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These are the relationships of Pythor.


The Overlord

Overlord, Pythor, and Possessed Cyrus 2

Pythor and the Overlord

Pythor allied himself with The Overlord to get vengeance on the ninja for letting the Great Devourer eat him. The Overlord was shocked at Pythor restoring him, though he gained a liking for Pythor after he saw how vile and cunning he was and both worked to capture Lloyd.

During the Final Battle, Pythor shielded The Overlord from the ninja's attack and ended up being shrunk.




Pythor and Lloyd

Pythor manipulated Lloyd to get his hands on the map to the Serpentine tombs and wasted no time in betraying after his usefulness ran out.

Pythor later allied himself with The Overlord to get vengeance on Lloyd for letting the Great Devourer eat him but it resulted in him being shrunk and imprisoned in Kryptarium Prison.

During the Second Serpentine War, Pythor wasn't pleased to see Lloyd again but had no choice but to help the ninja. Lloyd even protected Pythor from Chen's forces and Pythor gave the ninja a spell that would banish Chen and his followers. By doing this, Pythor became a temporary ally to the ninja, despite the spell banishing Lloyd's father, Garmadon too.

During Day of the Departed, Pythor fell back into his evil ways and decided to use the events of the day to destroy Lloyd since he defeated his father. They fought and Pythor use underhanded moves such as holding Lloyd's mother hostage but Lloyd and his mother broke free and Pythor disappeared into the night.



Pythor and Chen

Because of Chen and his followers turning themselves into Anacondrai, Pythor grew dislike at their audacity to masquerading as his proud race.

Pythor's disgust for them increased after he learned Chen caused the Serpentine War by lying to both sides. After they captured him, Pythor insulted them by calling them frauds, as they had him chased by a Swamp Rat to sweat out essence for them to maintain their form. Pythor was not pleased when a mocking Chen left him to his fate of nearly being devoured by said rat.

As revenge, Pythor tamed the rat and gave the ninja a spell that could defeat the impostors. He watched gleefully as they were banished to the Cursed Realm.

During Day of the Departed, Pythor and Chen met again with neither being pleased to see the other and giving a tense acknowledgment. Despite that, they were united in wanting vengeance on the ninja.

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