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“Soon, Unagami will have the energy that he needs. But there is one more thing I need here to finish preparations on our side - the Prime Empire motherboard, which you took.”

The Prime Empire motherboard is a motherboard that is the key to starting up the game and opening the Manifestation Gate. It was stolen by The Mechanic when he broke into an old warehouse.


Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

The Mechanic and his Henchmen were looking for the motherboard inside an old electronics warehouse. When they found it, the ninja arrived and fought for the motherboard. The Mechanic is able to grab it and escape. Unfortunately for The Mechanic, he is arrested and Jay takes the motherboard from him.

When the ninja decide to explore The Mechanic's headquarters, Jay places the motherboard inside an arcade cabinet titled Prime Empire. This causes a red shock wave to be released and changing all of the arcade cabinets to Prime Empire.

Level Thirteen

Zane grabs the motherboard just before he, Cyrus Borg, and P.I.X.A.L. leave Borg Tower. Meanwhile, The Mechanic attempts to play the game, but cannot because the motherboard is with Zane.

The Prodigal Father

The Mechanic uses a kidnapped Wu to coerce Zane into telling him where the motherboard was, despite the two's attempt at claiming that it was destroyed. Zane ultimately had no choice when The Mechanic threatened to kill Wu and revealed the motherboard was inside of him. He then opened his panel to reveal it. After inserting it into the Manifestation Gate, The Mechanic then hooked Zane up to it.



Season 12: Prime Empire




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