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The opening sequence, also referred to as the intro, is the sequence that plays at the beginning of most episodes of Ninjago.

Pilot episodes

One of the simplest intros, the pilot episodes' opening sequence consists of one shot of the generic ninja face (representing Kai in this case) as part of the red background behind Ignacia. The face winks before Wu's Creation Spinjitzu spins across the screen, creating the title card of the episode.

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

The Previously on Ninjago shot is the Green Ninja, though the eyes/eyebrows are Kai's without his eyebrow notch. The song is The Weekend Whip (Chris Lord-Alge mix).

At the beginning, a fire appears, which when it disappears, reveals Kai on a dark red background with the Sword of Fire in his hand, while two fires burn next to it. Then he creates Spinjitzu and he shows up without a mask with his name next to him. Then a blue background appears, where Jay jumps and extinguishes Kai's fires with Nunchucks of Lightning in hand. He makes Spinjitzu and shows his name as well as Kai before and everyone after. On a white background, Zane then makes a slide with the Shurikens of Ice. Against a dark gray background, Cole then strikes the Scythe of Quakes and makes a hole in the ground. Then it shows Wu turning while his name is in front of him on a white background. Then Nya appears on a blue background next to her name.

Starting with "Tick Tock," the ninja's original suits are replaced with their ZX designs, as they receive new suits in the prior episode.

The title card consisted of a black silhouette of Ignacia on a green background with the words Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and the title of the episode.


  • Zane's shot would later appear in-universe as a photo at his memorial in "The Titanium Ninja."

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

The Previously on Ninjago shot is the same as in Season 1.

This intro is very similar to the previous one, with the main difference being Lloyd's addition. As a child, he tries to use Spinjitzu on a green background, but falls to the ground before his name is shown. As a teenager, he creates all the Elements of Creation around him and does Spinjitzu when his name appears. Up until "Child's Play," Lloyd had a brief one-shot appearance like Wu and Nya. Once he was aged up, he had a longer sequence similar to the other four ninja's. Because of Lloyd's addition, The Weekend Whip was slightly slowed.

The title card was the same as in Season 1.


Season 3: Rebooted

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Zane. The song is The Weekend Whip (Michael AM 2014 Remix).

At the beginning, a blue radar appears on which the four original ninja walk towards each other in the middle. When they get there, the inscription NINJAGO appears in front of the radar, which the ninja then skip. They drag long graphs of their colors as they run across the dark blue background with the numbers moving vertically down. The scene then rotates to show the ninja running up until they change into their names at the ends of the graphs. The names move down where they stay, and the Overlord's eyes appear on a dark green background, along with a crowd of Nindroids walking under his eyes. Lloyd runs up to them in front of them, pulling a graph of teal color behind him and starts fighting the nindroids. Then the scene stops, zooms in and shows his name. The scene is covered by a straw hat, which reveals Sensei Wu. Then he disappears and his name appears. Subsequently, Garmadon appears showing off the moves, when he suddenly turns into pixels and his name appears. Then Nya appears sitting at a desk with a computer, along with her red name in the background. She stretches her hand up and will show all the ninja graphs that are moving up. When they break, the ninja in their Techno outfits (save for "The Surge," where they appear in their Kimono outfits), Nya, and their masters fly out of them and remain standing in the air. Then they disappear and the title card appears.

The title card consists of a black and red silhouette of Ninjago City with the Borg Tower in the middle and a light blue background.

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Kai. The song is The Weekend Whip (The Anacondrai Remix).

