SIC K is a Portuguese free-to-air children, teenagers and young adults television channel. It is the channel that airs Ninjago in Portugal.


  • Ninjago is SIC K’s longest currently running show, having run on SIC K since the pilot episodes in 2011.
  • SIC K does reruns of every Ninjago season, special and mini-series.
  • Ninjago is the series that has more air time per day.
  • SIC K is a channel that belongs to SIC.
  • SIC K is the abbreviation for "Sociedade Independente de Comunicação K", which is Portuguese for "Independent Communication Society K".
  • SIC K's Ninjago seasons with the biggest audience were for the longest time Tournament of Elements and Possession.
  • SIC K already made many giveaways to promote Ninjago and The LEGO Ninjago Movie.
  • The pilot episodes are only aired during a Ninjago anniversary.
  • SIC K is also known for airing almost every other LEGO show. SIC K aired Hero Factory, Chima, Hidden Side and Nexo Knights.


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