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“Bored of the same old tired games? Think there's nothing new? Well, think again. Prime Empire is a gaming experience like no other. Giving you eight whole bits of graphics! From the Temple of Madness, to the Forest of Discontent, to the futuristic Terra Technica. You'll never experience anything like Prime Empire. Coming to an arcade near you.”
— Commercial Narration, "Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look"

Prime Empire (originally called Unfinished Adventure Game 1) is an old, legendary arcade game, created by Milton Dyer. According to Scott, this game was programmed and tested 30 years ago.[1]

The games ruler Unagami partnered with The Mechanic to retrieve the games motherboard allowing the game to resurface and trap gamers within. The ninja entered Prime Empire to retrieved the three Key-Tanas in order to defeat the ruler of Prime Empire, Unagami, and rescue the people who were captured inside the video game.

After Unagami made amends with Milton Dyer, the arcade NPCs were released together with the players who had been caught. By the time the ninja were invited to Shintaro, Milton Dyer and Unagami had made the game safe for people to play.

Official Description

The mysterious appearance of the legendary video game, Prime Empire, has gamers excited in Ninjago City. Everybody's lining up to play, eager for the chance to test their skills, but one by one, players are disappearing... it's all fun and games until you reach Level 13.[2]


Sometime after the Battle for All of Time and 30 years before the game resurfaced, Milton Dyer created Prime Empire. However, he was forced to shut down the game by Vast Industries due to Scott being trapped within the game when he first played it.

Prime Empire Original Shorts

The Meaning of Victory

Hyper-Sonic, Ritchie, Anthony Brutinelli, and Racer Seven are interviewed about what would it be like if they won the Yellow Key-Tana. Soon, the announcer asks Jay who explains that the race is not what everyone thinks it is. However, his interview is cut short as he's chased by Red Visors.

The Stowaway

Jay hides in an unknown vehicle to avoid being caught by the Red Visors. He then peaks out to find a hooded man who tells the Red Visors that it was all a misunderstanding. The man hits them, then starts up his car. With their own cars, the Red Visors get in pursuit.

A chase for the hooded man ensues with Jay accidentally coming out of the trunk. He then ends up on his windshield and the man questions who Jay is. After noticing Jay's reflexes, he suggests that Jay is a ninja and he helps the unknown man escape from the Red Visors before they crash.

In an alley, the man asks if Jay is alright. Telling him Jay is new, he introduces himself as Scott. Jay exchanges his name as well. Scott says it was nice to meet him and that he was waiting for Jay for a long time.


After Jay and Scott introduce themselves, Jay questions on why the Red Visors were chasing him, but only for Scott to say that he'll tell him everything once he finds Jay a way to escape. When Scott notices two of the Red Visors' helmets, he quickly tells Jay to put in on in order to disguise himself.

Later, after Jay and Scott walked passed by a crowd of people and two Red Visors, one of the Red Visors demands Jay and Scott identify themselves. Scott says that he's Red 27 while Jay says that he and Scott were going undercover. However, when the actual Red 27 appears, two Red Visors chases Jay and Scott into another crowd of people and four Red Visors attack Jay and Scott.

When one of the Red Visors knocks off Jay's helmet, two of the citizens recognized Jay as one of the ninja. Moments later, Jay was able to defeat the Red Visors and he and Scott were able to escape.

After Jay and Scott were able to escape, both of them went to an invisible garage while the Red Visors decided to report to Unagami after their defeat.

Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look

Gayle Gossip does an exclusive report on Prime Empire after reports have speculated that gamers are entering the game. While inside Benny's Arcade Emporium, a couple of gamers are playing Prime Empire with Nelson even entering the virtual world.

Prime Empire

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

After the power is quickly restored, all of the Arcade Pods in Benny's Arcade Emporium change to Prime Empire. Towards the end, Jay and a couple of gamers enter after they reached level thirteen.

Dyer Island

Leroy is seen reaching level thirteen and entering Prime Empire.

Level Thirteen

Okino appeared in one of the Arcade Pods when a police officer was taking away an Arcade Pod.

