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“I'm a law officer. It's my job to protect the people and property of this city.”
— The Police Commissioner to the Merlopians, "Nyad"

The Police Commissioner is the current head of the police department in Ninjago City.

In an alternate timeline, Nadakhan framed the ninja for a crime spree and the Commissioner led an effort to arrest them, though later allied with the ninja to help defeat the Sky Pirates.

He later helped them against the Sons of Garmadon. He soon found himself being stripped of his rank by the Sons of Garmadon, then arrested by them and imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison. Upon hearing the ninja's return, he joins the other prisoners in breaking out and defeating Colossus, thus becoming Commissioner again.

Later he fought against the other invaders who attacked the city, such as the Oni, the Pyro Vipers, the henchmen and the Merlopians.


When he was in his heyday, he won three straight championships and became a blue ribbon swimmer.[1] When he was older, he became the Police Commissioner for the Ninjago City Police.



He is first shown on the TV of the pub in Stiix, reporting the framed crimes of the ninja. An officer soon reports to him that they were unable to find the ninja after they flee Stiix.

Public Enemy Number One

He is shown answering the interviewers' questions and he asks Ronin to catch the ninja before discovering Misako, who was arrested earlier on, had disappeared from the interrogation room she was locked in, unaware that she was captured by Nadakhan and his eyes start twitching, making his deputies think he is blind. When Tommy discovers a status update from Kai, he tries to catch them, however, he is sent "on a wild rat chase" where he is tricked into following a device worn by a rat. His eye twitches again causing his deputies to think he is blind, but he yells that he isn't. He later gives Ronin his reward after capturing the ninja.

Misfortune Rising

Upon hearing the ninja's escape from Kryptarium Prison, the Police Commissioner was furious and demand all sources devoted to their recapture. However, he paused the search after one of the officers (who was none other than Nya in disguise) suggested they break for lunch.

Later in the day when Misfortune's Keep attacked Ninjago City, the Police Commissioner established a blockade and ordered them to surrender, thought the pirates did not yield. When the ninja suddenly appeared, the Commissioner angrily demanded why Simon and Tommy didn't arrest them, and took off to do it himself. He eventually confronted Lloyd in an alleyway, but reluctantly let him go after realizing they were only trying to help.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

The Commissioner, his deputies, and Ronin pick up Lloyd, Cole, and Nya from Tiger Widow Island after finding out they took Cliff Gordon's boat and told them they had been cleared of their crimes.


The Commissioner told Dareth that the ninja have his men at their disposal, but the Brown Ninja sends them away! but they stick around to help construct a Raid Zeppelin. He and his forces later help Jay and Nya when they reach Ninjago.

The Last Resort

The Commissioner and his men try to hold Nadakhan off while Jay and Nya flee through a secret hatch. When Nadakhan caught up to them, the Commissioner ate their map to prevent him from finding them before he and his deputies were taken by him. When both Tommy and Simon were to walk the plank, Nadakhan learned of the Tiger Widow Venom from Tommy, making the Commissioner hate Tommy more before they abandon ship, near a shark, causing him to twitch his eye again.

Operation Land Ho!

As Jay was bringing together a team to stop Nadakhan, the Commissioner was in the process of arresting Ronin when he beckoned them to come. During the chase of Squiffy and Bucko, the Commissioner was able to arrest Squiffy when Soto threw him off his vehicle and watched as the piece of Ninjago the others got on started to rise up into the sky.

Prior to Sons of Garmadon

Learning of a criminal group that was recruiting new members, the Commissioner made a deal with Ronin to help clear Ronin's name if he would teach a "School for Crooks" to allow former criminals a second chance at life and to help stifle the new gang's numbers. The Commissioner later contacted Zane about the criminal group.[2]

Sons of Garmadon

Dread on Arrival

The Commissioner was busy, painting a model boat when the ninja and P.I.X.A.L. barge in, demanding his assistance in rescuing Lloyd and stopping Harumi and the Sons of Garmadon's plans. Shocked at first, the Commissioner agrees and calls the mayor for authorization. Later, he was in the back seat of a squad car with Simon and Tommy as they came up to the Temple of Resurrection and saw the members waiting for them. As the Commissioner read out their charges, Killow, with the Oni Mask of Deception, took his bullhorn before he tells the officers to "light them up." They first mistake it for torches and since they have no guns, they resort to tasers instead, while informing Kai that he will do his best to distract the members.

