She was a bit hard to swallow, am I right?”
Chen, "Spy for a Spy"

Poison (also known as Toxic or Venom) is a secondary element in Ninjago. It is generally associated with the colors bright green or teal and corresponds with the Elemental Poison Dragon. The latest user known is Tox, as seen in the Tournament of Elements.

Users' Abilities

  • Toxikinesis - It allows the user to manipulate and generate poison. Usually, it is used to create a poisonous cloud or gas.
    • Toxic/Poison/Venom Immunity - The user, if concentrating, is unable to be harmed by any kind of poison/toxin and acid/venom.



The symbol of Poison on Tox

Poison's symbol (only seen on Tox) is an upside down biohazard sign with four daggers protruding from it diagonally. This represents the skull and crossbones, symbolizing death.

Notable Users

  • First Elemental Master of Poison
    • Over a hundred generations
      • Past Elemental Master of Poison



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