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“Releasing the Great Devourer is the only way to get back at the people of Ninjago for locking my kind underground for all those years. We should have been the ones ruling the surface, not you!”

Pythor P. Chumsworth is the last member and self-proclaimed general[1] of the Anacondrai tribe as well as the former Serpentine King. He was sealed away with his brethren in the Anacondrai Tomb after the Serpentine's defeat in the Serpentine War. After being freed by Lloyd, he united his fellow Serpentine and unleashed the Great Devourer on Ninjago. However, the scheme backfired horribly and Pythor became one of the beast's first victims, along with Master Wu. Long thought to be deceased, Pythor resurfaced during the Nindroid crisis, allying with the Digital Overlord to seek revenge on the ninja. Once again, his schemes were foiled after he was shrunken by a shrinking pill, and the Golden Master was destroyed. Afterwards, he was sent to Kryptarium Prison.

The ninja visited Pythor at the prison after finding out Chen needed him for a spell that would permanently transform his followers into Anacondrai. The Anacondrai Cultists ultimately captured Pythor and used him to fulfill the spell. Pythor escaped and found that the Book of Spells would allow them to summon the spirits of the Anacondrai generals. After the spell was cast and Chen's army was vanquished, Arcturus restored Pythor to his original size. Pythor then parted ways on understanding terms with the ninja.

Due to his villainous past, a statue of Pythor was placed in the Ninjago Museum of History. On the Day of the Departed, Pythor went to the museum and discovered the ninja's old adversaries had been resurrected. He went to the Corridor of Elders and fought Lloyd, but after realizing he couldn't win the battle, Pythor fled the scene.

Many years later, Pythor was incarcented at Kryptarium Prison again by the New Ninja. At the prison, he re-encountered with the also-incarcenated Ninja after freeing Aspheera from prison. Around the same time, Pythor overheard the Crystal King recruiting other past enemies of the Ninja for his Council and he himself was eventually recruited and freed from jail by Kabuki Mask. The Ninja tried to stop him from escaping but failed, and they later escaped themselves from prison to investigate the Crystal King's plans. Eventually, Lloyd went undercover at the Council but was captured.


Early life

Pythor is forced to enter the tomb in the Sea of Sand along with the other Anacondrai

More than forty years ago, Pythor was a low ranking opportunist[2] of the Anacondrai tribe during times when tensions were high between man and Serpentine. When the tribe heard from Chen that the humans were planning to attack, Pythor and the other Anacondrai felt compelled to land the first strike to gain the advantage, thus starting the first Serpentine War.[3] Pythor then took part in several battles against the Elemental Alliance, but it is not clear whether he was in the Battle in Birchwood Forest, because he could cowardly use invisibility to hide from the alliance.[4] Though Pythor and the other Serpentine secured many victories, when the Elemental Alliance created the Sacred Flutes, the Serpentine were eventually subdued by the alliance.[3]

Pythor and other Anacondrai controlled by the Elemental Alliance using the Sacred Flutes

While the generals of the Anacondrai were banished to the Cursed Realm, Pythor and the other eleven lower-ranked Anacondrai were controlled by the Elemental Alliance using the Sacred Flutes and sealed away in a tomb in the Sea of Sand.[3]

Over the next four decades, the Anacondrai ended up starving as a result of their imprisonment in the hot desert.[5] In their act of desperation, they resorted to cannibalism and started devouring each other, with Pythor being left as the sole survivor after eating several of his fellow tribe members and waiting to escape his imprisonment.[6]

Rise of the Snakes

Never Trust a Snake

Pythor showing himself to Lloyd

After being betrayed by both the Hypnobrai and the Fangpyre tribes, Lloyd sought to avenge himself on the snakes by unleashing yet another Serpentine tribe. Having heard Skales identifying the Anacondrai as the most dangerous tribe of all, the would-be evil overlord set out for the Anacondrai tomb. However, when Lloyd opened the tomb, he was greeted by a roomful of skeletons. Then he was noticed by the invisible Pythor and after he realized that Lloyd wasn't a treat to him, he decided to pretend to be polite and thus turned visible directly behind Lloyd, whom he had frightened. Then, the last Anacondrai introduced himself as Pythor P. Chumsworth and explained to him that his fellow Anacondrai had all starved to death after being locked away in the tomb for many years.

Pythor and Lloyd laughting near the Four Weapons Blacksmith

Pythor immediately pledged himself as Lloyd's loyal servant, claiming that he was repaying the boy for freeing him from his imprisonment. He helped Lloyd conduct several acts of mischief in Ninjago, including stealing candy from babies, terrorizing villagers and their children in the Jamanakai Village, and ignoring "keep off the grass" signs in Ignacia. After a day of this, the evil duo returned to the Anacondrai tomb, where Pythor learned about Lloyd's expulsion from Darkley's School for Bad Boys. He suggested that they attack the school in the morning, to pay them back for kicking Lloyd out. When Lloyd fell asleep, Pythor tried to steal the map that would lead him to the other Serpentine tombs, but he was thwarted when Lloyd rolled over and sleepily congratulated Pythor for being such an effective minion.

Lloyd and Pythor on the Darkley's roof

The next day, Lloyd and Pythor attacked Darkley's, tying up the occupants and filling the building with boobytraps for the inevitable arrival of the ninja. Unfortunately for them, the ninja evaded the traps and managed to corner them on the roof. Seeing an opportunity, Pythor suddenly grabbed the map from Lloyd's pocket, snidely mocking the would-be evil overlord for thinking that he could control the Serpentine. With that, Pythor turned invisible and made his escape, leaving Lloyd to be apprehended by the ninja.

Pythor jumps out of hiding in the bogs

Can of Worms

With the Map of Dens in his possession, Pythor began tracking down the tombs of the remaining Serpentine tribes. His first stop was the Mountain of a Million Steps, where he released the Constrictai from their tomb. Pythor took most of the Constrictai with him, but he had General Skalidor stay behind to ambush the ninja if or when they investigated the tomb.

With that trap set, Pythor headed for the Toxic Bogs to release the Venomari tribe. After opening the Venomari Tomb and freeing the forces of General Acidicus, he had his new followers take cover in the bog and wait for the ninja's arrival. Pythor himself hid deep within the Venomari Tomb, emerging to taunt Jay after Kai had been afflicted with Venomari venom.

Pythor with the Serpentine and the ninja in the Toxic Bogs

Before the Serpentine could attack, Cole and Zane arrived to back up their friends. When the latter attempted to neutralize the snakes with the Sacred Flute, Pythor snatched the artifact from his hands. With the flute in his possession and the ninja surrounded, Pythor eagerly watched the Constrictai and Venomari forces back their foes onto a small log in a pool of acidic ooze, while mocking them. Unfortunately, Samurai X arrived to save the ninja and drive off the snakes, with Pythor being poked in the back with a dart as he fled.

Pythor and Skales

Although his foes had eluded him, Pythor proceeded with his true goals, gathering the Serpentine tribes in the Ninjago City's subway tunnels. He began imploring them to unite as one in order to get revenge on the surface dwellers who had sealed them underground decades ago. The other Serpentine were initially receptive, but Pythor began losing them after the ninja infiltrated the gathering and threw insults among the crowd. Hypnobrai General Skales attempted to subdue the ninja with a group of Constrictai but only succeeded in catching three of them.

Pythor falling down in the frozen subway

As Pythor warned Skales that the fourth ninja would never be in plain sight, said ninja—Zane—swung into the tunnel on a chain and kicked the Generals off their perch. By the time Pythor recovered and sent his fellow Serpentine in pursuit, the Ninja of Ice had freed his comrades and helped them escape by freezing the tunnel behind them. Unable to keep his footing on the newly-iced floor, Pythor could only watch as the ninja escaped, leaving the Serpentine even more divided than before. He took out his rage on Skales, who was attempting to dissuade him from trying to unite the tribes, with a furious scream of "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!"

