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The Ramne noodle cart is a cart in Ninjago City that sells ramen noodles.


Questing for Quests

After the ninja had gotten lost while trying to find the illegal bootlegging operation at the wharfs, they asked the Ramne noodle cart owner for directions, and he pointed them in the direction they should go.

The News Never Sleeps!

Nelson and Antonia bike through the streets of Ninjago City, which are full of Elemental Cobras. They pass the carts, which are on fire.


When Kai is talking to Jake, a destroyed noodle cart is behind him.

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

A street vendor was handing out ramen to a local.

Ninjago Confidential

The Ramne noodle cart was seen in front of Laughy's.


A woman pushes her noodle cart while running away from Merlopians, who were attacking Ninjago City.


The Ramne noodle cart is a 3-wheeler cart, with a sign that is upheld by 2 wooden poles. A large noodle runs around one of the poles, and the image of a noodle bowl with eggs and noodle appears on the right of "Ramne" on the sign. It also has a handle to pull the cart from place to place.



Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 14: Seabound


  • Although the correct spelling is "Ramen", a type of Japanese noodle soup, the stand is named "Ramne" in Ninjargon.
  • In Season 12, a woman worked at the Ramne noodle cart. It is unknown if she is the new owner or just an employee.
  • A similar cart that appears to sell noodles can be seen in the episodes "The Jade Princess" and "True Potential".




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