Season 8 to Season 9, Nya's main color was gun-metal gray. In Season 10 and in the Legacy sets, however, she has switched back to her original maroon, but has gone back to gray for Season 11
  • She didn't think too highly of the royal family and was rather tense around them until Harumi praised her and stated she wanted to be like her. This caused Nya to state she liked the princess.
  • Nya has been captured by nearly all the villainous factions at some point.
  • She is the only official Ninja with a secondary element.
  • After being forced into Nadakhan's mother's wedding dress in episode 63, Nya remarked she hated dresses. This is particularly odd as she has worn them before, including her dress from the first 2 seasons, her casual dress from seasons 3-6, her fancy dress during her and Jay's date, and her Kabuki disguise. She also has a new one (or specifically, a kimono) in the first episode of Season 10.
    • This may have just been an error in the writing.
  • Kelly Metzger, the voice of Nya, referred to Samurai X as "The Robo-Samurai."
  • In "An Unlikely Ally" Nya can't seem to control her powers without a source of water nearby—this is touched upon as the water in the Never-Realm is frozen. It is unclear as to why she needs water, as the other Ninja are simply able to use their powers freely. This makes Nya one of the weakest Elemental Masters.



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