At the beginning, a fire appears, which reveals Kai with another Fire in his hands as he stands on a rock against a red background. The scene then zooms out, revealing that he is standing on his large stone name with vines, right on the letter 'K'. The scene moves to Cole's stone name captured by the vines. Cole then jumps to the name and stands in the middle of the letter 'O', where his hand glows green and black, using the Earth. Through the letter 'O', the scene moves to Jay, who first jumps to the letter 'J' and then jumps down between 'A' and 'Y' and creates Lightning. Subsequently, a side shot of Lloyd's name is shown along with his exploration of the environment. Then he creates a ball of Energy and throws it into the screen. The scene turns several times and shows Zane's name when a dagger lands on it, which adds paper with Zane's picture to the stone seen in "The Invitation." A spark will appear and then Nya, who has a welding helmet on and uses a welder to attach metal to her stone name. Then the scene moves to Wu and Garmadon, who perform the same movements. The image zoomed out, showing their names, Garmadon horizontally and Wu much larger vertically above and below the letters 'GAR'. Then a group shot is shown, where everyone creates Spinjitzu and throws a picture with Zane. Then they cover the screen and the title card appears.

The title card consisted of a dark red jungle silhouette from Chen's Island with a red background and an unknown stone symbol.


  • Nya does Spinjitzu at the end of the intro, just like the others. However, it is not canon, as she is confirmed to have later learned it between Skybound and Day of the Departed.[2]
  • Despite the fact that Garmadon still had Destruction, his Spinjitzu color in this intro was erroneously different being a dull silver color instead of dark purple.[3]
  • As of late 2017, this was Tommy Andreasen's favorite intro because of its music.[4]

Season 5: Possession

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Lloyd. The song is "The Ghost Whip."

At first, a few green Skreemers circle on a black screen until a graveyard with green mist appears near the Temple of Airjitzu and is noticed by Kai with a fire in his hand and frightened. When he defends himself against Skreemers, the shot stops and for a moment it shows him in a cartoon's appearance along with his name, which is is simalar to the Rift of Return from Day of the Departed, as is the case with everyone else. Then he shots a fire in front of him. When he disappears, Nya appears there, frightened with a flashlight, exploring the area. Skreemer steals the flashlight and then throws it back. Then she lights a flashlight and her name appears. The scene moves to Jay, who is trying to create lightning, but when he is attacked by Skreemers, he stops and gets scared while his name appears. The scene moves to Master Wu, who is holding a lantern. The Skreemers fly past him and he looks at them as his name appears. This is followed by a shot of Zane, through whom body Skreemer flies. Zane then settles down and his name appears. Skreemers again fly on Cole, who tries to defend them while his name is shown. The scene moves to Lloyd, who fears Skreemer until his name is revealed. Then he grabs his head. Then a group shot of everyone next to each other appears, with a confused Lloyd in the middle. He then remembers and puts on a mask. This is followed by a shot of his eyes with a strange green light. The following is a shot of the graveyard with Creation Spinjitzu, which will show the title card.

The title card consisted of a black silhouette of a graveyard, haunted trees, and the Temple of Airjitzu with a green mist.


  • This is the only intro to use a part of "The Weekend Whip" besides the chorus.
  • Wu wears his classic kimono in this intro, although he didn't wear it directly during the season, except for the brief animation errors in "Ghost Story" and "Grave Danger."
  • Cole has shoulder pads despite never wearing them outside of animation errors, as he became a ghost in "The Temple on Haunted Hill" before the shoulder pads were added to the ninja's suits this season.

Season 6: Skybound

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Jay. The song is "The Pirate Whip."

At the beginning, an orange mist appears, revealing a cloudy sky. Wu's hot air balloon, in which he sits with Misako, arrives first. Then the scene stops and their names appear in gold. In the background, Kai is visible doing Airjitzu. The scene moves to him, and when he stops his Airjitzu and kicks his feet forward, the scene stops and shows his name. The clouds gradually darken and Zane appears on an ice slide along with the ghost Cole, who then does Airjitzu. He will then stop and their names will appear. The scene continues deeper into the clouds and shows Lloyd flying on his Energy Dragon. When he creates a ball of Energy with his hands, his name will appear. Even deeper in the clouds, Jay flies on his Elemental Lightning Dragon with Nya, who flies with the water she has on her hands and drives with it like with jets. Then their names will appear. Nadakhan then appears on almost completely dark clouds with orange lightning and then he disappears. Another, brighter cloud pops up and the title card appears.

