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(Wu, Zane, and P.I.X.A.L. are walking through the streets.)

Zane: If the records are correct, this is Dyer's childhood home. His parents still live here.

P.I.X.A.L.: Let us hope they will be willing to help us.

Zane: Their son is a dangerous criminal known as Unagami. It is their civic duty to provide whatever assistance they can.

Wu: Yes, but we have to handle it delicately, Zane.

Zane: As you wish.

Mrs. Dyer: Hello. Can I help you?

Wu: Hello. We're looking for your son, Milton Dyer.

Mrs. Dyer: You know my son?

Zane: Not exactly. A video game he created a long time ago is causing problems, and we need to find him.

Mrs. Dyer: Oh of course, this is about those silly little games. Here I was hoping you were his friends.

P.I.X.A.L.: So you don't where he is either?

Mrs. Dyer: He won't talk to us. But maybe something in here can give you a clue to his whereabouts. (She motions for them to enter.) We just wanted the best for him. Focus on school, prepare for a career. We had no idea video games could be a real career. (Zane and P.I.X.A.L. notice a photo of Dyer as a young boy.) And when it all went bad with that final game, we haven't seen Milton since...

Zane: Who is this with him?

Mrs. Dyer: One of his friends. What was his name? I can't remember. If you find my son, you tell him we miss him. (She picks up a toy car.) Tell him to come home.

Wu: Of course.

P.I.X.A.L.: Did he build this?

Mrs. Dyer: Yes. He was always building models to use in his games.

P.I.X.A.L.: Thank you for your time, Mrs. Dyer. (They leave.)

(In Prime Empire, the ninja are in Terra Technica.)

Jay: Guys, welcome to Terra Technica. The second Key-Tana is here, but the only way to win it is to be crowned champion in the Speedway Five-Billion.

Lloyd: What's that?

Jay: Only the most dangerous race in Prime Empire. The track is lethal, the turns are deadly, and the other drivers are wild!

Admin Droid: (To a Whack Rat) Your receipt and directions to the nearest healing zone in the likely event of a fiery crash. Next!

Cole: We're here to sign up for the Speedway Five-Billion.

Kai: Uh, maybe we should start smaller. Do you have a Speedway Five-Hundred?

Admin Droid: No.

Nya: We can't win a Key-Tana that way, Kai. We need to race in the Speedway Five-Billion.

Admin Droid: Wonderful. The entry fee will be deducted from your account.

Lloyd: How much is it?

Admin Droid: Two hundred credits each. You must register as a team of five, which means you need a total of one thousand credits.

Lloyd: One thousand? Wow. Okay, let's pool our money. I've got, uh, one sixty.

Nya: I've got one ninety-eight.

Cole: One fifty-three.

Jay: A hundred and sixty.

Kai: Twelve?

Jay: Twelve? How do you only have twelve?

Cole: What did you spend your credits on?

Kai: This sick new Avatar? (He changes into his Avatar.) Eh? Eh? What do you think?

Jay: That looks AWESOME! Can I have one?

Nya: No, Jay! Look, guys, we're three hundred and seventeen credits short now. We gotta find a way to come up with that money before - oh no. (She sees Red Visors heading towards them.) We can't afford to upgrade weapons. We need every credit we've got!

Jay: Sorry, guys. Gotta upgrade.

Male automated voice: Upgrade for one hundred credits.

Jay: Better to be poor and alive! (He upgrades his weapon and finishes off the Red Visors.)

Lloyd: Great. Now we need four hundred and seventeen credits. Where are we supposed to get that kind of money?

Kai: Way to go, Jay!

Jay: Hey! You're the one with the fancy new avatar!

Lloyd: There's gotta be a way!

Dance-Bot Announcer: Enter the Terra Technica dance-off! One night only. Winners receive admiration, acclaim, and five hundred credits.

Jay: Maybe we can do some quests or something, earn some extra credits. Hey, here's one where we can fight some ogre. That could be fun.

Cole: Yeah, but it's only twenty credits.

Lloyd: And a good chance of getting crushed. No thanks.

Kai: Well, what else can we do?

Dance-Bot Announcer: Competitive dancing! It's fun, and you can't get hurt! Sure beats fighting endless ogres for credits!

Lloyd: Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?

(Nya and Jay enter the competition, and they stand onstage with four other pairs.)

