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The Obsidian Weapons are powerful weapons in the world of Ninjago. They consist of the Obsidian Sword, Obsidian Nunchucks, Obsidian Scythe, Obsidian Sai, and Obsidian Glaive.


The Obsidian Weapons appear to be physically identical to the Golden Weapons, although the Shurikens of Ice are replaced by a pair of sai. They are made from a combination of gold and obsidian, with the latter appearing on the blades of the Sword and Sais, the chain of the Nunchucks, and the head of the Scythe.


Shadow of Ronin

After the Ninja lost their memories (and thus, their True Potential), they were told that they needed to obtain the Obsidian Weapons to recover their memories. To do so, they went to the Toxic Bogs, where they fought through Venomari to get a special berry required to make the Tea of Insight, showing each of them the location of their Obsidian Weapon.

The Ninja first proceeded to the Caves of Despair to get Cole's Obsidian Scythe. After escaping, they went to the Fire Temple, where they searched for Kai's Obsidian Sword. Next, they headed to the Frozen Wasteland for Zane's Obsidian Sais. After a brief interruption by the return of the Nindroids in Ninjago City, they go to the Floating Ruins to collect Jay's Obsidian Nunchucks. With their powers and memories restored, they began their quest to stop Ronin.


Video games


  • The weapons are nearly identical to the Golden Weapons, except for having black highlights as the obsidian. They were even obtained in the same places as their Golden Weapon counterparts, albeit in a different order.
  • Zane is the only Ninja whose Obsidian Weapon doesn't match his original Golden Weapon.
  • It's unknown how the Obsidian Weapons were created in the first place.
  • In real life, obsidian is a form of volcanic glass and is the sharpest substance known to humans, having a blade that is down to three nanometers thick, and almost sharp enough to cut the divide between cells while causing minimal cellular inflammation. This sharpness is possibly what makes them so dangerous.
  • In LEGO Ninjago: Tournament, any Ninja will wield their Obsidian Weapon when upgraded to level 5.
  • Something similar to the Obsidian Nunchucks is seen in the 7037 Titan Mech Battle set.
  • Their fate is left ambiguous, as the portal to the Cursed Realm appeared to close before they had fallen into it.
  • Even though the game is non-canon, these weapons may be canon.[1]




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