Later, Lloyd, Kai, Nya, and Cole make it inside of Prime Empire and find themselves in the center of Terra Technica.

Superstar Rockin' Jay

The ninja are confronted by the Red Visors who begin to shoot at the ninja; however, the League of Jay is able to save the ninja. They begin to run on top of skyscrapers which tire out the ninja due to having a low stamina rating. They are then confronted by Unagami's aerial drones but the League of Jay takes care of them as well. Meanwhile, the ninja try to help but are too weak to do so. This even causes Kai to accidentally lose a life before quickly respawning. While they are fighting, Dee-Jay 81 tells Nya the password to Scott's garage and gives them directions.

The ninja make it down an alleyway and spot three Red Visors up ahead. Lloyd, Nya, and Cole hide, but Kai, thinking the game has unlimited lives, stands out and taunts the Red Visors. The Red Visors kill Kai and the ninja place tires on the Red Visors before rolling them away. Kai then respawns and talks about how cool it is to die.

The ninja finally make it to an empty parking lot but find Scott holding a gun. Nya responds by saying the password and he lets the ninja inside. While there, Kai accidentally touches something which kills him for the third time. Scott then shows that Kai has one life and you only get four lives in Prime Empire. Scott then shows the rest of the ninja that he has one and refuses to enter the Speedway Five-Billion.

Scott then shows the ninja a secret passage to the rest of the League of Jay. Soon, Superstar Rockin' Jay appears and greets the ninja.

I am Okino

Okino attempts to lead multiple gamers through Terra Karana, but he fails at all of his attempts. When all hope seemed lost, the ninja arrive and ask if he could lead them through. Okino decides to help despite all of his past failures.

The Glitch

Okino leads the ninja through the Forest of Discontent and despite Nya and Cole losing one life, they make it to what looks like Strangler Vines. It turns out to not be it, but the Whack Rats ambush them from above. Luckily, the ninja are able to defeat them and Ritchie is tied up. The ninja interrogate Ritchie and he replies by saying that there's a glitch in the system which can allow them to bypass the Forest of Discontent. The ninja decide to release him and he leads them through an unknown portal.

The ninja arrive in a cubed looking room and are ambushed by Red Visors who shoot at the ninja. Each of the ninja begin to lose lives until Okino saves the ninja and allows them to escape. Okino himself is able to flee with the ninja as they found themselves staring at the Cliffs of Hysteria.

The Cliffs of Hysteria

The ninja scale the Cliffs of Hysteria but encounter Red Visors and Aerial Droids who attack. The ninja are able to defeat them and when they make it to the top, they interrogate one of the Red Visors. He reveals that Unagami is building a gateway to Ninjago. After the Red Visors dies, the ninja head for the Maze of the Red Dragon, but Okino stays behind due to him believing that he's a pawn that will only lead the ninja to their doom. However, the ninja tell Okino that he can make his own choices and is not programmed to follow orders. Okino decided to follow the ninja through the maze.

The Maze of the Red Dragon

Okino helps guide the ninja through the Maze of the Red Dragon despite Unagami pausing the game to talk with Unagami multiple times and threatening to not bring him into Ninjago once the gateway is complete. Okino still doesn't listen to Unagami as he showed the ninja the Red Dragon's weak point which allowed the ninja to defeat the beast and obtain their first Key-Tana.

The ninja leave Terra Karana and Okino decides he will choose his own journey and not be controlled by someone else.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In order to acquire the second Key-Tana, the ninja attempt to sign up for the Speedway Five-Billion, but they don't have enough credits to enter the race. Suddenly, they are surrounded by Red Visors, but the ninja are able to defeat them. Searching for a way to earn more credits, the ninja see an advertisement of a dance contest that will get them enough credits to enter.

Jay and Nya enter the competition and are in a dance-off with another pair. During the event, Red Visors enter the room and fight the ninja. Meanwhile, Jay and Nya perform a rare stunt which allows them to win the dance competition.

