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Riddle of the Sphinx

(In the Monastery, Kai is training with Ray.)

Ray: How was that? Your old man still -- still has awesome moves.

Kai: Real great, Dad. But we're just sparring for Master Wu's little research project, so, don't hurt yourself, okay?

Wu: It's a valuable opportunity, to study the effect of elemental powers on a former master. But, sparring isn't what I had in mind. Uh, Kai, would you kindly direct a burst of fire at Ray?

Ray: Uh, what now? (Kai ignites his hand, which causes Ray to scream and duck. Just then, Cole enters the courtyard.)

Cole: Master Wu!

Wu: What is it, Cole?

Cole: Nya and the others are back at the Island of the Keepers. The Storm Amulet's at the Explorer's Club!

Wu: The Explorer's Club? How is that possible?

Kai: Who would possibly be foolish enough to do that?

(At the Explorers Club, Clutch Powers is giving a presentation.)

Clutch: I, Clutch Powers, am proud to present to you, the fabled Storm Amulet of Wojira! Which I am generously donating to the club's permanent collection along with these images of the expedition. (He turns on a slideshow depicting a drawing of he and the ninja.)

Percy Shippelton: Why are these slides so ... cartoonish?

Clutch: What? Oh, you mean why are they detailed illustrations instead of photographs? Well, that is due to the, uh, loss of my camera, which fell overboard during our daring escape.

Smythe: A reasonable explanation. Continue.

Clutch: Oh, now this image depicts me single-handedly conquering a beast of the sea, while my fearful companions were rendered helpless.

Percy: Ah, yes, jolly good show.

Smythe: Oh, I dare say. This sojourn might qualify you for thee coveted Explorer of the Year reward.

Clutch: Explorer of the Year? No, I -- I'm not familiar with the title. Heh, nor have I dreamed about winning it every single day of my adult life. But if you insist on nominating me ...

Underhill: Something would have to go dreadfully wrong for us not to.

(At the Island of the Keepers, the ninja are discussing their next move.)

Nya: Kalmaar's right. This is my fault.

Maya: Don't give up, Nya. Zane will get the controls fixed. There's hope.

Zane: There is no hope. I've assessed the damage and it is beyond repair.

Jay: Which means we're stranded.

Benthomaar: Can you not use your Elemental Powers to summon the whales? They could easily pull this vessel behind them.

Nya: Summon whales? No, I can't do that.

Benthomaar: But you are named Nya.

Nya: Yeah?

Benthomaar: The first Elemental Master of Water. Nyad. Surely you know the tale of Nyad.

Maya: I told you this. Don't you remember? When you were a little girl? The story of Nyad and the whales. She rode upon their backs. We named you after her. But, it's just a children's story, Bentho.

Benthomaar: It's true. Nyad helped defeat the serpent Wojira. She leapt onto the serpent's head with nothing but a broken trident.

Nya: Benthomaar, I can't summon whales. I can only control water, and right now, not even that.

Maya: She's right. I was the Elemental Master of Water before her. I would know if something like that was possible.

Benthomaar: Have you ever tried?

Nya: Well, no?

Benthomaar: Then, how do you know?

(Nya steps into the sea and closes her eyes. Suddenly, some fish swim up to her.)

Nya: Oh. Hi, guys. What do I do now?

Maya: Whatever you're doing, it's working. Try again!

Jay: Be careful not to call any piranha. Ooh, or sharks. Or, or blowfish. Or fire sharks, or glass snails. (He starts panicking and Maya pats him on the back.)

(At the Explorer's Club, Cecil Putnam is putting away a book when Wu and the others burst into the reception room.)

Cecil: Oh. Misako. You're alive. What a pleasant surprise. How may I help you?

Misako: We need to see Clutch Powers.

Cecil: Certainly. Your membership card?

Misako: You know full well you revoked it, Cecil.

Cecil: Ah, yes. Terribly sorry. I shall immediately begin the years-long reactivation process. In the meantime, however, I'm afraid I must deny entry. This club is for members only.