The Snake King

Pythor and Skales in the Lost City of Ouroboros

Realizing that he would not unite the Serpentine in this way, Pythor decided to find the Lost City of Ouroboros, an ancient Serpentine city hidden in the Sea of Sand. Together with Skales, they set out for the desert, where Pythor diligently dug a pit in the sand and searched for the city. Despite Skales' doubts over the existence of the legendary city, Pythor eventually discovered Ouroboros and raised it from beneath the desert sands. He had Skales summon all of the Serpentine to the city, planning to unite the tribes by defeating the other Serpentine Generals.

Pythor using the Sacred Flute to defeat Serpentine generals

Prior to the fight, Pythor promised that Skales would be his second-in-command if he played his part in the plan. When Skales agreed, Pythor stuck cotton balls in his ears and openly declared his intention to claim leadership over the Serpentine by defeating his fellow generals in a Slither Pit. During the fight, Pythor was pinned by Acidicus, Skalidor, and Fangtom, but this gave Skales the opportunity to sneak the Sacred Flute to the Anacondrai General. Using the flute, Pythor greatly weakened the other generals (save Skales, who had also plugged his ears before the fight), allowing him to knock them out and grab their staffs. Having defeated the other generals, Pythor declared himself the supreme leader of the Serpentine, the Serpentine King, commanding the remaining Serpentine to bow before him. As Pythor took in his victory, a Hypnobrai scout in the audience suddenly dropped a pair of maracas into the arena—in truth, it was a disguised Lloyd. Mezmo caught the former would-be evil overlord and the Serpentine imprisoned him.

Pythor with his prisoner, Lloyd

Taking advantage of his new prisoner, Pythor was able to lure the ninja to Ouroboros. Trapping the ninja and stealing their Golden Weapons, Pythor forced them to battle Samurai X, who he had captured earlier. Unfortunately, the Samurai came up with a plan to help them all escape, sending the ninja flying out of the arena with the Samurai Mech. Pythor attempted to stop the Samurai with his Serpentine minions, but the mysterious warrior snatched the Golden Weapons and escaped with a jetpack although Pythor managed to keep his prisoner, Lloyd.

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Blue Lightning (flashback)

This part takes place sometime after "The Snake King," although the exact time is unknown.

Jay and Pythor on the noodle truck

When Pythor managed to reunite the Serpentine tribes, he and some Venomari attacked several noodle trucks near the Teeth in the Sea of Sand to get to an unknown place. However, when Jay arrived at the scene in his Storm Glider and defeated all of the Venomari, Spitta tossed Pythor a firearm. Pythor, who didn't know how to use a weapon, accidentally fired it, and since he knew Jay would beat him, he dropped the weapon and cowardly jumped out of the truck on the sand ground. He then defeated remained on the desert.

Sometime around this time, Pythor also mentioned to Skales that he liked Electro-Cobrai.[7]

Tick Tock

Pythor creating the Map of Fangs

With the Serpentine united, Pythor moved to the next stage of his plan: finding the four silver Fangblades to reawake the Great Devourer. Unfortunately, the only clue to their locations was a cryptic riddle, leaving the Serpentine King to furiously ponder its meaning with his followers. Skales' warnings that the other Serpentine would grow restless went ignored until Acidicus and Skalidor attempted to take their staffs back in the face of Pythor's incompetence. However, the resulting scuffle between the two Generals gave Pythor a brainwave when he noticed that the venom dripping from the Venomari and Constrictai staffs was beginning to mix together.

Realizing that the riddle referred to the snake staffs, not the tribes, Pythor immediately put the five staffs together, allowing their venom to combine on the slab beneath them. By putting a piece of paper beneath the staffs, Pythor created a map that revealed the locations of the Fangblades. Amid the cheers of his fellow Serpentine, Pythor triumphantly declared that they would find the Fangblades, awaken the Great Devourer, and claim Ninjago as their own once more.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Pythor taking pictures with a family in the Mega Monster Amusement Park

The Serpentine discovered the first Fangblade's location, which was located in an amusement park called Mega Monster Amusement Park. Not far from the park, therefore, Skales, Pythor and several other Serpentine came to the surface from an underground tunnel dug by Constrictai. Although Skales suggested that they would wait until dark so as not to attract any unwanted attention from the ninja or Samurai, Pythor thought they would fit easily there. Once Serpentine arrived at the park, one family asked Pythor to be photographed with them for his "authentic costume," which the Serpentine King agreed because he wanted to fit in with the others. Unfortunately, the camera footage from that moment reached the ninja, who quickly realized why the Serpentine were in the park and quickly decided to go there.

Pythor and Skales with the first Fangblade

Meanwhile, Pythor and the other Serpentine managed to get to the Ghost Train attraction, where they dug the first Fangblade out of the ground. But then the ninja appeared and tried to stop Pythor, although Zane accidentally froze his friends, allowing the Serpentine to escape by mistake. Right before the attraction, however, Samurai X was waiting for them, who tried to steal the Fangblade, but unsuccessfully, as he was pulled to the ground by the Serpentine. Pythor then ordered his minions to reveal the identity of the Samurai, who turned out to be Nya. Pythor then ordered his sidekicks to tie her to a roller-coaster cart and set fire to a circle in one part of the rails where Nya would be burned alive. That's when Jay showed up to get a Fangblade and defeat the Serpentine, though he was slowly turning into a snake due to the Fangpyre bite, which led Pythor to mock him. Jay wanted to attack, but when he saw Nya tied to the cart, he decided to save her, allowing the Serpentine to escape.

The Royal Blacksmiths

Pythor and Lloyd in the pyramid

After acquiring the first Fangblade, the Serpentine set out to find the second, which according to the map was in a pyramid in the Sea of Sand. When Pythor managed to find a hidden trap, he ordered the minions to bring Lloyd, who could reach the Fangblade. When the boy reached the plac, he noticed that the Fangblade had disappeared and told the message to the angry Pythor.

Pythor and Skales looking at the ninja in Lou's village

When Mezmo and Snike found a poster announcing Ninjago Talent with the Blade Cup as the main prize, they reported the news to Pythor, who, along with Skales, visited Lou's village through the sewers, where he saw the ninja preparing to their performance. Subsequently, he also noticed a poster on the wall stating that an audition was open for the competition.

Pythor disguised as a Ninjago Talent judge

Later, when he and Skales returned to the Serpentine, they decided to create a group of snakes called the Treble Makers. Pythor then penetrated the backstage of Ninjago Talent, where he ate one of the judges, glued a fake beard, and introduced himself to the other two judges as the third judge. The real judge was still speaking from his belly, but Pythor silenced him with the words that if there was no silence, he would not let him out. He then watched all the performances at Ninjago Talent, and when he heard the Treble Makers' song, he enjoyed their music, rated them with ten points, and forced the other two judges to give them at least nine points. When the ninja's group, Spin Harmony, did not show up for their performance in time, Pythor persuaded the judges to end the show and was very disappointed when the ninja finally arrived. During their performance, he decided to send his minions to the podium to thwart the performance, but without success. When the ninja's performance was over, Pythor scored them with zero points, but the actual third judge stuck his hand out of Pythor's mouth and wrote down number one on the paper, giving ten points. Pythor then complained to the others that he had not written it and that he was requesting a recount, but unsuccessfully.

The third judge giving ten points to the ninja

After the show, the ninja retreated backstage, where Cole reunited with his father. But then Pythor appeared and ordered the two Constrictai to throw the stage lights on Cole and Lou. As the objects fell on the family, Pythor stole the Blade Cup and disappeared with the Fangblade.

