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“It was a message. I stamped all my work, hoping one day someone would figure out where we were. So that together we could stop Krux and Acronix's plan.”
— Ray to Kai and Nya, "Pause and Effect"

Ray is the former Elemental Master of Fire, Wu’s best friend,[1] the husband of Maya, and the father of Kai and Nya. Ray fought alongside the Elemental Alliance in the Serpentine War, which resulted in their adversaries being sealed in various tombs, with him personally imprisoning the Anacondrai tribe within their tomb in the Sea of Sand.

Following the war, Krux and Acronix, the Elemental Masters of Time, betrayed the alliance. Ray and Maya forged four blades using Chronosteel, which were used to sap the Time Twins' Elements before they were lost to time. However, Krux evaded his condemnation. Ray and Maya would have two kids, Nya and Kai, with the latter inheriting Ray's element.

Krux assumed a false identity and would eventually capture Ray and Maya, forcing them to create armor and vehicles for his Vermillion army. Ray and Maya were forced to comply as their children would be in danger if they refused to obey the demand. Many years later, Kai and Nya soon learned what happened to their parents, and reunited with them. However, Krux and Acronix used Kai and Nya to claim the last Time Blade. Ray was struck by one of the blades and began aging rapidly. When Kai and Nya went into the past and helped Wu defeat the Time Twins, Ray was saved and was finally free of his servitude.


Early life[]

As a teenager, Ray was very poor, wearing ragged clothes and going door to door selling custom made weapons to make a living for himself.[2]

At one point when Ray was turned down, he asked a nearby stranger to help him regather his weapons, not knowing the stranger was his future son, Kai, brought back in time by Nadakhan the Djinn.[2]

At some point, he discovered his powers and became the Elemental Master of Fire.

Kai: Ninja of Fire (non-canon)[]

One night, Ray and Master Wu were searching for samurai bandits, but when he spotted the silhouettes of scarecrows, he mistook them for the bandits and sprung into battle. The next morning, he was forced to apologize to the farmers that owned the scarecrows for his mistake.

Later life[]

At one point in their lives, Ray and Maya were handcuffed to a pole, and they were able to get loose by climbing over the top.[3]

As part of the Elemental Alliance, Ray fought alongside Wu and Garmadon in the Serpentine War. Not long Ray sealed the Anacondrai into their tomb using a Sacred Flute,[4] the Time Twins betrayed the Alliance, planning to take over Ninjago.[5] Wu had an idea and commissioned Ray and Maya to build blades made of Chronosteel, which would absorb the twins' powers. The crafting exhausted Ray and Maya, but they completed the weapons and rested while the rest of the Elemental Masters defeated the twins.[6] Shortly afterward, Wu found the Reversal Time Blade, which he instructed Ray and Maya to hide in the Boiling Sea so that it would be impossible to retrieve without the combined efforts of the Elemental Masters of Fire and Water.[7]

With Maya, Ray fathered two children, Kai and Nya, and his element of Fire was inherited by Kai. The parents decided to named Nya after Nyad, the supposed first Elemental Master of Water.[8] Later on, Wu wanted Ray to become a ninja, though he declined in order to stay at home with his wife to take care of their children and work at Four Weapons Blacksmith.[citation needed] As such, the old master entrusted him with the map to the Golden Weapons, made in the event of Wu's demise to ensure that the powerful artifacts could be retrieved in times of darkness.[9]

Ray often told his children stories of dragons, mythical creatures that belonged to the worlds of both the living and the dead.[10] He would often teach them proverbs such as "No matter how much fire you have, experience isn't something you learn overnight"[9] and "The world works in mysterious ways."[11]

Sometime later, Ray and his wife befriended a man named Dr. Sander Saunders, who became very close to them. However, the man revealed himself to be Krux; he wanted revenge for their contributions in the loss of his powers and his brother being lost in time. Krux threatened to harm a young Kai and Nya if his demands weren't met. As a result, Ray and his wife were forced into Krux's services and separated from their children. Following their disappearance, Kai and Nya became the new owners of his blacksmith shop.[6]


Ray and his wife would be forced to work for Krux in a blacksmith in the Vermillion Swamp for more than a decade, forced to design the armor and weapons for the Vermillion. But unbeknownst to Krux, Ray secretly stamped his work with his blacksmith stamp, hoping that one day, someone would figure out where they were.[6]

Pause and Effect[]

Ray was working in the blacksmith station in the Vermillion Swamp when someone soon bursts in, proclaiming him a traitor. Ray noted that the intruder was dressed in red, like the Vermillion before he pulled out his Dragon Blade and attacked. When the intruder shot a fireball at him, Ray was shocked and realized the intruder was his son, Kai before someone else comes in, trying to diffuse the situation before shooting water at him, making Ray realize that the second person was Nya. But his stubborn inherited son was too enraged by his supposed betrayal before Maya appears and managed to diffuse the situation herself. Ray soon explained about how they forged four Chronosteel weapons, which tired them out of not participating before they would eventually become the Time Blades following Krux and Acronix's banishment. He and Maya lived in peace with their two kids before meeting Krux, under the guise of Dr. Saunders before he had them create armor for the Vermillion warriors. When asked about his symbol, he said it was a message before telling the two they have to leave, but they were too late as Krux and Acronix arrived.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea[]

Ray apologizes to his children, saying that they didn't expect anyone to return. He gave them the Dragon Blade to complete their mission. He tried to tell them what they need to do, but Kai didn't want to waste time so they dove in.

When they returned, the twins prevented them from saving Wu. During the fight, Ray pushed Kai and took Acronix's Time Punch instead. The twins used the Pause Time Blade on them and they start to plummet into the Boiling Sea until Kai and Nya used the Fusion Dragon.