The title card consisted of storm clouds and the sun rising from behind them. The text was gold and three-dimensional.


  • Wu's hot air balloon was never seen in the show, but it appeared in 70604 Tiger Widow Island.
  • The sky becomes darker as the intro progresses.
  • The order of characters is identical to the order of their capture and entrapment in the Djinn Blade through the season.
  • This is the first and only pre-movie intro not to feature a group shot of the ninja at the end.

Day of the Departed

At the beginning, a shot of a scroll with a glowing Rift of Return covering the moon appears. It then turns into real sun in the Sea of Sand, which the ninja gradually pass through on the divided Ultra Stealth Raider. They talk while their names are gradually shown in green in each case. Wu also appears on the screen in Ultra Stealth Raider with his name. A short scene follows, after which the ninja combine their vehicles into one to get to the museum behind Wu in time. When they do, a title card appears behind their vehicle. Instrumental versions of "We Are Ninjago" and "The Rift Whip" are played throughout the scene.

The title card consists of rocks in the desert and a white sign.


  • Unlike other intros, this intro is rather a short scene that is related to the plot of the special. This is probably due to the fact that there is no time for a full-fledged intro in the 45-minute special.

Season 7: The Hands of Time

In the Previously on Ninjago shot a ticking orange transparent clock appears on a clock tower, which then moves away to show Kai and Nya. The song is "The Temporal Whip."

At the beginning, Zane's foot appears, from which the scene then moves forward, where the ninja and Wu are visible. They are located inside the clock tower with orange mist, sparks and gears flying in the air. The whole intro is stopped in time, so nothing but the scene moves. First, a shot of Master Wu appears along with his name, then a shot of Cole and a group shot, followed by a chopped shot and Cole's name. This is followed by a shot of Lloyd, Jay, and Zane with their names, and then a shot of Kai and Nya with their names attacking the Time Twins with their elements or weapons. The group shot follows as everyone attacks the turned Time Twins with Time Blades in their hands. Then the scene shifts and goes through the clock and shows the title card.

The title card consisted of a large black clock on a clock tower with transparent orange glass, behind which were visible gears.


  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the building seen in the beginning of the intro is not Darkley's but it's a clock tower and a cool image.[5]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it was never planned that the battle between the ninja and the Time Twins seen in the intro would ever occur during the season.[6]
  • This is the first season where the Previously on Ninjago sequence has two characters in it.

Wu's Teas

At the beginning, the white inscription NINJAGO appears on a black background. This is followed by a shot of the Steeper Wisdom, in front of which Wu is holding a sign and Nya offers tea to a passing man. A cut follows, and Jay, Cole, Kai, and Zane help them, with Jay holding a teapot over his head, Zane standing with a tea bag on the roof, Cole inside a large teapot, and Kai holding a sign while Wu is in hands holding a small gift box. There are also more people walking down the street. Another cut follows, where only one person, the Motorcycle Mechanic, walks down the street, trying not to look at the ninja. Lloyd does a headstand and leans on his hands while Jay and Cole are holding hands, while Kai, Nya Zane is standing on their hands, holding the same objects as before. Wu is also standing close to them, balancing while standing on his staff and holding a number of tea bags. Then the Robot Manager appears in front of them with a coffee sign in his hands. This is followed by a shot of her coffee shop opposite with a number of people running to her and taking pictures with her. The ninja then fall, followed by a shot of a tea bag on the ground as the episode begins.


  • As with Day of the Departed, there is an intro fence episode as it only has 22 minutes together.
  • Lloyd does a handstand and balances the ninja on his feet, which is very similar to the beginning of "Ninjaball Run" where he did this as part of his training.

Ninjago: Decoded

The intro for Decoded combined all the previous main season intros, using The Weekend Whip (Michael AM 2014 Remix) as the song.

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Lloyd. In the last episode, Lloyd appears from a slightly greater distance and has more concerned look on his face. In this season the intro was reresigned.