The Green Ninja

Pythor with one of the Fangblades

According to the map, the Serpentine moved to another Fangblade located in the Fire Temple, where they also went with Lloyd in a cage. In the middle of the volcano, Pythor ordered his minions to dig in the ground in search of the Fangblade, although by this activity they disturbed the stability of the temple. As soon as Rattla managed to dig up the Fangblade, Pythor pushed him away and took it in his hand. Then he noticed the ninja entering the temple and ordered an attack on them. After a brief battle, Pythor decided to leave the temple, but before that he ordered several Constrictai to dig pits and make the volcano unstable. However, while trying to escape through one of the tunnels, Kai managed to hit the Fangblade in Pythor's hand with a sword and stab him into a nearby wall. Pythor tried to regain the Fangblade, but failed and was forced to flee through the tunnel.

Pythor finding the Fangblade

As the Serpentine left the temple after the eruption of the volcano, Pythor noticed the Fangblade in a lava river and fished him out with the help of his staff. He then threw it into the hands of Spitta and Lizaru and ordered them to cool and clean it.

All of Nothing

Pythor with the Fangblades in the underground fortress

Shortly after finding the third Fangblade, Pythor went to an unknown place, this time almost alone, and found the last Fangblade there. Before that, however, he had set a trap for the ninja in the underground fortress because he was aware that they would want to steal the other Fangblades. When he returned with the last Fangblade, he laughed that the ninja had fallen into his trap.

Pythor disapears

When the ninja were hung in the cage on the ceiling of the fort, Pythor immediately wanted to go to the city of Ouroboros, but Skales persuaded him to stay in the fort until the morning and enjoy their victory. Although reluctant to fear the escape of the ninja, Pythor agreed and told Serpentine that they would be celebrating all night with a Slither Pit. However, he was still supervising the ninja, and when Kai almost managed to escape, Pythor imprisoned him again and handcuffed all the ninja.

Pythor on the Bounty

For a while, Lloyd broke into the fort alone and Pythor laughed at the fact that Lloyd didn't even have an army. At that time, however, Skulkin, led by Lord Garmadon, appeared in the cave, which Pythor marveled at, knowing that Garmadon had once betrayed them. Pythor then ordered the attack and pulled the lever, which caused the ninja cage to slowly sink into the acid. Pythor himself then engaged in a brief battle, but was defeated by Cole, who took the Fangblades. Aware of his defeat, Pythor disappeared and secretly moved to a ninja base, Destiny's Bounty, where he laughed at his evil plan.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Pythor and tied Lloyd

After arriving on the ship, Pythor turned invisible and entered the training room while Lloyd was practicing. Pythor quickly tied Lloyd to a pole, put tape on his mouth, then left him. Then he used a hammer and destroyed a generator on the Bounty. Due to this, Wu ended up nearly falling off the ship but the ninja managed to catch him while dangling off the deck. But then Lloyd freed himself and ran aboard, where he tried to hold off Pythor and fight him until Nya arrived in the Samurai Mech. At that time, however, it was too late, and Pythor jumped out of the Bounty, where he was picked up by a Rattlecopter with Skales, who took him to the tour bus, which they wanted to use to travel to the Ouroboros. During the ride, however, the ninja caught up with them, so Pythor ordered Fangpyre to change the bus to Serpentine's bus using their bite and later fired the driver because he was going too slow. Pythor then took over driving himself and ignored warnings of an engine explosion.

Pythor escaping with the Fangblades

Pythor reawaking the Great Devourer

When Master Wu disconnected all the wagons and the ninja from the control car, Pythor left the steering wheel and fought Wu for a while, trying unsuccessfully to eat him. Finally, when the engine exploded and the bus crashed at the Ouroboros, Pythor himself went to the city, where he placed all four Fangblades into the Great Devourer's statue's mouth. Pythor discovered the Great Devourer was underneath him and he had no control over it. Master Wu arrived and tells him of his mistake, the Great Devourer would eat the Serpentine as well. Horrified, Pythor attempted to escape but Master Wu grabbed him and the two got into a fierce struggle. However, the Devourer erupted from the ground and lunges at the two.

Pythor and Wu are devoured by the Devourer

Day of the Great Devourer

Unable to escape due to Master Wu's efforts, a panicking, babbling Pythor was consumed by the Great Devourer.

Discreet scheming

Unbeknownst to the ninja, Pythor survived his time in the Devourer's stomach, although his skin was bleached white.[7] Following the Devourer's destruction, Pythor fled the scene and laid low for a while, using his power of invisibility to spy on the ninja.[8] He also went with them to the Dark Island, where he learned about the Overlord.[9] He then returned back to Ninjago secretly by the Ultra Dragon or the Golden Mech.[10] During this time he also learned some computer skills.



"The stranger" holding the Electro-Cobrai

After the ninja destroy the Storm Farms, disguised Pythor stole the hard drive containing the Digital Overlord and uses Electro-Cobrai to power the system in his base in the sewers. He also kidnapped Master Wu and converted him to Techno Wu, an indestructible cyborg who could find the ninja.

"The stranger" and Techno Wu

Later, when Techno Wu was defeated by the ninja in the Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, disguised Pythor freed him with a snake bow shot. Subsequently, he and Wu escaped by a helicopter, but mistakenly left a trail in the form of a white scale.

After returning to base in the sewers, the Overlord was dissatisfied with the mission as it yielded no results. Pythor, however, misleads him as the whole attack was a ploy to scare the ninja into sending a warning message to the Golden Ninja via the Falcon, whom Pythor hacked to gain Lloyd and Garmadon's location in Hiroshi's Labyrinth.

The Curse of the Golden Master

"The stranger" behind the Electro-Cobrai tank

While still disguised Pythor is busy at work in his lab, the Overlord questions why they haven't gone after the Golden Ninja yet, despite knowing his whereabouts. The Anacondrai notes that they have depleted his Electro-Cobrai supply, and thus he is planning to sneak into the Ninjago City Aquarium to steal more of the specimens.

"The stranger" on his boat in the sewers

While Wu's Academy students and their substitute teacher, Dareth, went on a trip to the Ninjago City Aquarium, an invisible disguised Pythor followed them and entered the building. Pythor then blew the whistle and the sound waves caused that the Electro-Cobrai aquarium bursted. Electro-Cobrai then passed through a tube into a tank on Pythor's boat in the sewers, where he also moved during the robbery.

Pythor showing himself to Lloyd

After containing the new Electro-Cobrai, he proceeded with the next part of the plan: to obtain Lloyd. Because he known what is the location of the Golden Ninja, Pythor deployed a squadron of Nindroids and Techno Wu to attack them. Though Lloyd was escaping, his father was captured by Wu, and Lloyd was cornered by the Overlord-possessed MechDragon. Lloyd began building up his power to combat the new threat, but a snake strangler wrapped itself around him, and the then-called "Stranger" removed his hood, revealing himself to be Pythor. After explaining that being digested in the bowels of the Great Devourer bleached his scales white, Pythor abducted Lloyd and had his father thrown into the sea below. The MechDragon, with Wu, Pythor, and Lloyd, then set off towards Ninjago.

Enter the Digiverse

Pythor, Techno Wu and Cryptor laughing

With Lloyd captured, Pythor and Techno Wu led an army of Nindroids to attack Borg Tower. On the way to the top floor, they met Nya, whom Cryptor mocked, although when she summoned her Samurai Mech, Pythor and Techno Wu escaped to the upper floor.

Pythor fighting P.I.X.A.L.

When they reached the top floor of Cyrus Borg's office, Pythor attacked P.I.X.A.L. using a bone, but was easily defeated and P.I.X.A.L. took his weapon. When P.I.X.A.L. accidentally threw Techno Wu near the master switch, Pythor ordered him to press it so the ninja will be left behind in the Digiverse forever, just as they left him in the Devourer. However, Wu was stopped by Garmadon, who disguised himself as a nindroid. Lloyd's father then attacked Pythor and kicked him until the Anacondrai jumped out of the window and flew away with a Hover-Copter.