When Kai said the dragon wasn't fast enough to reach the Iron Doom in time, Maya grabbed Ray and jumped off, giving them the speed they needed.

Lost in Time[]

After Kai, Nya, and Wu followed the twins, Maya introduced Ray and herself as Kai and Nya's parents. There is nothing they can do but wait for their return. However, he revealed that he was hit with the Time Punch and the Reversal Blade can help him.

Eventually, they start to notice the city has no technology and that Zane has gone back to his original state.

When technology returned, Ray was getting older. Kai and Nya returned and healed him.

After Season 7[]

After catching up with Kai and Nya, Ray and Maya went on a tour of Ninjago.[12]

At some point, Ray and Maya returned to the blacksmith shop and resumed work there.[13]

A Big Splash[]

Upon learning from Kai that Nya was having problems with her powers, Ray and Maya go visit her, with Ray having to handle all the luggage.

The Call of the Deep[]

At the monastery, Ray and his son were playing Lava Zombies, dismissing Nya who was trying to talk with them, Kai later paused the video game in order to eat Maya's sandwiches and being treated like a son by his parents.

Like Son, Like Father[]


When Nya and Maya were about to set off on a mission, Ray, while playing a video game, remarked that he would have nobody to play video games with. Kai then corrected him, mentioning that he and Cole would stay. He would then continue playing the game with Kai and Cole.

4 Feet High and Rising (non-canon)[]

At the monastery, Ray and Kai went to visit Wu, who told them that he discovered that the Wave Amulet was casuing Nya's disruption and that the Storm Amulet is unprotected by whoever would want to have both amulets.

Riddle of the Sphinx[]

At the monastery, Ray lost a short sparring match with Kai as part of an experiment initiated by Master Wu. When Wu then asked Kai to shoot a fireball at him, Ray quickly ran away.

After Cole told him and the others that Clutch Powers had stolen the Storm Amulet, Ray went alongside Wu, Misako, and the remaining ninja to the Explorer’s Club. After Misako invoked the Trial By Sphinx, Ray, intimidated by the size and power of the test, backed away and told Kai to handle it. Kai successfully did so, allowing the group to advance into the room where Clutch was showing off the Amulet.

Upon entering the room, Ray and the others demanded that Clutch return the artifact to them. Despite his refusal, before the group could take further action, an army of Merlopian soldiers, led by Kalmaar, burst into the room, seeking to claim the Storm Amulet for themselves. Ray and the others fought Kalmaar and his army, attempting to prevent them from taking the Amulet.


Kalmaar successfully took the Storm Amulet, breaking out of the Explorer’s Club. In an attempt to stop him, Ray lunged at him, but was thrown back by one of Kalmaar's tentacles to a car, where Kai was just shot back by Kalmaar.

Later, Ray, Wu, and Cole caught up to where Kai was and continued pursuing Kalmaar, having lost then regained the Storm Amulet after a lengthy chase involving him, Kai, Nelson, and Antonia.

Master of the Sea[]

Ray and the others caught up to Kalmaar and fought his army of guards. Despite their best efforts, the group was forced to surrender after Kalmaar threatened to kill Misako.

Tied up and sent to drown in the Endless Sea, the five of them were saved by Nya and the rest of the ninja on the Hydro Bounty.

Ray fought alongside the ninja, Wu, P.I.X.A.L, and Maya against Kalmaar, ultimately succeeding in retaking the Storm Amulet.

Later, back at the Monastery, Ray said his goodbyes to Kai while playing video games as he and Maya prepared to head back to Four Weapons Blacksmith.

The Turn of the Tide[]

Ray was present at Nya's memorial, mourning the departure of his daughter alongside Maya while also seeing how hard Kai was taking it.

Other appearances[]

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3[]

Following the defeat of Clouse, Wu would suffer a horrible nightmare in which he saw Ray and his wife Maya forging something terrible in a pit of flame and smoke for the Time Twins.

Day of the Departed[]

When Kai and Nya went back to the blacksmith shop to celebrate Day of the Departed, they had pictures of Ray and Maya.







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Day of the Departed

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  • Ray's appearance does not seem to have changed after the Serpentine War, aside from his face being less symmetrical, and the addition of more weary-looking eyes and thicker eyebrows.
    • This could be due to the fact that Elemental Masters most likely age differently than normal humans,[14] though out-of-universe it is due to poor design choices.[15]
  • For an unknown reason, the back of Ray's armored attire is just a mirror of the front.
  • Ray is an unlockable character in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame. His blind bag can be found in the level "The Lost City of Generals."
  • His hairstyle is the same as Ash as well as one of the Dragon Hunters' children.
  • In the online game Spinjitzu Smash DX, Ray is unnamed and also looks very different, having a dark gray classic hairpiece and beard.
  • A character named Ray comes in 70629 Piranha Attack, a The LEGO Ninjago Movie set. This was not intended to be the same character,[16] but he slightly resembles Ray's appearance from "Misfortune Rising".
  • After Season 7, Ray and Maya most likely went on vacation or returned to Four Weapons Blacksmith.[17][18]
  • His original leg design slightly resembles that of Aragorn (Gondor variant) and Boromir from LEGO's The Lord of the Rings theme.
  • According to Maya, Kai got his hot-headed behaviour from him.
  • In Season 4, he has exactly the same face design as his son, but with added beards and wrinkles. In Season 7, his face design changed a bit.
  • He is very strong, being able to lift a lot of luggage for Maya.[19]
  • He appears to be very fond of video games.[20]
    • This was in contrast to his son, who hated technology in the beginning of the series.


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