Eliminate the enemies of Unagami!”
— A Red Visor

Red Visors are troopers that were part of Unagami's Army in Prime Empire. They were programmed to obey Unagami and wipe out anyone who opposed him.


Prime Empire Original Shorts

The Meaning of Victory

As Jay tries to warn the racers about Speedway Five-Billion, the Red Visors show up and start shooting at him, forcing him to run, with them pursuing him.

The Stowaway

The Red Visors continue their search for Jay when they run into Scott. They try to arrest him but he resists by fighting them off and escaping in his car, which Jay is hiding in the back of. A high-speed chase ensues as the Red Visors pursue the two in their cars. The chase ends with Jay helping Scott to escape and the Red Visors crashing their vehicles.


Part of Jay and Scott's plan to escape the streets involves them disguising themselves as Red Visors. They run into trouble when they are forced to identify themselves. Scott calls himself Red 27, which checks out until the real Red 27 shows up and the Red Visors pursue the two once more. They manage to escape, prompting the Red Visors to argue about who has to tell Unagami about their failure.

Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look

Some of the Red Visors appeared during an old commercial of Prime Empire being shown.

They also appeared when Nelson was playing Prime Empire.

Prime Empire

Level Thirteen

The Red Visors appeared in some of the Arcade Cabinets when a police officer was taking away a Fist to Face game cabinet.

Superstar Rockin' Jay

A group of Red Visors march towards the Ninja and attempt to kill them, but the League of Jays save the Ninja. Sometime later, the Ninja get down the skyscrapers and spot Red Visors ahead. Lloyd, Nya, and Cole hide but Kai, thinking there are unlimited lives in Prime Empire, stands out and taunts the Red Visors. He is shot and respawns after the Ninja place tires in the Red Visors.

The Glitch

The Ninja are led into a cubed room by Ritchie who tells them that there's a glitch in the game they can take advantage of. When the Ninja enter, Red Visors appear and begin shooting at the Ninja. The Ninja lose seven of their lives until Okino enters and saves the Ninja and allows them to escape.

The Cliffs of Hysteria

The Red Visors are teleported to the Cliffs of Hysteria after one of the aerial drones finds the Ninja. The Ninja begin to climb the Cliffs of Hysteria, and Kai taunts the Red Visors for not being able to catch up to them, but the Red Visors begin to fly.

One of the Red Visors cuts Cole's rope and he is barely able to make it before his rope snapped in half. Meanwhile, all of the Ninja are able to make it to the top with Lloyd grabbing a Red Visors. When they interrogate him, they realize that Unagami is building some sort of machine that will allow him to enter Ninjago.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

The Red Visors surround the Ninja after they were trying to enter the Speedway Five-Billion. The Ninja are able to defeat them, but Jay uses his credits to get a weapon upgrade causing them to need more credits.

The Red Visors enter the Dance Room and encounter the Ninja. Kai, Cole, and Lloyd fight in the background, and some Red Visors even enter the dance floor to interfere with Nya and Jay. While they are fighting, Cole does the Triple Tiger Sashay to take out three Red Visors.

When Jay and Nya win the dance competition, one of the Red Visors attempts to intervene, but Kai pokes his back and punches his head.

Just after the Ninja leave, the Red Visors report that the Ninja were able to enter the race. Unagami then commands them to find Scott believing he can lend them cars for the race.

Racer Seven

Lloyd is chased by the Red Visors who come into the stands. Lloyd uses Racer Sevens' helmet to deflect their laser and climbs onto a pole where he is surrounded by Red Visors. Lloyd does a backflip and lands on a Quad Bike where he is able to escape.

When Lloyd is talking to Racer Seven, she threatens to call the Red Visors if he doesn't leave.

The Speedway Five-Billion

Red 29 is spying on Scott's Garage and sees Racer Seven enter the garage along with Scott and the Ninja. He then orders for more Red Visors to back him up.

The Red Visors begin shooting at the invisible which reveals the base itself. Scott then opens the garage and begins shooting at them. Scott also sends a small car bomb that takes out some of the Red Visors. When the Ninja and Racer Seven begin leaving, the Red Visors begin shooting at them, but Scott counterattacks. Unfortunately, Scott is shot by the Red Visors and is cubed. Red 29 reports to Unagami that they took out Scott and demands for cars to chase after the Ninja.

The Red Visors enter the race to chase after the Ninja. They surround Nya's vehicle and are about to crush it, but Nya intentionally slows down causing the Red Visors' cars to crash. She then accelerates and knocks one off the tracks.

Jay then is surrounded by three Red Visors' cars, so Kai and Cole decide to sacrifice themselves by taking all the remaining Red Visors out, but both get cubed.

When the Ninja and Racer Seven win the Speedway Five-Billion, the Red Visors attempt to stop the Ninja from leaving, so Racer Seven steps in their way telling them that they are coming for Unagami.

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll

The Red Visors are marching around Terra Technica as the remaining Ninja of Lloyd, Nya, and Jay try to avoid them.

The Prodigal Father

When Scott is playing Prime Empire, he fights some of the Red Visors.

The Temple of Madness

When Unagami completes the Manifestation Gate, all of the Red Visors head to the Temple of Madness and enter the portal. As Unagami is able to enter using his Empire Dragon form, some of the Red Visors attack Jay. However, he summons the Blue Dragon and defeats the Red Visors.

Game Over

While Unagami is in Ninjago City, the Red Visors are teleported and attack the citizens of Ninjago City. Later, Unagami frees control of the Red Visors, so they head back to Prime Empire.

Master of the Mountain


The Red Visors can be seen while Cole was playing Prime Empire.



LEGO Ninjago

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Video Games


  • They are the third villains to use guns in the show, the first being the Nindroids and the second being Flintlocke.
  • The 404 on their clothing could be a reference to the HTTP 404 error message, which occurs when information, pictures, or even a server can't be found or accessed.
  • They strongly resemble Mr. E. Both wear a helmet with a red visor, use red katanas, and have a three-digit number in which the middle is 0 on their torso.
  • The Red Visors are the third faction to be the villainous faction more than once, with them being the villainous faction of the Prime Empire Original Shorts and being a part of Unagami's Army in Season 12.
  • Their alternate face never appeared in the show.
  • They are the fifth villainous faction to have members named by their ranks other than an actual name, the first four being the Stone Army, the Nindroids, the Pyro Vipers, and the Blizzard Samurai.
  • Although their visors are red in the show, their visors on their minifigures are a trans-neon orange color.


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