After the ninja stop the ceremony, the Police Commissioner, as well as all his forces, soon arrive to arrest the defeated Sons of Garmadon, including Harumi.

True Potential

He and Simon observe a silent Harumi in an interrogation room, where they soon heard a crash and to their shock, it was Garmadon who is attacking his officers before he too is injured. Later, he tells the ninja about the attack and believes there is no more good in Garmadon as well when he tried to reason with him.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

The Commissioner and his officers attempted to stop the Colossus, but when they were nearly stomped on by it, Harumi demands them to kneel before Garmadon, which they reluctantly do so.



The Commissioner is seen as a target on Ultra Hunt his connection with hiding Lloyd and his allies. Afterward, his capture is announced by Ultra Violet

Two Lies, One Truth

The Commissioner paces around his cell in Kryptarium Prison, as Ronin whistles in a nearby cell.

Green Destiny

The Commissioner was among the other prisoners at Kryptarium to break out, upon hearing of the four ninja's return.

He was later among the members of the Resistance and the public as they help the ninja take Colossus down until Garmadon lost his power. As he personally watched over the Sons of Garmadon being escorted into a police van, teasing them on the status of Kryptarium as revenge for locking him away. He soon sees the reunited ninja as they crowd around Lloyd, who's power has returned, and silently thanked them as Garmadon was put in the van.

Several days later, when Wu made a ruse for the ninja to attend a celebration, the Commissioner told Lloyd and the ninja that although he thanked them, the public wanted to as well.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

The Commissioner waits for Cole, Zane, and P.I.X.A.L., who arrive late for a ceremony, presenting them with the new Destiny's Bounty.

He was later painting a model boat before Jimmy barged in, telling him about the phones ringing off the hook, later learning it is an Oni in dark mist before he and the officers find themselves surrounded by it. Luckily, the ninja arrive and get them onto the Bounty. After the ninja got as many people as they could rescue, the Commissioner is seen talking to Zane about their situation.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Questing for Quests

The Commissioner was, as usual, painting his model boat when the ninja burst in, claiming they needed to help Ninjago City. Multiple crime scenes, reported by Jimmy, were either non-existent or were fake calls and were not as important as taking down a villain. The ninja eventually give up and return to the Monastery, tired.


The Elemental Cobras continued to attack Ninjago City until the Commissioner and his department tells the Elemental Cobras they are under arrest, but one of the Elemental Cobras ignores him and spits fire at the Commissioner. This prompts the other police members to spray water at the Elemental Cobra; however, the Elemental Cobras quickly take out the fire hydrant and surround the Commissioner and his crew.

Facing certain doom, the ninja come and rescue the Commissioner and defeat the Elemental Cobras.

The Kaiju Protocol

When the Preeminent is defeated, the Commissioner and several other citizens came out of hiding.

Prime Empire

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

The Police Commissioner arrives with his officers to arrest The Mechanic and congratulates the ninja on their efforts in bringing him down. He is unable to answer Kai's question of why they were pursuing him in the first place, but he intends to get the villain to talk.

Dyer Island

The Commissioner interrupts the ninja's interrogation of The Mechanic to inform them that Prime Empire had begun appearing on arcade machines all over the city. He then, gleefully, escorts The Mechanic to his prison cell.



The Police Commissioner was with a policeman as Gripe told the Ninjago City Police to surrender and perish.

The Calm Before the Storm

He leads the Ninja, Wu, and Benthomaar to Glutinous. Later, when he learns that Wojira is coming, he orders Jimmy to order the evacuation of the city. When he returns to the interrogation room and finds his cup of coffee empty, as Glutinous drank it, he leaves.

Here Comes the Flood! (non-canon)

Shortly after Kalmaar started to flood Ninjago City. The Police Commisioner was trying to navigate the people swimming and sailing boats across the flooded streets of the big city. Lloyd, Cole and Kai later visited him but that was shortly before some Maaray Guards attacked the streets, luckily they were saved by Jay driving his Sub Car.


He and Jimmy are cornered by Maaray Guards in the Police Station because Kalmaar found out that the Commissioner knows the ninja. Then he asks him to tell him where the ninja are but the Commissioner claims he doesn't know. Kalmaar tried to threaten him with his trident but they were quickly interrupted by Nya, who had merged with the ocean.

