“A ravture youngling, don't touch it! It needs to learn to fly on its own. Keep climbing, slowly.”

Ravtures are aerial, bird-like creatures that appeared in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. That are native exclusively to Ninjago's cliff faces.



When Lloyd comes across a baby Ravture alone in the mountains, Master Garmadon told him to let it be. Lloyd was about to move on when he sees the bird almost fall and helps it. Its father arrives and attacks Lloyd and Garmadon, but Lloyd was able to save him. He then sees the baby fall and tries to help, but was relieved to see it fly on its own.


  • Their name may be a combination of "raven" and "capture" or raptor, another type of bird.
  • Like many other birds, they are very protective of their young.



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