The ninja return and successfully enter the competition but realize they need vehicles as they would not be provided with one. They head back to Scott for advice. That's when the Red Visors show up as they missed the ninja. Unagami orders them to find Scott since he knows about vehicles.

Racer Seven

While the rest of the ninja are working on their vehicles, Lloyd goes out to observe the race track. During his time, he sees an unknown racer who crashes and throws her helmet at Lloyd in fury. That's when multiple Red Visors show up and attempt to kill Lloyd. Despite this, Lloyd jumps onto one of the vehicles and escapes through a pit stop.

During construction, one of the cars Nya was working on catches on fire and causing the car to not function. Lloyd reports back and tells everyone about the racer he just saw. Scott tells Lloyd that her name is Racer Seven, an NPC programmed to crash at the fourth-mile mark. Lloyd then heads out to find her, believing she can break her programming just like Okino did.

When the two meet, Lloyd reveals the truth of Prime Empire and tells her that she's programmed to lose. At first, Racer Seven doesn't believe Lloyd and even threatens to call the Red Visors for disturbing her. Lloyd tells Racer Seven to meet in an empty parking lot just in case she changes her mind.

Racer Seven, realizing all of her past failures, proceeds to try and find Lloyd, but cannot since there's no one in the empty lot. That's when Lloyd reveals the secret base and is greeted by the rest of the ninja. Lloyd tells her that she is the fifth driver they need.

The Speedway Five-Billion

The Red Visors locate Scott's garage and begin attacking the secret base. To give the ninja a chance, Scott counterattacks and allows the ninja plus Racer Seven to drive to the Speedway Five-Billion. Unfortunately, Scott is cubed.

The ninja and Racer Seven enter the race late and are chased by Red Visors who also join. The ninja are able to take care of the other racers, but Jay is surrounded by Red Visors. Kai and Cole decide to sacrifice themselves and destroy the rest of the Red Visors in exchange for them to be cubed.

During the chaos, Racer Seven is able to take the lead, but the Whack Rats fight back. That's when Lloyd, Nya, and Jay help hold off the Whack Rats allowing Racer Seven to win the race.

After the race, Racer Seven gives the Yellow Key-Tana to Jay, and the three remaining ninja head off. Meanwhile, the Red Visors ask Racer Seven where the ninja are, and Racer Seven replies that they going after Unagami.

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

Lloyd, Jay, and Nya head to the final game zone of Prime Empire, Terra Domina. When they arrive at the Side-Scrolling Platform, Lloyd thinks they should observe their surroundings and come back with a game plan, but their exit is blocked and they are forced to complete the level. Despite a few difficulties, they reach the infinity maze and use a loot boxes to reach the top.

They arrive at the battle arena where they are forced to choose a fighter. The ninja choose Lloyd and he is forced to fight Avatar Harumi. Jay and Nya know she's not real but cannot interfere with the battle. Meanwhile, Lloyd questions whether to fight her and takes damage when Avatar Harumi attacks him. Eventually, Lloyd finds out she's not real and fights her. In the end, they both hit each other at the same time causing Avatar Harumi to be defeated while Lloyd to be cubed. Nya and Jay then obtain the Orange Key-Tana to face Unagami.

The Temple of Madness

Jay and Nya are able to get through the conveyor belt featuring glitched Shurikens. They then enter Sushimi's sushi restaurant where they fight multiple bosses such as an evil Hostess, monster sushi, Sushimi's Chefs, and Sushimi himself. Jay and Nya are able to defeat them all, but when they're at the firewall, Sushimi throws his mace at Jay, but Nya takes the hit and is cubed.

Later, Jay confronts Unagami and realizes Milton Dyer is the creator of Unagami and he is just the game. Unagami then uses Nya's Energy Cube to activate the Manifestation Gate. Jay fights Unagami and tries to reason with him, but Unagami transforms into his Empire Dragon and enters Ninjago. Meanwhile, the Red Visors attack Jay, but he summons the Blue Dragon and enters Ninjago.

Master of the Mountain


While everyone else is working at the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Cole slacks off by playing Prime Empire. Lloyd catches him doing this, but decides to join after learning that Unagami and Dyer managed to make it safe to play.