The intro now lacks showing the ninja or Wu with their names. Initially, Destiny's Bounty appears in the Ninjago City Harbor at night. There are all the ninja on the ship. The scene then moves across the deck of the ship and many other ships in the harbor to the slums of Ninjago City, where the ninja are running. The scene moves very quickly further down the river showing Samurai X Mech on the bridge. The scene then moves up and shows a shot of the city from above, while the credits are shown. This is followed by a shot of the highway, where several Sons of Garmadon are driving their bikes. Another shot shows an unknown biker in an opaque helmet. Then a shot of the city with Lloyd standing on a crane appears. The screen then turns red and Garmadon's silhouette appears in the sky as he laughs devilishly.

The title of the episode, along with the credits, the title of the season, and Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu appeared above the crossed-out silhouette of the city on a red background.


  • This season, the Sons of Garmadon theme is used instead of The Weekend Whip, because "a positive poppy song" would not fit the dark tone of the season, especially "Dead Man's Squall" when Zane was seemingly killed by Mr. E.,[7] when the song of Zane's death (Built to Protect) was used. In some episodes, a short scene also appears before the intro begins.
  • This is the first opening sequence to have two different Previously on Ninjago sequences.

Season 9: Hunted

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Garmadon. The title card consisted of a black silhouette of the Dead's End on an orange background and a large black strip across.

The sequence starts off with the stranded ninja running away from the Dragon Hunters, and the shot pans into dragons, transitioning into Ninjago City, overtaken by the Sons of Garmadon. First the Colossus is seen, then Lloyd and Nya hiding, then Chopper Maroon and Mohawk, then Ultra Violet (with the Oni Mask of Vengeance), Harumi and Killow (with the Oni Mask of Deception). Harumi takes off the Oni Mask of Hatred, transitioning into some chains. The marooned ninja are holding their weapons and running forward while Nya and Lloyd are running away. They both stop as a massive Garmadon comes into the shot, transitioning into the title card.


  • There is no specific reason for why Ultra Violet wears the Oni Mask of Vengeance in this intro.[8]
  • This is the first and only opening sequence where the Previously on Ninjago shot has a non-ninja character in it (Garmadon).


  • During the first part of the sequence, only Zane is wearing his Hunted outfit. The rest of the ninja are wearing their Resistance outfits.
  • Ultra Violet is wearing the Oni Mask of Vengeance yet doesn't have the effects of wearing it.

Season 10: March of the Oni

The Previously on Ninjago shot is Cole.

At the beginning, a painted Nya appears on a dark red and black background, which then moves forward and reveals Garmadon with Samukai, Skulkin and the Tornado of Creation. This scene represents the pilot episodes. Then the scene changes, but Garmadon still remains with four hands and the Golden Weapons in his hands. Next to him is the Great Devourer and the ninja are visible in the distance. This scene represents Season 1. The scene shifts again, revealing the head of the Overlord Dragon with Golden Lloyd and his Golden Dragon in his mouth. Next to it is also the Temple of Light and on the other side is Stone Army and Garmadon with the Mega Weapon. This scene represents Season 2. The scene slides over the Overlord's mouth and shows Zane fighting the Golden Master near the Borg Tower. The Techno Blades and P.I.X.A.L. are also visible. This scene represents Season 3. The scene shifts through the white light and reveals Sensei Garmadon and behind him Anacondrai Chen with his army of Anacondrai Cultists. The portal to the Cursed Realm then draws Chen with his army and shows the discharged Anacondrai generals. This scene represents Season 4. Then Lloyd appears, possessed by Morro, sitting on his throne. Stiix, Nya and Ronin are visible in the background. The scene shifts and shows the Preeminent and the Ghost Warriors. This scene represents Season 5. Subsequently, the Temple of Light appears with Misako and the Golden Mech, inside of which is Wu. Behind the temple is also Clouse and his army. This scene represents the Dark Island Trilogy novels. The scene the shifts to show Jay and Nya holding hands along with Nadakhan holding the Djinn Blade and Realm Crystal. Misfortune's Keep is also seen in the background. This scene represents Season 6. Then, the Time Twins among the Iron Doom appear along with Kai and Nya using their elemental powers. This scene represents Season 7. Then the scene shifts and reveals Lloyd and Harumi with the Oni Mask of Hatred in hand in the ruined Ninjago City, behind which Garmadon stands. This scene represents Season 8. Firstbourne and Iron Baron appear below her. Lloyd and Wu stand next to them on both sides, opposite Harumi and Garmadon. This scene represents Season 9. Then the scene moves and shows the title card.

