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Robot dogs have a land speed of thirty miles an hour. We cannot outrun them!
Zane to the other ninja in "Dyer Island"

The robot dogs are mechanical canines that function as part of a security system for Dyer Island.


The robot dogs are silver in color with chipped off green paint. They have red glowing eyes and sharp teeth sticking out from their jaws.


Prime Empire

Dyer Island

The robot dogs were summoned when the ninja were running to Dyer Mansion. They perceived the ninja as intruders and attacked. One of the robot dogs tackled Lloyd. It was about to bite him before being blasted by one of the statues' laser beam, draining its battery. The ninja tricked the rest of the robot dogs into being blasted as well, draining their batteries.

Level Thirteen

Robot dogs were mentioned by Kai and Cyrus Borg.



Season 12: Prime Empire


  • In "Level Thirteen," Cyrus Borg is shown to despise the robot dogs and claims that they're for amateurs until his security systems weren't able to stop the Mechanic and the Kryptarium inmates. This shows that Borg was jealous.
  • In "Dyer Island," Zane notes that robot dogs have a land speed of 30 miles per hour.
  • Lasers drain the robot dogs batteries, as said by Nya in "Dyer Island."




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