“I thank you, Elemental. In return for your gift, I shall spare your lives. May you enjoy your time in this place as much as I did. Farewell!”

The Return of Aspheera was an event taken place six months after the defeat of the Oni.


Desire For a Quest

Six months after the Ninja defeated the Oni, they became incredibly lazy due to no villains to fight. This caused Master Wu to get upset as he embarrassed the Ninja in combat.

After the humiliating contest, the Ninja decided to find something to do in order to get back into shape. They decided to go to Ninjago City, but were unable to do anything due to the city being unusually peaceful.

When they returned to the Monastery, they turned on the TV and found a report by Gayle Gossip who interviewed Clutch Powers. The archeologist refused to enter the newly discovered Ancient Pyramid and said a Ninja was required to venture inside. This sparked the Ninja as they found a new quest.

Venturing Across the Desert of Doom

With a quest in mind, the Ninja utilize the Katana 4x4, Rock Cycle, and Land Bounty in oder to get to the Ancient Pyramid. Nevertheless, they encounter some trouble when Beohernie attacks them and rips off a key compartment to the Land Bounty.

Needing the component to accelerate the Land Bounty, Zane is purposely ingested by Beohernie and retrieves the component thanks to help from the Ninja. The Ninja are then able to outrun Beohernie and make it to the Ancient Pyramid.

Releasing Aspheera

The Ninja, along with Clutch Powers, infiltrate the Ancient Pyramid and after dodging through a couple of traps, make it inside Aspheera's tomb. A sliding puzzle can be seen which Jay and Nya eagerly try to solve. Meanwhile, Zane reads an inscription dating Aspheera's past and realizes that the sliding puzzle is a trap. He tries to warn Jay and Nya, but it's too late as they complete the sliding puzzle and Aspheera is released.

Now free from her imprisonment, she questions Lloyd about a "boy" Lloyd doesn't know about. Failing to find an answer, he gets smacked by Aspheera's staff and the rest of the Ninja retaliate. While fighting, Aspheera shows interest in Kai's Elemental Power and strips it from him. The Ninja try to stop Aspheera, but she uses Spinjitzu to ward off their attack. After draining Kai's powers, she spares their life, but tethers the Ninja.

Meanwhile, Clutch Powers, who decided to escape while the Ninja were fighting Aspheera, finally makes it outside the pyramid, but he is immediately confronted by Aspheera who demands Powers to take her to the nearest village. He hints at Ninjago City being the closest, but refuses to take her. This causes Aspheera to erupt the pyramid with lava. Clutch Powers then slides down the walls of the pyramid to avoid the lava before a rock causes him to fly away from the pyramid. In the end, Aspheera got on her Fire Fang and rode to Ninjago City.



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