Codename: Arcturus

Pythor threatening Cryptor

Following the attack on Borg Tower, Pythor led a group of nindroids out to sea so they could retrieve the sunken MechDragon, which contained the partially-reformed Overlord. By attaching balloons to the mechanical beast, the MechDragon floated to the surface. However, because the Overlord was too small and didn't have a real form, he ordered Pythor to swallow him until he took his real form. He and the nindroids then moved to the city of Ouroboros.

Pythor talking to the Overlord

Later, in the base in Ouroboros, Cryptor questions Pythor about the plan, stating that they haven't seen the Overlord yet and that the Nindroids were doubting the Anacondrai's intentions. He then vowed that Pythor will pay dearly if he lied to them about the Overlord. Pythor lashed out at Cryptor, saying that the Overlord will return when he chose to and that Cryptor could always be reprogrammed. Then, he went into another room where he vomited up the essence of the Overlord, who declared that they will soon commence Project: Arcturus and he will become the Golden Master.

Pythor calling the Overlord

Pythor then moved to an unknown location, where he picked up a shipment of fuel for the rocket and loaded it into tankers. En-route to the Lost City of Ouroboros, Pythor was in a truck driven by Cryptor, leading a long line of trucks behind them. Kai, however, was in pursuit of them in his Prototype X-1. When he fired two missiles into the sky, Pythor saw that they were followed by him and ordered Cryptor to speed up. After a lengthy pursuit, Kai abandoned his vehicle and boarded one of the trucks, attacking several nindroids. After hearing part of the scheme involving the Overlord when Pythor called his master, Kai warned his allies of the plan. However, Pythor heard Kai's voice and let the truck stop. When he looked at the chassis, his suspicion was confirmed when he noticed Kai and had him imprisoned.


When they arrived in Ouroboros, Pythor had Kai tethered directly under the rocket engines, wanting to hold a "barbecue." Later, however, the ninja broke in the base and freed Kai, entering the rocket, and Pythor could do nothing. The rocket then flew into space, and Pythor watched it from Ninjago.

The Void

Pythor with the Nindroids and OverBorg inside Borg Tower

Cryptor and the nindroids, who were in space, found out that the ninja were on their ship and notified Pythor via a radio. Pythor realized that someone from Ninjago had to help them and told Cryptor that he would take care of it.

Pythor and the nindroids

Later, Pythor, along with the OverBorg and the Nindroids, broke into Borg Tower once more, this time with the capsule containing the reborn Overlord. Higher up in the tower, Wu, Garmadon, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. realized that they've entered the building and gathered the equipment they needed to continue contact with the ninja in space. Pythor and the nindroid forces bringed the capsule into the room that Wu and the others were once in, although then they were hiding right outside the building. The Overlord emerged from the capsule, partially transformed into the Golden Master, but suddenly they heard a noise outside. Realizing who it was, Pythor ordered the nindroids to attack them, although they all escaped on a Hover-Copter.

The Titanium Ninja

Pythor and the Golden Master

Having obtained the remnants of the Golden Weapons, Cryptor and the remaining Nindroids from the Arcturus mission returned to Ninjago, where the Overlord ordered them to melt down the precious gold into a new mech claded in Golden Armor, which Pythor acknowledged was currently underway.

Pythor saving the Overlord

With the mech completed, the Overlord, now fully transformed into the Golden Master, began his assault on Ninjago City. Unfortunately for them, the ninja returned to Ninjago, much to Pythor's disbelief. Yet the Golden Master's solution was to attack the people instead of the ninja, which he did. As the Overlord transformed Ninjago City into a fortress and began wrecking mass-destruction, Pythor slithered by his side, declaring that the people are losing hope and soon they will bow to the Golden Master. In the final stage of his plan, the Overlord crafted a web made of pure golden energy around Borg Tower, which he stood upon with Pythor on his shoulder. However, the ninja have put on Stone Warrior armor, making them immune to the Golden Master's destructive powers. The Golden Master realized that the ninja are breaking through the golden web, to which Pythor told him to attack the people. Surprisingly, Slithraa and the Serpentine led the citizens of Ninjago underground, away from the chaos.

Pythor after swallowing the shrinking pill

In a final hope to defeat the Golden Master, Wu and Garmadon teamed together to try and knock a shrinking pill into the Golden Master's mouth. Wu succeeded in hitting the pill with his staff, and it flew through the air towards its target, but at the last second, Pythor leaped in the air and took the hit, swallowing the pill. In mere seconds, he shrinked down to the size of a bottle. Astonished and infuriated, Pythor slithered off as the Falcon pursued him.

After The Titanium Ninja

Once the Golden Master was destroyed, the ninja or the Ninjago City Police managed to capture Pythor and imprisoned him in the Kryptarium Prison, where he was given a special cell with a glass wall and a dollhouse.[11]

Tournament of Elements

The Greatest Fear of All

Pythor drinking tea and talking to the ball "Rodrigo," while the ninja visited him in the prison

When Chen and the Anacondrai Cultists turned into real Anacondrai, Wu decided they had to visit someone who could help them. Therefore, the ninja went to the Kryptarium Prison, where they visited the cell with Pythor. Meanwhile, a small and mentally unstable former Serpentine King was talking to a ball called "Rodrigo" in his dollhouse, sitting in a chair drinking tea. When the ninja came, he refused to give answers for all the pain they put him through however when he saw Garmadon as an Anacondrai, he changed his mind. He then negotiated that he will find a way so they may return him to normal size in return—which wasn't easy, since the only known weakness were the Sacred Flutes and yet the new Anacondrai were originally human, rendering the instrument useless. To make matters worse, said enemy broke into the prison searching for Pythor; although turned, the spell was wearing off and they needed Pythor to achieve the living essence of their manifestation to make the spell permanent.

Pythor in Garma-Condrai's hand

Zane realized their goal after seeing Pythor's sweat fall on Garmadon's hand transforming it and pointed this out to everyone. Then understanding why Chen hadn't attacked Ninjago yet, Wu and Lloyd decided to get Pythor out of the prison and keep him away from the Cultists. As they made their escape, Garmadon and Wu argued with him about cowardice and treachery, relating to how the Anacondrai attacked first during the Serpentine War, but Pythor revealed a reeling twist: the Anacondrai had legitimately wanted peace and sought to honor the truce until Chen told them that the humans would use this lapse to ambush them. It was Lloyd who drives the revelation home, saying Chen "played both sides" so they would destroy each other in chaos and he would rise as the victor.

Pythor is brought before Chen to complete the spell

Ultimately, they arrived in the courtyard of the prison where several Anacondrai Cultists have arrived before to capture the last living Anacondrai. Garmadon, Wu, and Lloyd tried to keep Pythor away from them, but a battle broke out between them and the Cultists.

In the midst of the battle, Lloyd lost Pythor while using Spinjitzu, and the Cultists captured him, though Wu managed to reclaim him. They were distracted when the ninja arrive, allowing the Cultists to seize him and escape in the Blade-Copters.

Pythor imprisoned by Chen

Captured, Pythor was forced by Chen to run on a wheel while being chased by a swamp rat so they could gather his sweat, which contained his essence and will give the Cultists permanent appearances as the fake Anacondrai. Once they did, they abandoned Pythor to his fate, with Chen remarking in a mocking tone to the miniature Anacondrai's pleas that they did not share his sense of honor.