Cole: Oh, this is gonna be a disaster! Jay couldn't dance his way out of a paper bag!

Kai: Ugh, I can't watch. Tell me what happens.

Dance-Bot Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, and creatures of all kinds, welcome to Terra Technica's dance-off! Five teams competing for admiration, acclaim, and five hundred credits! Let the dance-off begin! (They begin dancing.) Good! Okay! Nice one! Great!

Cole: What the nin-blooey?

Kai: What? What's happening? Is it over?

Lloyd: Since when can Jay dance?

Dance-Bot Announcer: Great! Okay! Good! Nice one! Good! Perfect!

Jay: Wow. They're really good! Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

Nya: They're got sequins and poise. But we've got something they don't.

Jay: Uh, Superstar Rockin' Jay?

Nya: Chemistry. Now dance!

Dance-Bot Announcer: Perfect! Nice one!

Female Dancer: (She grabs Jay.) Get near my line, and you lose a toe.

Jay: Uh ... heh.

Dance-Bot Announcer: Great! Perfect combo!

Lloyd: They must have been taking dancing lessons together in secret.

Kai: If I had to take dancing lessons, I'd keep it a secret too. But I gotta say, they look good out there.

Cole: They look great! Keep those shoulders back! Find your center!

Dance-Bot Announcer: And now, the tango! Good! (A pair of dancers spin, but one falls over. They are eliminated.) Oh no!

Cole: Lead with your hips! (He grabs Kai and dances.) And one, and two, one and two.

Dance-Bot Announcer: Good! (Another dancer falls over, and she and her partner are eliminated, too.) Uh oh! Whoops-a-daisy! Great! (A pair of blue-haired dancers push their competition, making them fall and get eliminated.) Ouch, that's gonna sting! Good! Okay! Crazy combo! Great! Okay! (The female blue-haired dancer kicks Nya.)

Nya: Ow!

Dance-Bot Announcer: C-C-C-C-Combo breaker! Good!

Nya: They're cheating their way to victory!

Lloyd: Uh oh. Red Visors are here.

Kai: And they're too late to enter the competition, so I'm thinking they're here for us.

Cole: Nya and Jay have three minutes left. We've got to keep those Red Visors from ruining the competition! (He, Kai, and Lloyd fight off the Red Visors. Onstage, Nya and Jay see them too.)

Jay: This would be a great time to do the running man!

Dance-Bot Announcer: Okay. Nice one! Combo bonus! Great! There seems to be an added level of difficulty in our final challenge. You're on fire! Nice one. Crazy combo!

Cole: It's time. Triple Tiger Sashay! (He performs the move, defeating several Red Visors.) Nobody puts Cole in a corner.

Dance-Bot Announcer: We're down to the home stretch. Thirty seconds on the clock! Now's the time to prove yourselves, folks! Let's see what you've got!

Jay: We've got to do something big!

(Nya leaps back and kicks some Red Visors.)

Dance-Bot Announcer: Great!

Nya: Catch me!

Jay: Wait! No, we've never done that move!

Nya: I trust you!

Dance-Bot Announcer: Perfect! Insane combo!

Jay: I love you!

Dance-Bot Announcer: Perfect score! (The timer reaches zero and a buzzer goes off.) We have our champions! Earning admiration, acclaim, and of course, five hundred credits!

(Later, the ninja return to the Admin Droid, who is watching a video.)

Nya: We're back, mister! With just enough for the entry fee.

Admin Droid: Congratulations. You're in the race. What is your team name?

Jay: Oh, oh! I know! I've got the perfect name! "The Fast Chickens"!

Nya: (sighs) Jay.

Jay: What? Chickens are fast and dangerous!

Admin Droid: Fine. Fast Chickens. Have your vehicles at the starting line at dawn.

Lloyd: You mean, vehicles aren't included?

Admin Droid: Included? Ha. Ha. Ha. What kind of a race do you think this is? You bring your own vehicles. (He resumes watching his video.)

Jay: This isn't over yet! Come on!

Nya: Where are we going?

Jay: I know a place we might be able to get some wheels. (They leave, just as Red Visors arrive.)

Red Visor: Sir, we just missed them. They have entered the race.

Unagami: If they're after vehicles, there's only one person who can help them. Find the one called Scott.

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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