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As you know, the Sixteen Realms are interconnected and the balance affects us all. When one falls, another falls apart.

The realms of Creation[1] are a variety of worlds that Ninjago is one of, located within the Ethereal Divide. Other realms can be traveled to via the Realm Crystal, an artifact that was located in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master. The Realm of Oni and Dragons is the first of all the realms in existence.

Originally, there were Sixteen Realms apart from Ninjago. Following the destruction of the Cursed Realm when the Preeminent was destroyed, along with the destruction of Djinjago, there are currently only fourteen realms parallel to Ninjago.

List of realms

Realm passageways

Despite being of different worlds, the realms have multiple passageways and networks that can be used to access each other, with some forming naturally, and others having to be conjured.

Method Realms Status
Realm Crystal All except the Departed Realm[2] Originally destroyed by Flintlocke, destruction was later undone by Jay's final wish, later destroyed again by Lloyd using the Sword of Sanctuary
Being overloaded by the Golden Weapons From the Underworld to the Departed Realm; portal created from the Underworld to Realm of Madness Weapons transformed into the Mega Weapon by Garmadon, then melted by the Nindroids to create the Golden Armor, later reforged by Kai
Traveler's Tea Possibly all, except the Never-Realm, which uses berries from the Traveler's Tree Available
Dragons Unknown amount of realms; Ninjago, Underworld, and Realm of Oni and Dragons confirmed; most likely not all realms[3] Alive
Blind Man's Eye From Ninjago to the Cloud Kingdom, vice-versa Recurring
Being banished by the Book of Spells From Ninjago to the Cursed Realm, vice-versa Destroyed by Lloyd
Fire Temple From Ninjago to the Underworld, vice-versa Portal blocked with rubble by Flame
Death From the location of demise to the Underworld/Cursed Realm/Departed Realm Cursed Realm destroyed by Nya, Departed Realm way active.
Mountain of Madness From the Realm of Madness to Ninjago Intact
Skulkin Vehicles From the Underworld to Ninjago, vice-versa Intact
Magic From Ninjago to the Underworld[4] Available
Dark Magic From Ninjago to the Cursed Realm Available
Allied Armor of Azure From the Cursed Realm to Ninjago, possibly all Destroyed by Nya
Unknown "back door" From Ninjago to the Cloud Kingdom[5] Unknown
The mouth of the Preeminent From the Cursed Realm to current location, vice-versa Destroyed by Nya
Forever Rock From Chima to unknown location[6] Intact
Yin Blade All Destroyed by Cole
Yang's jar From the Departed Realm to Ninjago on the night of the Yin-Yang Eclipse Destroyed by Cole
Resurrectea From the Departed Realm to the current location of the deceased person's body Unknown
Being killed by one of the Departed Blades From current location to the Departed Realm on the night of the Yin-Yang Eclipse Inactive
Oni Masks From the Departed Realm to location of summoning Mask of Deception destroyed by Skylor, Mask of Hatred destroyed by Lloyd
Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu Possibly all Second scroll destroyed by Zane


  • It has been confirmed by Tommy Andreasen that the worlds of Nexo Knights,[7] Hidden Side,[8] LEGO Island,[9] and Bionicle[10] are not part of the 16 realms in the Ninjago storyline.
    • However, Ninjago and Legends of Chima exist as fictional universes within the world of Nexo Knights.[11] See here for further explanation.
    • As for why Nexo Knights is not connected in terms of realms, Tommy Andreasen stated that "Not everything needs to be linked" and Nexo Knights "has a more easy going vibe."[12]
  • The concept of the realms is similar to the Nine Realms from Norse Mythology.
  • The Hageman Brothers came up with the idea of the realms.[13]
  • The concept of the realms is different from the common science fiction parallel-timeline multiverse idea, as there are no alternate universes in Ninjago.[14]
  • As seen with the destruction of the Cursed Realm, destroying a realm consequently destroys its sister realm; in this case Djinjago.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, every realm has a sister realm.[15]
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, Ninjago and the Underworld are not sister realms.[16]
  • The realms are surrounded by an infinitely vast, formless void known as the Ethereal Divide.
  • Time passes differently in some realms, explaining how the Sky Pirates stayed alive for 200 years from Ninjago's perspective while being trapped in other realms.[17][18]
    • However, none of the realms in the series so far have shown such a time difference. Though Lloyd postulated in "A Fragile Hope" that this was the case with the Never-Realm, Tommy Andreasen later clarified that Zane had been sent into the past when he was banished there, meaning this was not the case.[19]
  • When the events of Skybound were undone by Jay's final wish in "The Way Back", other realms may not have been affected.[20]
  • There is conflicting information about the exact number of realms there are. Some information indicates sixteen including Ninjago,[21] and others state that there sixteen beyond Ninjago, which would mean there are seventeen realms in total.[22][23] The latest official information about the subject states that there were indeed sixteen beyond Ninjago, so seventeen in total.[24]
  • In "The Darkness Comes", Wu referred to the realms as the "Lands of Creation," implying that they may have some affiliation with or were created by the power of Creation. He also referred to them as the "realms of Creation" in "A Cold Goodbye."
  • In "A Cold Goodbye," Wu said that the Never-Realm is the most distant of all realms.
  • It is unknown whether the Cloud Kingdom affects Chima or other realms,[25][26] whether residents of realms besides Ninjago go to the Departed Realm upon death,[27] or whether disgraced warriors from realms other than Ninjago go to the Underworld.[28]
  • The Digiverse is not a realm.[29]
  • Unagami and Dareth refer to Prime Empire as a realm.[30][31][32] However, it is not a realm.[33]
  • Tommy Andreasen doesn't think the sixteen doors seen in "Grave Danger" lead to the other sixteen realms.[34][35]

Realm of Shadows

  • Although the location where the ninja fought Clouse in The Realm of Shadows was said to be a realm by Tommy Andreasen,[36] it appears to be simply a temple in the Toxic Bogs.
  • Tommy Andreasen has stated that Chima is his favorite realm.[37]
  • When asked if the other realms would eventually fall as the Cursed Realm and Djinjago had, Tommy Andreasen replied, "There is an end to everything. Facts of life."[38] This implies that ultimately all the realms will be destroyed or become uninhabitable.
  • It is currently unknown whether all realms will ever be shown, because "stuff like that needs to happen organically."[39]
  • Outer space is not a realm.[40] When asked if the realms are different planets or locations on the same planet, Tommy Andreasen said, "No ... just places."[41]
    • When asked whether the realms are more like separate universes or different dimensions, Andreasen responded, "Whatever ensures creative freedom."[42]
  • In "Grave Danger" Cole talks about the Realm of hurt, although it may just be a fabrication.
  • As shown in "How to Build a Dragon," in the First Realm it is possible to listen to the broadcast from Ninjago.
  • The symbols from the first test represent the 16 realms. The ying-yang symbol probably represents Ninjago.
  • The zoetrope room is similar to the Entrance Chamber of the Department of Mysteries in the Harry Potter novel series. Both are circular rooms surrounded by doors, and have a bluish glow.



In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


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