The Corridor of Elders

Pythor proposes an idea to stop Chen

After several hours of strenuous running in a wheel, Pythor wondered where the ninja were when he needed them. However, he quickly realized that when the ninja were not there, he had to become a ninja. With a new dose of energy, he managed to jump out of the wheel and free himself. Then he noticed the Book of Spells lying on the table and began looking for a spell that would restore his original size. During the search, however, he was interrupted by Cyrus Borg's voice in the radio, who reported the Anacondrai attacks on Ninjago. Pythor told himself that they were not real Anacondrai, which led him to the idea of bringing back the Anacondrai generals from the Cursed Realm. When he learned that the ninja were in the Corridor of Elders, he managed to tame the swamp rat that had previously chased him in the wheel and named it Rodrigo, as well as the ball in the Kryptarium Prison. He then put himself on Rodrigo's back with the Book of Spells and galloped away from Chen's camp.

Pythor reading the Book of Spells

As a climactic battle ensued at the Corridor of Elders, Pythor came riding into battle on the swamp rat that he tamed and has named Rodrigo while carrying the Book of Spells. He persuaded Lloyd to bring him aboard the Bounty, which he did. Wu told Pythor that there wasn't any way to stop the battle, but Pythor acknowledged the fact that the original Anacondrai could put an end to it. Garmadon lashed out at him, saying that the battle wasn't about Pythor or making him big again until Pythor unveiled the spell to bring back the spirits of the Anacondrai generals, who he knew would not stand for this. Garmadon, as the man who imprisoned them, sacrificed himself to bring back the generals, who then imprisoned Chen and his Cultists in the Cursed Realm.

Pythor is restored to his normal size

When it was all done, the generals commended Pythor for his actions, saying that he finally made his Anacondrai ancestors proud: hearing this, he said even he could change. As thanks for redeeming himself, they restored his size, much to Pythor's elation. After the end of the battle, smiling Pythor landed on the Bounty with Wu, Lloyd, and Misako, in the Corridor of Elders and then he dissapeared.

Prior to Day of the Departed

Afterward, Pythor tried adapting to life in Ninjago as a citizen and not a villain. He made efforts to try and fit in with the people instead of constantly plotting against them.[12] Despite this, Pythor still aspired to conquer Ninjago.

Day of the Departed

Pythor looking at his statue in the Hall of Villainy

On the Day of the Departed, Pythor set off to the Ninjago Museum of History to view the Hall of Villainy. Upon entering the exhibit, he found that all the villains' statues were gone except his, as they were possessed by the revived spirits of the villains after Cole accidentally opened the Departed Realm. After taking the fake Anacondrai Staff from his statue, Pythor found the revived villains elsewhere in the exhibit, where they were tasked by Master Yang with hunting the ninja. The former Serpentine King quickly succumbed to the crime again and longed for revenge on the ninja, so he happily joined them, greeting his "loyal friend" Cryptor and Master Chen with fond memories of him. When the villains began to choose their opponents, Pythor chose Lloyd because he believed that if he caused Garmadon's death, he should get rid of his son as well. Pythor then suggested to the others that they get some help that Cryptor discovered in the Hall of Sidekicks. Unfortunately, there were no Serpentine, so Pythor had to go into battle alone.

Pythor and his "loyal friend" Cryptor.

Pythor fighting Lloyd

At the Corridor of Elders, Lloyd and Misako commemorated Garmadon by his monument, where they were confronted by the shadowy figure. When Pythor revealed himself and slithered out from behind the rock, he asked Lloyd if he remembered what he had told him at their last meeting. Lloyd realized that he said something about how if anyone was going to take over the world, it should be Pythor. Subsequently, Pythor attacked the family. As he and Lloyd fought, Pythor caused a the head of a giant samurai statue to fall onto Lloyd. While struggling to hold it up, Pythor cornered Misako, and Lloyd found strength in remembering his father - which allowed him to use Spinjitzu and escape from the monument's remains. He and Misako pursued Pythor onto the head of Garmadon's monument, where they cornered Pythor against the edge. Refusing to yield, Pythor chose to make a "spectacular exit" and jumped off the monument. Though he survived the fall, he was dazed and potentially injured, remarking that he should've brought sidekicks like the other villains.

Pythor's Revenge

The day after the Day of the Departed, the ninja moved down the street from the Ninjago Museum of History to the Borg Store and talked about the BorgWatch, when disguised Pythor watched them from the shadows in a nearby alleyway. He quickly realized that he could gain the attention of Ninjago by being the first to show the world BorgWatch, so he watched the ninja.

When the ninja left the Borg Store with the Thermodynamic Temperature Gauge, which was supposed to help them fix Dr. Saunders' thermostat, a cloaked figure stood in their way, putting on a hood and revealing that it was Pythor. Lloyd mockingly asked him if he wanted to fight them again, which Pythor just laughed at. He then explained to them that he realized that he would not gain the recognition he longed for by defeating the ninja and that he did not need to take over the world in order to command his attention. Pythor then hit Jay with his staff and knocked the device out of his hand. With it in his possession, he turned and fled. The ninja chased him around the city until he ran into the crowd in front of the Borg Store waiting for the announcement of the new BorgWatch. However, Pythor decided to show it to his fellow Serpentine before showing this sneak peek to people. Therefore, he opened the manhole cover and climbed into the sewers. After a short search, he found the Serpentine village, where he met his long-lost friend Skales. The Serpentine King didn't want to let him into the village, but Pythor finally convinced him. He tried to show Serpentine that he was still worthy of being one of them, because he was the first to show them the device. When Skales Jr. he began to believe, the ninja invaded the village and forced Pythor to escape.

Pythor then climbed back to the surface, trying to show the device to the fans standing in front of the Borg Store while standing on the lamp. When the crowd began to trust him, however, the ninja appeared, and Nya and Lloyd pretended to also have a BorgWatch components to make Pythor sound like a cheater. Eventually, their plan worked out, but Pythor managed to escape.

As the ninja gave up the search and returned to the Bounty, Jay turned on the television and realized the next step in Pythor's plan. The former Serpentine King went to Gayle Gossip, and she announced that BorgWatch component would be revealed that evening. When the ninja arrived at the Ninjago News Center, Pythor was already waiting with Gayle on stage. Gayle then told her assistant to go get the device, so the ninja followed her. When they managed to get the Thermodynamic Temperature Gauge with a small lie, Pythor showed up at the door, aware that the ninja would show up, so he went after the assistant. The ninja then fled the room and threw fruit from the bowl at Pythor, who followed them. Because he was crawling too fast, he couldn't dodge the throw and slipped on banana peels. Finally, when he got backstage, Pythor threatened the ninja that if they didn't give him the device, he would throw sand bags at Zane, who was pinned under a heavy prop. Lloyd finally decided it would be best to give the device to Pythor, and he did. Lucky Pythor didn't even notice that the device was fake and returned to the stage.

When the time came for the great revelation, Pythor realized he didn't have the right device, but it was too late. Fortunately, Gayle managed to play it out so that the device was always fake. However, an angry Pythor left the studio and hid in an unknown place.

Sons of Garmadon

The Quiet One

When Harumi and Lloyd are sailing on a river in Primeval's Eye, Lloyd suggested Pythor as one guess to which villain Harumi thought was the greatest.

Game of Masks

When the ninja tried to explain to the Sons of Garmadon that it was not a good idea to resurrect Garmadon, Jay used various examples of such a failure, including Pythor and his revival of the Great Devourer.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Questing for Quests

When the ninja were brainstorming potentional missions in a hot tub, Cole suggested finding and confronting Pythor. However, Zane replies that his whereabouts are unknown and that locating him would require some effort.

Master of the Mountain


When the ninja receive an invitation to Princess Vania's birthday, Lloyd doesn't know what's going on and asks the ninja about various bad events that may have happened, including Pythor's return.