While Jay and Nya cleaning the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Nya mentioned the ninja being stuck in Prime Empire.

Wu said about the ninja's last adventure, they handled Prime Empire admirably without him.



Kai challenges Ray to play Prime Empire and he accepts and Cole joins in.

Master of the Sea

The Calm Before the Storm

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


The ninja were teleported to the Speedway Five-Billion and have to cross the finish line in order to get to the next portal. However, the Whack Rats blocked their way and respawned every time they were defeated. Lloyd realized they needed to be defeated in order to get passed and after losing his life, he respawned near the portal. The rest of the ninja copy Lloyd and were able to enter the next portal.


There are thirteen levels of Prime Empire. While the names and details of the thirteen levels are currently unknown, two of them involve the Speedway Five-Billion and the Temple of Madness.





Relations with reality

When a player surpasses level 13, they may enter Prime Empire. However, the consequences of exiting it are never acknowledged by any of the characters or by the story, therefore many of the things inside Prime Empire can also be brought to Ninjago, and vice versa.

Clothing and avatars

The ninja, Unagami, and the players may keep their appearances and looks that they obtained inside the game. Sometimes, if a character edits their apparel, they can keep those changes in the real world.

If a player buys an Avatar inside the gamer and then exits Prime Empire, they will lose it, and keep their real clothes, or the ones they had before entering the game. This is evidenced by Scott, who had real clothes, then purchased an Avatar, and then after re-entering Ninjago, he kept his old clothes and not his Avatar.

Nonetheless, this is different for NPCs such as Okino, Racer Seven, The Whack Rats, the Red Visors or the citizens that populated the game before its self-relaunch. They all kept their same clothes inside and outside the game since they weren't real people.

Leftover parts of the game

The character who exits the game still possesses some of their items or weapons that they had inside Prime Empire.

This can be seen with Unagami, who still keeps his spear, and with Jay, who despite being in Ninjago, he still possessed his Blue Dragon until it was destroyed by Unagami. If Jay would have kept it, it would have most likely disappeared along with the portal between reality and the game.

Powers and abilities

When players enter Prime Empire, they will lose all their abilities and powers. All skills and abilities must be obtained within the game. This is proved by the ninja, who all lost their Elemental Powers, Spinjitzu ability and fighting skills when they entered Prime Empire.

Besides Unagami, there have not been other known characters who kept their abilities from Prime Empire and transferred them to the real world.

Time and age

The passage of the days inside Prime Empire is equivalent to Ninjago's, but the difference is that people inside the game do not age. This is proven by Scott, who lived thirty years inside Prime Empire and didn't look like a middle-aged person after exiting the game, his appearance being the same as before he entered it.



Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


  • This was the second time the Ninja travel into a virtual world, the first time being the Digiverse in Season 3.
  • It can be entered through Arcade cabinets.
  • Prime Empire was inspired by Blade Runner and the 2010 sequel of Tron, Tron: Legacy.[6]
    • The concept was also inspired by the Polybius urban legend.[7]
    • Other games that inspired the Prime Empire include Street Fighter II, Dance Dance Revolution, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Contra, and WipeOut.[8]
  • When someone reaches level thirteen in the game, they get sucked into the game itself.
  • When people enter Prime Empire, they are given four lives, which are displayed in health boards. Players who lose all four lives are cubed and turned into Energy Cubes, which is soon picked up by one of Unagami's aerial drones.
  • According to Cyrus Borg, Nindroids can't enter Prime Empire, otherwise, their programming will be erased.
  • Unagami and Dareth refer to Prime Empire as a realm.[9][10][11] However, it is not a realm in the sense of the realms that Ninjago is one of.[12]
  • Prime Empire resembles Jumanji in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, since they are both video games in which players get trapped so they have to complete the game to escape. There are also a limited amount of lives.


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Prime Empire

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Russian Высшая империя
Slovak Prvá ríša
Ukrainian Розквіт імперії
Latin Spanish Primer Imperio
Castilian Spanish Imperio Supremo


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