Rockslide Bats are a type of Ninjago wildlife found in the Caves of Despair. They are bats with large, slightly tattered wings and disproportionately small lower bodies.

Rockslide Bats live within the Caves of Despair, using loud shrieks to navigate the tunnels and communicate with each other. Although they make quite a racket - even louder than the constant winds howling through the caves - they are harmless and even helpful to humans, preferring to feed on the dangerous Wicked Spiders.

They are related to Ash Bats, and may be descended from a common ancestor species, gradually adapting to their respective habitats. Description

Wildlife: Animals
Warning! Pack an anti-venom kit, because the creepy crawlers here are deadly!

The only thing louder than the Caves of Despair's wind are the shrill shrieks of the Rockslide Bats. Though loud, Rockslide Bats are your friends because they love to feast on crunchy Wicked Spiders as they fly throughout the dark caverns.

Rockslide Bats are similar and related to Ash Bats.