Prior to Crystalized

Sometime after the New Ninja team was formed, Pythor was busted by the five vigilantes and then he was imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison. During his time in prison, he also learned that the Crystal King was gathering the ninja's former opponents into his council, and that he would sooner or later be visited by the king.


Kryptarium Prison Blues

Pythor meeting the ninja in Kryptarium Prison

When Pythor noticed that the ninja were in Kryptarium Prison, he came to visit them in the yard while they had lunch. He laughed at how ironic it was that they were now locked up with the villains they had fought before. Kai reminded that Pythor was there with them, but the Anacondrai used it to provoke the ninja and explained that he had been arrested by the New Ninja who were much better than the old ones. Pythor then reminded them that someone was gathering villains and freeing them from prison, recruiting them into the army. Although Kai told him they wouldn't let that happen, Pythor laughed at that and said he liked to look into it because they were jerks compared to the New Ninja. The Fire Ninja then became angry and hit Pythor in the head with a coaster. The angry Anacondrai then grabbed the hard cake from the Skulkin's coaster and threw it at Kai. He then took the entire coaster from the Skulkin and did the same with Ultra Violet's coaster, throwing them all at the ninja. However, prison guards then ran to the prisoners and stopped the battle, taking Pythor to his cell. As he left, he shouted all hail the Crystal King.

Pythor accepting the offer of the Kabuki Mask

While Pythor slept at night, crystal spiders broke into his cell. One small robot tried to wake him with a blow to the head, although it only worked after a few attempts. After waking up, Pythor quickly threw the spider out of bed, but then noticed a hologram projected by an another spider. An unknown person in a Kabuki mask offered him the opportunity to join the Council of the Crystal King. Pythor then told the person to give him a sec to wake up. The Anacondrai then hit himself in the face to wake up and subsequently accepted the Kabuki Mask's offer.

Pythor escaping Kryptarium Prison

By the time the ninja reached his cell, Pythor had climbed through the tunnel the spiders had dug up, shouting at the ninja that he had to meet the Crystal King. Then he caught a flying spider, which carried him across the pipe to the roof of the prison. He then stood on the backs of several spiders and let them ride across the bridge, laughing that the crystal spiders were the only way to travel. When he reached the end of the balcony bridge, a special crystal hovercraft flew in, and Pythor noted that it was first-class accommodations. He then boarded the hovercraft, and while laughing at the ninja, he and the crystal spiders flew away.

Pythor was then taken to the Crystal King Temple, where he waited until the day the villains' meeting was to begin.

The Council of the Crystal King

Pythor with the other members of the Council of the Crystal King

When Lloyd, disguised as the Mechanic, entered the meeting room, Pythor was sitting at the table with the other villains, Aspheera, Vangelis, and Mister F. When Lloyd was surprised to see Mr. E, Pythor explained that this was a new model, called Mister F, which unfortunately does not speak either. As Aspheera became angry with the ninja for always ruining everything, she began to shout that she longed for revenge. Pythor repeated these words ironically to her, and when she asked him what he said, he denied that he would say anything and asked her the same question also ironically.

Invisible Pythor grabbing Lloyd

Lloyd then asked who was sitting in the last chair, while Pythor told him that it was the Crystal King's chair. But then the Kabuki Mask appeared and explained to them that this was his place and that he was not the Crystal King. Then he told the villains that there was an impostor among them. All the villains, including Pythor, were shocked and tried to find out who he was until the Kabuki Mask revealed that it was Lloyd disguised as the Mechanic. As Lloyd tried to escape, Pythor shouted at the other villains to catch him. Lloyd then accidentally fired a flame from a robo-arm at Pythor, but the Anacondrai managed to dodge. Lloyd then ran on, but the invisible Pythor caught him and appeared to him. Although Lloyd used Spinjitzu and broke free of Pythor's grip, he was eventually stopped by the Kabuki Mask, who revealed his secret identity: Harumi.


“Oh, dear, due to my unfortunate appearance, I tend to have an unsettling effect on people, heh.”
— Pythor to Lloyd in "Never Trust a Snake"
“Actually, I suffered a worse fate. Digested in the bowels of the Devourer. It can wreak havoc on one's complexion.”
— Pythor to Lloyd in "The Curse of the Golden Master"

Unlike most Serpentine, Pythor has a very long and curving neck—at full height, he is approximately twice as tall as a regular character—making him look even more snake-like than his brethren. His skin is purple, with black markings and gold spines along his chest, forehead, and light blue gems on his head and chest. Like the other Serpentine Generals and all of the Anacondrai, he has a long tail instead of legs.

When Pythor was devoured by the Great Devourer, his appearance had changed significantly due to the acids in the bowels of the Devourer. His skin was bleached to white, black markings turned to purple and his pink eyes changed to red.

As the Stranger, he wore a long white robe with a black belt and hood that covered his entire head except for two glowing red eyes. He wore similar clothes during the Day of the Departed, except for the hood. A blue gem also appears in his neckline and has a different, more Serpentine-like belt.

During his imprisonment at the Kryptarium Prison, he wore a striped prison uniform. Later, when Chen kidnapped him, he put on a brown-red Anacondrai vest.

In Jay's memorial daydream, Pythor is slightly lighter purple, has red eyes and no scales on his body. The black markings with gold spines are no longer on the back of his neck or on his tail. In front of the body, on the chest and below, he has light purple scales resembling abdominal muscles. There are black spots and gold spines around them. He has a gold chain hanging on his neck with a snake motif, on which there is a lightblue gem.

Weapons and abilities

Pythor using the Anacondrai invisibility


Anacondrai abilities

  • Anacondrai invisibility: Pythor's primary ability allows him to turn invisible. It is occasionally implied to be more than simple camouflage, as everyone seems to think that Pythor is no longer physically present after he cloaks himself, even if they saw the Anacondrai turning invisible right in front of them.
  • Swallowing bigger objects: Pythor can increase his jaw width and swallow opponents whole, although swallowed victims can still try to escape his belly.[13]
  • Prolonged lifespan: Like the rest of the Serpentine, Pythor has a prolonged lifespan.
  • Fire resistance: Like all Anacondrai, Pythor's hide is immune to fire.[14]

Pythor's swallowed victim

Other abilities

  • Strategy: Pythor can come up with various complex plans and traps, such as making friends with Lloyd and then betraying him,[6] luring the ninja into a trap in the underground fortress,[15] or stealing the Digital Overlord's hard drive.[16]
  • Manipulation: Pythor is very good at manipulating, such as when he manipulated Lloyd to think he was his friend.[6]
  • Hand-to-hand combat capability: Pythor has displayed some hand-to-hand combat capability, using punches and tail whips.
  • Cannon shooting: Pythor is also good at cannon shooting, as it turned when out he was able to hit a small lizard near Darkley's.[6]
  • Computer skills: During his secrecy after the attack of the Great Devourer, Pythor learned relatively complicated computer skills and hacking.


  • Anacondrai Staff: Pythor can fight with his staff, although he usually uses it a little awkwardly.
  • Snake bow: Pythor proved to be a good archer when he saved Techno Wu using a bow.[16]
  • Whistle: During the theft of Electro-Cobrai, Pythor used a whistle that could break the glass in the aquarium.[7]
  • Snake strangler: During Lloyd's abduction in Hiroshi's Labyrinth, Pythor used a snake strangler, a programmed metal weapon that held Lloyd in grip and prevented him from moving.[7]
  • Bone: While breaking into Borg Tower, Pythor used a bone as a weapon.[17]


  • Combat clumsiness: Because Pythor has never been a high-ranking warrior,[2] he cannot fight very well and often uses weapons very clumsily and relies on his minions.
  • Cowardice: Pythor is a fairly cowardly warrior, and when his opponent is outnumbered, he either disappears or runs away.