Wu: This is an emergency! Clutch Powers is in possession of a dangerous artifact.

Cecil: Sir, there are a good number of very dangerous artifacts in this establishment. Our collection is filled with them.

Wu: You're okay with that?

Cecil: The members of the Explorer's Club laugh in the face of danger. Like so: "Ha! Ha! Ha!" "Ho, ho, ho!" is also accepted.

Misako: It's true, that was part of the test.

Cecil: Might I recommend that this charming conversation would be most comfortably continued outside?

Kai: Look, you pencil-pushing --

Misako: Cecil. There is one way that non-members can be permitted. A Trial By Sphinx.

Cecil: No one has invoked a Trial By Sphinx for decades! Not since the incident with Lord Belgrave. Whew, that was a mess.

Cole: What happened to Lord Belgrave?

Misako: Consider it invoked.

Cecil: Be the consequences on your own head. Disgraced former members may not participate. The rest of you have a combined total of three guesses. If you fail, the results will be ... untidy.

Cole: What is happening here?

Ray: Good luck, son! (He quickly backs away.)

Wu: Ask your riddle.

Sphinx statue: Give me food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. Who am I?

Cole: I know, cake! (A torch goes out and the Sphinx shoots fire.)

Wu: Cake?

Cole: Cake's usually the answer to everything!

Wu: No! Discipline is usually the answer to everything.

Sphinx statue: Two guesses left.

Wu: Discipline.

Sphinx statue: Wrong! (Misako facepalms.) One guess left.

Kai: Food, live. Water, die. It's fire. You're fire!

Sphinx statue: Correct. (It disappears.)

Cecil: Oh, rather poor showing on the Sphinx's part, eh? You may pass.

(In a room, Clutch is still telling his story.)

Clutch: And that's when I saved the lives of the ninja, and all the inhabitants of the island, who, of course, insisted on crowning me their -- (Misako and the others burst in.) Oh, hey, guys! I was just talking about you.

Cole: Save it, Clutch! Where's the amulet?

Clutch: What amulet?

(Just then, Kalmaar and the Maaray Guards enter through a wall.)

Kalmaar: Give me the amulet, or be destroyed!

Clutch: Oh, you mean this amulet? Heh, it's all yours. (He gives it to Wu and runs away screaming.)

Smythe: Oh, a shameful display.

Percy: No backbone.

Underhill: You can forget the Explorer of the Year award. Nomination revoked!

Kalmaar: You. Old man. Bring me that.

Wu: Come and get it.

(The Merlopians attack and the others fight back.)

Kai: (To the club members.) Don't worry, I'll protect you.

Percy: Oh, what gump. We are members of the Explorer's Club. We laugh in the face of danger! Ha, ha, ha! Tally ho! (He picks up a stick and attacks.)

Underhill: You will rue the day you ruffians stormed our club. Ho, ho, ho! (He picks up a hat stand and rushes into battle.)

Smythe: You'll receive no quarter here! (He releases insects on a Merlopian.)

Wu: I don't know who you are, but you'll regret this.

Kalmaar: I am King Kalmaar! I am your conqueror!

Wu: Conquer that! Your invasion will be short-lived! Once the rest of our friends arrive, our combined forces will --

Kalmaar: Your friends won't be coming back. I made certain of that!

(At the Island of the Keepers, Nya is still trying to summon whales.)

Jay: How's it going? Almost done?

Nya: No, Jay. There's just a lot of little fish, and they're too small to pull this sub, and we're stuck here, and it's all my fault.

Jay: It isn't your fault, Nya!

Nya: How is it not my fault? If I hadn't come along, Calamari would have never found this place. (Jay gasps.) The amulet would still be safe, and --

Jay: Nya, look! (He points behind her, where whales have begun to appear.)

Nya: Yes!

Lloyd: All right!

Maya: You did it, Nya! You did it!

Lloyd: I think you've found our way off this island.

Jay: Ninjago City, here we come!

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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