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“What happened?”
We won.”
Skylor and Kai, "Green Destiny"

The Rise of Ninjago is the event in which Ninjago City was freed from the Sons of Garmadon.


The ninja's return

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After being marooned in the Realm of Oni and Dragons for a week, the original four ninja and a younger Master Wu return to Ninjago City to end Lord Garmadon once and for all. After helping out the Resistance, the four ninja ride on their dragons to get the citizens of Ninjago to safety.

Battling the Colossus


After getting the citizens of Ninjago City to safety, Jay, Cole, Kai, and Zane fly their dragons towards the Colossus in hopes of chaining it. During this fight with the Colossus the hostages that are being kept at Kryptarium Prison free themselves and return to Ninjago City to help defeat the Colossus. However, the chain is not thick enough and the Colossus escapes. Using Nya's new vehicle: the Battle Wagon, they are able to knock the Colossus down and re-chain it with everyone's help. The Colossus is ultimately destroyed when Garmadon is de-powered.

Battling Garmadon

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While the other ninja are fighting the Colossus, Lloyd and Wu go to the remains of Borg Tower to fight Garmadon. During the fight, Firstbourne encases Garmadon in magma, which he breaks free of, using the force to blow Firstbourne and Wu off of Borg Tower. Lloyd and Garmadon fight continuously until Lloyd loses the Dragonbone Blade and is forced to talk sense into his father.


Lloyd wins by repeatedly telling his father that though he can't fight him, he can resist him. This ends with Garmadon losing his power and Lloyd regaining his power. The ninja then celebrate this win on the steps of the rebuilt Palace.



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