The title card consisted of the Monastery of Spinjitzu on a red background and The Omega on a dark pink background. The card has been crossed out again.


  • The whole look of the intro is based on the Ninjago history mural and most of the pictures are very similar.
  • Towards the end of the intro, Harumi says "Lloyd!" It is unknown what the reason is.
  • This is the first and only opening sequence that has Cole in the Previously on Ninjago shot.


  • In Season 2 shot, Garmadon has his two-armed appearance from the pilot episodes, although he had four arms and a different helmet in this season.
  • In Season 4 shot, Garmadon holds a bo staff that looks the same as in the sets, although his sensei form used only bamboo staff in Season 3. However, he used this staff in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy."
  • The Dark Island Trilogy appears before Season 6, although in fact they took place in reverse order.
  • In Season 8 shot, Lloyd wears his Hunted gi, while in Season 9 shot, he has his Resistance robe. Although he did wear the latter within the season finale, it wasn't as prominent.
  • Firstbourne has a completely different look than she does in the show.

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Introduction Previously on Ninjago has now been added directly to the intro, which consists of several short clips from previous consecutive episodes. In the background is red for the Fire Chapter and blue for the Ice Chapter. Ninja weapons from this season are also visible in the background. Other clips may also be visible in the background.

A remix of The Weekend Whip composed by The Fold, specifically The Wicked Whip, also returned to the intro after its absence in seasons 8, 9 and 10.

The design of the title card has also changed, which now consists only of the title of the episode next to a certain shadowy image that is supposed to capture the episode. The title of the episode is written in Kunoichi font, as in previous seasons.


  • Since Season 11, the style of the intro has been drastically changed as the length of the episodes has been reduced to ten minutes, so the intro had to be shortened as well.[9]

Season 12: Prime Empire

Although the basic structure of the intro in Season 12 is the same as in the previous season, a more specific design has been added. The song is now "The Arcadian Whip."

The whole intro uses a red filter. At the beginning, the Prime Empire motherboard appears, which activates and passes through a wave of energy to a nearby arcade cabinet, followed by others. All cabinets contain short clips from previous episodes. At the end, several cabinets with Unagami's symbol appears, and the one in the middle opens and shows the title card.

Press Start 2P font is used and the more pixelated image is less similar to the show animation.

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

The intro has the same structure as all seasons animated by WildBrain but uses the animation from the show a bit more. The song is "The Shintaro Dungeon Whip."

At the beginning, a large stone door with a Shintaro Mountain lava outline opens, followed by a rail truck launch, with a clip from the previous episodes appearing on the stone wall with the Dire Bats, then another clip appearing in green crystal and then blue, followed by a clip on gold shield of the skeleton hanging on the wall of the tunnel with the Giant spiders. Subsequently, a stone wall appears, which has cracks through which to see lava.

It then falls apart and shows a stone wall with an orange light with a shadow image. Kunoichi is used again.

The Island

This intro has a similar structure to the previous ones, but uses more cartoon animation in the first half. A new arrangement of the Ninjago Overture is used instead of a Weekend Whip remix.

At the beginning, the coast of the Island of the Keepers appears with visible jungle, beach and rocky outcrops in the water. Seagulls and a ninja's catamaran are also visible. The water is clear blue near the shore, but the further it gets, the darker it is. A clip from previous episodes appears in the darkest part. Subsequently, the closed eye of a Stone Golem appears, covered with leaves, which, however, turns into another clip when opened. Subsequently, a waterfall with rocks and palm trees appears, together with Twitchy Tim standing on a large rock and watching another clip in the water of the waterfall. Subsequently, the yellow eyes of the Stone Golem appear in the multicolored leaves. When lightning strikes, another clip appears in the sky and the island itself with a catamaran on the coast.

