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Pythor's Revenge is a Ninjago book. It takes place the day after "Day of the Departed."

Official Description

The action continues with all your favorite ninja! Chapter book #11 is an all-new story based on the Cartoon Network special DAY OF THE DEPARTED, in which the ninja must face all their classic foes for one final battle.


Exhausted from the events of "Day of the Departed," the Ninja decided to take the day off and move into the temple. While deciding what to do, Lloyd receives a text from Dareth inviting them to a fun activity at the museum. Once they arrive, however, he reveals he needs them to clean up the mess he made during his fight with Kozu. He asks them to complete the task, claiming he needs to be present for a rumored reveal of the BorgWatch, a highly anticipated device designed by Cyrus Borg. Dareth then leaves them to fix the mess. Pythor heard it all and stole the prototype, threatening to reveal it all on television.


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