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The original Prime Empire cabinet is somewhere in this building. And we'll search every floor until we find it.

The original Prime Empire arcade cabinet is a gateway to Prime Empire and Terra Technica.


The Prodigal Father (flashback)

The original cabinet goes through a beta testing with Scott being the first gammer to try the game. When Milton Dyer temporary left the room, Scott finished the game and entered the game. Milton Dyer returned and realized the grave mistake he made.

Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look

A recording part of Gayle Gossip's report showed the original arcade cabinet being stored by officials.

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

When the ninja are searching The Mechanic's headquarters, Jay comes across an arcade cabinet titled Prime Empire. He tries to play the game but realizes he needs the motherboard to operate the game. Jay inserts the motherboard inside the arcade cabinet which causes a shock wave that is felt across Ninjago City.

Jay plays the legendary game before reaching level 13 and the arcade cabinet opening up a portal. He enters as well as hundreds of other gamers.

Level Thirteen

Cyrus Borg does an analysis of the original arcade cabinet and realizes that there are over eight-hundred gamers trapped inside Prime Empire. Cole then plays the game in order to enter the virtual world. When he completes it, he, Lloyd, Nya, and Kai enter Prime Empire.




Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire


  • There are several differences between the show version and the set version:
    • In the sets, the cabinet is a bit larger, so a normally large minifigure can't stand in front of the buttons.
    • In the sets, the inscription Prime Empire is below the screen while in the show it is above it.
    • At the top of the cabinet has Unagami's insignia in the show, while in the sets it is missing.
    • While the front of the cabinet opens in the show, the rear of the cabinet opens in the sets.
    • Storage space for minifigure and transparent screen in the show is missing.
    • The side protrusions on the cabinet are slightly larger in the show and are all yellow.


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