“Pythor's our most dangerous threat. If he finds those tombs before we do, with his intellect and all four tribes unleashed, there's no telling what he'll do.”
Wu to the ninja in "Can of Worms"

Pythor pretends to be Lloyd's friend

At first glance, Pythor is polite and friendly, but this is only a facade he uses to lure others into his plots. His true personality is very arrogant and scheming, and he has no qualms about tricking others into furthering his own goals. He is also quite cowardly (or, perhaps, aware that his combat skill is insufficient to match his foes), as he almost never confronts his enemies directly, relying on traps and his fellow Serpentine to disable them or give him an advantage. Pythor also expresses a more snarky, sarcastic side as well, usually about his circumstances or others, and often bears a dark sense of humor. He is additionally an incredible leader, being a tactical genius, and incredibly smooth and charismatic to others. Pythor was also shown to have some thirst for knowledge, as he was fond of studying the Electro-Cobrai, which he would use in the future to recharge the Nindroids, and in his spare time on the Day of the Departed, he decided to visit the Ninjago Museum of History as an entertainment.

Pythor is afraid of Samurai X

He is also quite ruthless, willingly devouring several of his fellow tribe members to survive, ordering his subordinates to throw Lloyd, a mere child, into a pit of lava within the Fire Temple, likewise using Lloyd as an expendable scout or when he threw the Tour Guide off the bus while driving just because he was driving slower. He would even condemn Kai to being incinerated by the flames of a rocket's exhaust fumes, merely remarking on a barbecue, and was incredibly vengeful.

Pythor trying to swallow Master Wu

Additionally, Pythor showed a rather vain and egotistical side, being offended from mere physical contact with Skales and considering himself better than others, most likely due to his status as an Anacondrai. Consequently, he was also loyal to the reputation and legacy of his deceased tribe, regardless of his callous devouring of them, and would even assist the ninja to stop Chen from tarnishing their name, swallowing his pride.

Pythor enjoying the relesaing of the Devourer

While generally charming and charismatic, Pythor is also an incredibly cruel, psychotic, and disturbed being. He greatly enjoys indulging in cannibalism, constantly having recipes for eating other Serpentine on his own personal being and even attempting to devour his enemies alive. Likewise, he shows a rather sadistic attitude towards victims and in particular Lloyd, bragging over having given Garmadon the plan to defeat Chen that ultimately killed the Master. He enjoys gloating this fact towards Lloyd, often mocking the Green Ninja and feeding his feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, and treating him as a particular nemesis. Pythor also seems to hold a particular obligation towards killing Garmadon's entire family, taking pride in having a hand in Garmadon's death and using it as motivation to finish off his relatives and loved ones as well.

Pythor talking with "Rodrigo"

In moments of extreme stress (either triumph or hindrance), Pythor displays what may be his true self: a raging madman obsessed with his goal of reviving the Great Devourer and restoring Serpentine dominance over Ninjago. In this state, his voice becomes noticeably higher-pitched, heavily interspersed with mad laughter and hysterical screaming. This side of Pythor when unleashing the Great Devourer, as he was reduced to incoherent yelps of fear as the beast emerged from Ouroboros. Loneliness could influence the birth of this mad side since Pythor remained alone in the tomb of Anacondrai for a long time and at the same time he firmly believes that everyone, even tyrants, needs friends. As confirmation, when alone, Pythor either talks to himself or makes insensate friends like a ball and a rat. Even after the Serpentine chose to become pacifists and the Great Devourer was destroyed, Pythor continued to harbor a dark grudge against the ninja and everyone else in general. Despite attempting to reform following his help in defeating Chen, he quickly fell back into villainy, being a natural megalomaniac.

The day after Day of the Departed, Pythor fully realized that he would not gain the recognition he wanted by defeating the ninja and that he did not need to take over the world in order to command his attention, thus fully manifesting his narcissistic and egoistic nature, while all he cares about is being the center of attention. He also returned briefly to Serpentine village, wanting to regain the attention of his fellow Serpentine.


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  • Unnamed (mother)



Official descriptions

Rise of the Snakes (2017 Museum gallery)

Pythor P. Chumsworth is a survivor. The last of the Anacondrai, he has hatched dozens of schemes and somehow managed to avoid total defeat at the hands of the Ninja. Ruthless and a very good liar, Pythor’s arrival always brings trouble. And despite the best efforts of Master Wu’s team, he keeps coming back again.[18]

Day of the Departed

When Lloyd found Pythor in the Anacondrai tomb he was the last remaining member of the snake tribe. Quite how he ended up as the sole survivor isn’t entirely clear, but a quick look through his things revealed recipes for Snake Soufflé, Anacondrai Au Vin, Cobra Cobbler, Roast Reptile and Serpentine Surprise. If he did eat the rest of the tribe, he got his “just desserts” when he was swallowed by the Great Devourer. Pythor always finds an upside, though. He used the monstrous snake-god’s stomach acid to “go blonde”.[19]

Character Encyclopedia New Edition


PYTHOR WAS GENERAL of the Anacondrai, the most feared snake tribe around. After their inprisonment many years ago, he is now the tribe's last surviving member. Pythor want all four Fang Blades so that he can release the Great Devourer and destroy Ninjago Island.


A SPELL IN THE STOMACH of the Great Devourer has turned Pythor a ghostly white. Now Master Chen wants to capture Pythor and use his sweat to create his own Anacondrai warriors! Pythor isn't keen on the idea, and might just have to team up with the ninja ....



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Day of the Departed

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 14: Seabound

The Virtues of Spinjitzu

Season 15: Crystalized



Video games


His name is a pun on the animal "python," a species of a large snake. His middle name is unknown[20], but it starts with "P." His last name consists of two words, the first is "chums" and the second is "worth".

Behind the scenes

  • Promotional image of Pythor with Fangtom's torso and tail and with closed mouth

    In the promotional image from 2012, Pythor uses recolored pieces of Fangtom's torso and tail and has his mouth closed, which, however, does not show up on a real minifigure.
    • However, Legacy Pythor has a slightly similar design to Pythor in this image.
  • In the Tournament of Elements sets, Pythor is featured as an antagonist who sides with the Anacondrai Cultists and battles the ninja. His role in the TV show is completely different, as he is really entirely against the Cultists and eventually winds up siding with the ninja to defeat them. This was likely done to make his defection in the show a plot twist.
  • In particular, the reticulated python is the longest species of snake in the world (although not the biggest overall), just as Pythor is the tallest Serpentine and has the longest neck in the show (not counting the Great Devourer or Clouse's pet).
  • Pythor P. Chumsworth is the first Serpentine with a full name, (the other being Skales Jr.) although it is only mentioned in "Never Trust a Snake," Pythor's Revenge, "Blue Lightning," and "Kryptarium Prison Blues".
    • It is never revealed what the "P" stands for, and no one knows, according to Tommy Andreasen.[20]
    • Creators had about a dozen alternate names for him lined up as Tommy Andreasen was sure the name "Pythor" wouldn't get legal clearance.[20]
  • Pythor's minifigure was very expensive to design.[21]
  • Every Pythor's minifigure except his Tournament of Elements and the Legacy minifigure has some inconsistencies with his designs in the show.
    • While he had purple arms in the TV show, his original minifigure in 9449 Ultra Sonic Raider featured black arms.
    • His original minifigure has red eyes, although his eyes are pink in the TV show.
    • His Day of the Departed minifigure has white gloves instead of purple hands he had in the special.
  • Pythor's appearance as the Stranger resembles Entity 303, a Minecraft creepypasta. Both of them wear white hoodies with the hood shadowing their faces, and have glowing red eyes.
  • There are several changes between Pythor's design in Rebooted and Tournament of Elements due to the release of the physical minifigure, namely slightly different purple symbols and the complete absence of yellow on his head and tail, with the symbols on the front of the lower body having a white hole in the center that was not there before.
  • He is one of twelve Serpentine to have their name mentioned in the show, the others being Skales, Skales Jr., Arcturus, Clancee, Raggmunk, Blunck, Machia, Aspheera, Char, Acidicus, and Mambo V.
  • His white robe as "the stranger" is based on Mace Windu's most commonly used torso design from LEGO Star Wars.
  • Pythor's appearance in "Blue Lightning" is different from his original appearance. In addition to his Legacy appearance, he no longer has scales and has smaller red eyes without an eyeliner instead of larger pink ones, and the hip section that he had prior to Season 4 is gone.
    • His tail is also almost completely static and has the same shape as a physical LEGO piece. This is probably done to save money on the animation in the shorts, as he and the other Serpentine have no scales at all.
  • Pythor, along with Chen, is Tommy Andreasen's favorite villain because he's funny.[22]
  • When asked if Pythor will return, Tommy Andreasen said, "If an opportunity ever presents itself. These things need to happen organically though."[23]
    • His return in Season 15: Crystalized was confirmed in 2022, 1 year after the asking while most likely Pythor's return was already known among the creators.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the reason Pythor was bleached in Rebooted is that "the designers wanted a new look for him. We've explained it with stomach acids."[24]
  • Of the five original Serpentine general minifigures, Pythor is the only one with a rotatable head. This is because his head mold does not extend over the back of the torso like the others.
  • Pythor's design in Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu compared to his design in Season 15: Crystalized