After a lightning strike, the title card appears with a blue sand beach, a piece of sea and several rocks. The image is slightly darker blue and appears to be engraved in the sand. The title of the episode looks like it is made up of blue woods arranged in the shape of letters in a style similar to the inscription HELP in "Uncharted." Passero One font is used.

Season 14: Seabound

This intro has a similar structure to the previous ones but a more cartoonic look is used in the whole intro. A new arrangement of the Ninjago Overture is used instead of a Weekend Whip remix as with The Island.

At the beginning, a shot appears from the bottom of the sea upwards, where fish swim in a circle. Clips from previous episodes appear in the middle. This is followed by a cut to the seabed full of blue stones with corals and other colorful sea animals and plants. From above, several rays of light penetrate to the bottom, in which a few fish swim. A clip appears at the bottom. The scene gradually scrolls down until it is covered by bubbles. When they disappear, the graveyard of ships appears, where there is almost no light and shipwrecks are visible. Another clip appears in the middle. The scene moves down again showing a large steamer and is again covered with bubbles. The following image shows a number of sharp black rocks in th Tartarus Trench. In the middle is another clip, through which two pink eels swim. A green mist approaches the sides, covering the screen and revealing the inscription Ninjago on the full bottom of the ocean. The inscription is made of water that glows. When the inscription explodes and crumbles to water, a title card appears.

The title card consists of the ocean, where blue water is visible at the top, but only black at the bottom. The font used for the episode title is much more angular and simpler than usual, and is pale blue. The silhouette describing the episode is the same color.


  • The Titanic is referenced in this intro, with it appearing as a shipwreck in the graveyard of ships.
  • The bubble transitions are similar to those used in the TV series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Season 15: Crystalized


  • When asked how the intro for Season 15 was created, Tommy Andreasen replied: "It's a cgi camera track through a cgi 3d environment and the footage is then 'projected' on the crystals. I don't make it, I just come up with a concept and then the geniuses at WB make it work. The intro from the movie 'Uncut Gems' was used as a concept reference."[10]


  • Since Season 4, the intro does not appear in the first episode of the season and only the title card of the episode appears directly in the episode without the title card background. However, from Season 7 to Season 9, the background is also present, although the intro is absent. Since Season 11, the background is again missing and only the title card of the episode appears in a certain scene. In each season since Season 4, an opening scene also appears before the title card. Season 10 is currently the only season where the intro is also in the first episode, probably because it does not reveal the story of the season like the other intros.
    • This was broken in Season 3, where it was already clear in the intro of the first episode that the Overlord will be the main villain and that he will have an army of nindroids.
    • Season 8 has the longest opening scene in the first episode, as the title card does not appear until the 6th minute.
      • In seasons 4 and 6 the title card appears around 40 seconds, in seasons 5, 7, 9 and The Island around one and a half minutes, in seasons 11 and 13 around two minutes, in Season 12 and Season 14 around 5 minutes and in Season 15 around three minutes.
        • Season 1 also contained a short introductory speech by Wu before the intro, which lasted about 10 seconds.
        • Season 15 is currently the only one where the title of the episode does not appear immediately after the title "Ninjago" disappears, but only a few shots later.
        • Season 15 is also the only WildBrain season in which the ninja do not appear at all in the opening scene.
  • Seasons 8 and 9 are the only seasons where credits also appear during the opening scene.
    • These are also the only seasons in which the opening scene before the intro appears in more episodes than just the opening one. This is most likely due to the cinematic atmosphere of the seasons.
  • Each Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu intro lasts on average about 20 seconds and Previously on Ninjago lasted 15 seconds while each Ninjago intro lasts on average about 15 seconds.
  • "The Calm Before the Storm" is the only episode that is not the first episode of the season and has no intro. This is probably because it is the first episode of "The Flood" special.[11]




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