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“I need a more advanced robo-arm. It's not enough to make it stronger and have gadgets. I need to be able to... to...”
“I want to feel.”
The Mechanic and Unagami, "Upgrade"

The robo-arm is a mechanical arm that the Mechanic has instead of his left arm and he uses it as a weapon. At some point before the attack by Unagami, the Mechanic built or obtained several additional robo-arms.


At some point the Mechanic lost his left arm, which he then replaced with the robo-arm.


The robo-arm looks like an regular orange arm. In the part where the elbow is, it has an exposed part that allows the Mechanic to bend his arm. There are several gray protrusions with red lights on the arm. The hand is teal and the Mechanic can feel with it since "Upgrade".

The flamethrower version looks just like the regular version, but instead of a hand it has a conical piece with holes that works like a flamethrower.

Powers and abilities

The regular robo-arm can move and in Season 6 all cells in Kryptarium can be opened by it. In Season 11, it is shown that the arm, after folding, can move itself where the Mechanic has directed it. It can shoot its hand into the distance, which has devastating effects, as shown in "The Prodigal Father".

The flamethrower version can throw fire from its head. It also works as a weapon, as the Mechanic often used to fight in fights. It can shoot its head into the distance like the regular version as shown in "Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?".



  • His robo-arm has two versions: one regular and the other a flamethrower.
  • After upgrading by Unagami in "Upgrade", the Mechanic can feel with the arm.
  • Obviously, the Mechanic has tried to improve his arm many times, as his headquarters is full of these arms.
  • The only episodes in which the Mechanic folds his robo-arm are "The Absolute Worst" and "Upgrade".
  • Despite the fact that since Season 11 the Mechanic has thrown fire from a robo-arm only a short distance, in "The Mask of Deception" he threw fire a very long distance.
  • Despite the fact that in all other seasons the robo-arm is orange, in Season 8 it is rather brown.
  • The flame that the Mechanic throws from the robo-arm is in the anime-style version blue instead of the ordinary orange flame.
  • Despite the complicated shape with many protrusions that the arm has in the show, in physical form it appears as an ordinary colored LEGO arm.


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