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Wow, these new weapons are really awesome!
Cole in "The Glitch"

The prime controllers[1] are weapons used in Prime Empire.


The Glitch

The ninja use their prime controllers to deflects attacks from the Thorns of discontent and are able to destroy the bushes.

Later, Lloyd uses his prime controller to cut down what is thought to be Strangler Vines, but it turns out not to be. When the Whack Rats ambush the ninja, they use their prime controllers to defend themselves.

When they enter the glitched room, the ninja use their prime controllers to defend themselves from the Red Visors.

The Cliffs of Hysteria

While the Red Visors are chasing the ninja up the Cliffs of Hysteria, they use their prime controllers to deflect the lasers from the Red Visors and Unagami's aerial drones. Kai evens uses his weapon to take control of one of the aerial drones which helps defeat most of the Red Visors.

The Maze of the Red Dragon

Inside the maze, the ninja use their prime controllers to destroy the statues with lasers.

When they awakened the Red Dragon, the ninja use sword beam attacks, but it proves to be useless. However, Okino shows them the weakness of the dragon and the ninja take turns hitting the weak spot.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

When the ninja are surrounded by the Red Visors, they use their prime controllers to defend themselves. While fighting, Jay is forced to upgrade his weapon after it breaks.

During the dance competition, Cole, Lloyd, and Kai use their prime controllers to ward off the Red Visors from disrupting the competition.

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

Lloyd uses his prime controller to fight Avatar Harumi.

The Temple of Madness

Nya and Jay use their prime controllers to fight Sushimi's sushi chefs, the Hostess, and the monster sushi. Later, Jay uses his weapon to fight Unagami.




Season 12: Prime Empire


  • The weapons' handles have the form of a gaming controller.
    • The weapons' handles are also used for the steering wheel for the ninja's vehicles in Season 12, as seen with Kai's Mech Jet and Jay's flying speeder.
  • If make a sharp blow, the prime controllers will release a compressed direct energy wave, so they can be used for long-range attacks.
  • Zane's prime controller is different from the other ninja.
  • They are similar to bayards from the Netflix Original Series Voltron: Legendary Defender.
  • While the color of the ninja's controllers is white, the Whack Rats have their controllers in black.
    • Jay, Kai, and Lloyd have gold controllers in their Arcade Pod sets.
    • Neither the black nor the gold variants appeared in the show.
  • They can be upgraded by spending a certain amount of credits.
  • The Merchant Jay Polybag released in 2020 features Jay disguised as a merchant selling many different prime controller weapons.
  • The prime controller resembles the Playstation controllers.
  • Though Nya's prime controller is closer to a sickle, it is called a scythe according to an issue of the Ninjago Magazine.[2]


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