The Turn of the Tide

The Police Commisioner, along with Jimmy and his prisoner Ronin were present at Nya's memorial in the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

After Seabound

The Sea Beast!

The Police Commissioner arrested Miss Demeanor and her henchmen after they attempted to obtain Ronin's fake sea monster at the docks. He later gave Ronin a warning.

Tentacles Below!

The Police Commissioner was attacked by one of the baby Leviathan's tentacles in the city , the small beast was able to infiltrate in the sewer system during the Great Flood. Luckily the Commissioner was saved by the ninja, who later decided to go investigate inside the sewers.


Farewell the Sea

The Commissioner and Gayle Gossip arrived at the scene of a Vengestone smuggling operation, only to find it thwarted by a group of vigilantes calling themselves the New Ninja. Unbeknownst to him, while curious as to what happened to the other Ninja, the Commissioner was under surveillance by a Crystal Spider. During Gayle's interview, he confiscated the Vengestone piece she had been holding.

The Shape of Nya

The Commissioner congratulated the New Ninja for their assistance in the arrest of Miss Demeanor, ignoring the old ninja.

Hounddog McBrag

The Commissioner was painting his model boat when his phone rang, interrupting him. While vowing to have it finished, the Commissioner answered the phone and learned from Mayor Trustable that the Ninja had escaped from Kryptarium Prison, Trustable wanted the Commissioner to arrest them. However, the Commissioner told him he cannot due to jurisdiction, which lead to Trustable sending his phone into his fish tank and to bring in Hounddog McBrag.


The Police Commissioner is an elderly man with sharp large gray mustaches. He also has fairly thick gray eyebrows and some wrinkles on his face. He is always dressed in a black police uniform, which resembles a classic suit with a dark blue tie, pockets and gold buttons, but has a gold badge on the left side of the fuselage reflecting his rank. He wears a black police cap with a large gold badge without a symbol.


The Police Commissioner is a fair police chief. He is also committed to saving his city when asked to do so, even if he has no chance of winning. According to his own statement, he is probably doing so in order to keep his rank, as so far almost always a police commissioner has been fired during the attack on the city. He is also very distrustful of people, such as the ninja, and publicly declares that he hates it when someone is right. He also has no problem hiring a bounty hunter like Ronin to carry out the tasks that the police should take care of. Although he initially hated the ninja, he gradually developed a bond with them and was even willing to be punished for not revealing where they were to Kalmaar.

He does not like the former mayor of Ninjago City because she did not finance the police department very well. However, he has a relatively good relationship with his department and mostly the two detectives, Simon and Tommy, even speak as if they were his sons. However, he still lacks a certain amount of empathy, as he has no problem saying he doesn't like Tommy. He also hates it when someone, for example Jimmy, enters his office without knocking. In his spare time, he once spent swimming, for example, where he obtained a blue ribbon and now often paints his model boat, although it has long since been completed. He practices this activity to relieve his stress.[3]


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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

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Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

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Behind the scenes


  • He has a habit of eye twitching, often when a suspect gives him the slip, making Simon and Tommy either point it out or think he is blind, but he is not.
  • He claims to be a blue ribbon swimmer.[1]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Commissioner, Tommy, and Simon were able to get back to Ninjago and escape the sharks from "The Last Resort" with the help of giant sea turtles.[5]
  • He likes to make model boats.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, the Police Commissioner makes model boats in order to relieve his stress.[3]
  • He had four predecessors.[6]
  • He unknowingly references Nadakhan in "Dread on Arrival."
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, the reason the Police Commissioner referenced Nadakhan despite only meeting him in the alternate timeline, is due to Nadakhan's history being common knowledge.[7]
  • In "True Potential," he said Garmadon wasn't the man he remembered, either meaning he had heard of him or they had met before.
  • He doesn't like his officers entering without knocking, as he had to tell Jimmy to knock before entering his office.[8]
  • Since Season 8, he is written in credits only as the Commissioner instead of the Police Commissioner, as it was in Season 6.
  • When asked if he participated in the First Serpentine War and his appearance at the time, Tommy Andreasen merely replied 'man with mustache.'[9]


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Czech Policejný komisař
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