    Pythor has a unique head shape and longer neck compared to his other Anacondrai brethren.
  • Unlike the other Serpentine, Pythor has three-dimensional scales in the WildBrain animation as in the WILFilm animation, unlike the two-dimensional scales used on the other WildBrain animated Serpentine characters.
  • Pythor's design in Season 15 is inspired by his original appearance and his Legacy design used in Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu. While retaining his three-dimensional scales and white color, his head and face design is the same as in "Blue Lightning," with no purple eye border and purple markings not appearing on his tail at all.


  • Pythor, the rest of the Anacondrai, and Clancee are the only Serpentine who don't put extra emphasis on "S" sounds when they are talking.
  • Pythor appeared in every episode of the first season from his debut to his assumed death, for a total of ten appearances.
    • Due to his return in Rebooted, Pythor has become the Serpentine character with the most appearances in the show.
  • Pythor is one of the oldest villains in the series, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1, the secondary antagonist of Season 3, a supporting character in Season 4, one of the secondary antagonists of "Day of the Departed," and one of the "five generals" of Season 15.
    • Due to the great majority of villains in the series either having reformed, been trapped in some form, or dead, Pythor is the only antagonist who has still yet to be fully defeated, discounting those yet to be introduced.
  • He has a very different appearance from the rest of his tribe, as he has a much longer neck, has a slightly more purple scales without a hint of pink, and has pink eyes instead of red ones.
    • However, his eyes were red in the flashback in "Spellbound," where it was caused by being hypnotized. He also has red eyes after soaking in the Devourer's stomach acids.
  • The Character Encyclopedia states that he was general of the Anacondrai, but now he's the tribe's last surviving member. However, Pythor was not a general.
  • Pythor is the only named character in the show known to be a cannibal, due to the fact that he ate his own kind while locked in the Serpentine tomb.
    • It was stated on that "a quick look through his things revealed recipes for Snake Soufflé, Anacondrai Au Vin, Cobra Cobbler, Roast Reptile and Serpentine Surprise."[19]
  • Pythor is similar to Nadakhan in several respects.
    • Both are charming, charismatic leaders who are the last of their kind.
    • Both stood out from the rest of their species, with Pythor having a different appearance from the other Anacondrai despite not being a general and Nadakhan being selfish, greedy, and disrespectful in a race of otherwise honorable djinns.
    • Both ultimately lost support and friendship from their underlings.
    • Both were imprisoned by their enemies long before the series began, only to be freed in their debut episode, going on to become the main antagonists of their season.
    • Finally, both suffered defeat in an ironic fashion: Pythor was eaten by the Great Devourer after awakening it, while Nadakhan was forced to undo the events of Skybound by Jay's final wish.
  • He is also similar to Kalmaar in several respects.
    • Both are purple non-human villains without legs and with a new head mould designed just for them.
    • Both first appear in the fourth episode of the season where they serve as the main antagonist.
    • Both speak with a British accent.
    • Both committed murder of at least three members of their own kind.
    • Both have eyes of a different color on the physical minifigure than in the show.
    • They both wish to awaken a giant serpent: Wojira and the Great Devourer respectively.
      • Coincidentally, both were devoured by the ones who they wished to re-awaken. However, while Pythor survived albeit with his completely bleached scales, Kalmaar was killed completely.
      • However, Pythor awakened the Great Devourer in the penultimate episode, whereas Kalmaar awakened Wojira earlier.
  • Pythor used to only appear in large sets: Ultra Sonic Raider, Ninja DBX, and Samurai X Cave Chaos. This fact was changed with the release of the new 70668 Jay's Storm Fighter.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Pythor was most likely a coward during the Serpentine War[25] and a "low ranking opportunist."[2] It is also possible his long neck made him an outcast from the rest of his tribe.[26]
  • In addition to his long neck, Pythor shares some similarities with the Anacondrai serpent when compared to the rest of the Anacondrai. Both have pink eyes, a darker purple color, and shorter snouts.
  • The blue gem on Pythor's chest may hint that the Serpentine came from Chima.[27]
  • While the Anacondrai do not exist in the non-canon series containing Kingdom of the Snakes, Pythor's name is mentioned by Lasha in the book.
  • Though Pythor does not know Spinjitzu, he seems to be doing it on the Ninjago Spinners card "Swap You."
  • Pythor's name can be seen in the credits for the episode "Blackout," despite his appearance in the episode was as the "Mysterious Stranger" and intended to be a surprise.
    • However, the episode and the following episode aired back to back, so this detail was not notable.
  • When Pythor folds his hood at the end of "The Curse of the Golden Master," it is possible to see a stud on his black head for a short time before he shows up.[28]
  • Pythor's arc in Rebooted seams to be inspired by Saruman from The Lord of the Rings as they both were figures dressed in white helping the big evil while still having personal ambitions.
  • After being bleached by the Devourer, Pythor's voice sounded more deep and gravely, almost like he is sick.
    • Nevertheless, this is only the case for "The Curse of the Golden Master," as in the next episode his voice returned to normal, even though it was a little higher.
  • The Overlord would possibly have gotten rid of or betrayed Pythor eventually, as he did with Garmadon.[29]
  • In LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, Pythor, in his non-bleached form, is the most expensive of the Serpentine, costing 500,000 studs, likely due to his popularity and importance.
  • In The Realm of Shadows, a shrunken Pythor is seen caged behind Wu.
  • Kai states in "Ninjago's Most Wanted" that Pythor only helped them defeat the Anacondrai Cultists because he knew the Anacondrai generals would make him big again. This would explain his easy descent back into villainy as of "Day of the Departed."
  • Pythor appears in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame as a boss in the training dojo "The Slithering Catacombs" and can be unlocked as a playable character by achieving gold medal status in the said dojo, which requires the player to accumulate at least 170,000 studs.
    • However, this is his white-scaled, and his purple-scaled self is not present in the game.
  • He was credited in "The Weekend Drill" despite not appearing in the episode.
  • Pythor appears in up to two sets on a ninja computer screen as a wanted person. These are 70596 Samurai X Cave Chaos and 71741 Ninjago City Gardens.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, it's possible Pythor could become purple again by shedding his scales.[30]
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Pythor and Aspheera would likely not get along well, as there would be "Too much ego on each side."[31]



Main article: Pythor/Gallery


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