You may be looking for Ronin's mech from the TV series, the Salvage M.E.C.
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Ronin's Mech is a large robot suit used by Ronin and his henchmen. It was used by Ronin to attack the Ninja during their quest for the Obsidian Weapons.


Shadow of Ronin

Once the Ninja had escaped from the collapsing Fire Temple after obtaining Kai's Obsidian Sword, Ronin confronted the group in this colossal mech. After a brief fight, Cole and Kai damaged the mech's jetpack and then proceeded to destroy the chains keeping the floor stable. With no way to fly away, the mech collapsed into the lava, forcing Ronin to flee in R.E.X.

Later, when the Ninja traveled back to Chen's Island to stop Ronin, he sent several more mech suits after them (presumably piloted by his samurai minions), but Jay's ElectroMech held them off.


The mech is heavily armed and wields with a Gatling gun for a hand on its left, and a massive katana on its right. In addition, it has a functional jetpack for easy getaways and is armed with shoulder-mounted rocket launchers. The front of the mech was fireproof, but not against the heat from lava.


  • The mech appears to be a heavily modified version of the Samurai X Mech and takes the appearance of a gigantic Kendo warrior.
  • The canon version of Ronin would later employ a somewhat similar vehicle, the Salvage M.E.C.



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