These are the relationships of the former king of the Underworld, Samukai.





Garmadon (former ally)

“Well, if it isn't Garmadon. My my, how you changed.”
— Samukai
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Samukai came into conflict with Garmadon and his brother Master Wu, only to be defeated by the two brothers. When Garmadon was banished to the Underworld, Samukai eagerly confronted his nemesis, gloating over his predictions of the former's banishment turning true. Seeking revenge on Garmadon through plans to subject him to an afterlife of pain and suffering, Samukai clashed with his old foe. However, he was ultimately defeated when Garmadon used Spinjitzu, and Samukai watched in humiliation as his victorious opponent donned the helmet that had once signified his own authority. As a result, he was demoted back to only the Skulkin General of Fire.


“Sensei Wu! Your Spinjitzu looks rusty!”
— Samukai

Samukai came into conflict with Master Wu and Garmadon, only to be defeated by the two brothers.

Samukai met Wu again in "Weapons of Destiny", where he challenged his old foe to a final rematch, with Master Wu armed with the Sword of Fire while he himself wielded the remaining Golden Weapons. Despite Wu's best efforts, Samukai ultimately reigned victorious and proceeded to claim the Sword of Fire, even as the Ninja arrived to witness Garmadon's triumph.


“For what it's worth, this isn't personal, Jay.”
“It kind of feels like it is, Samukai.”
“It's only so I can return. I promise that as soon as this is over, I'll release your parents.”
— Samukai and Jay

In "Day of the Departed", he chose to go after him once the other Ninja were taken. Samukai had his men hold Jay's parents captive and battled him, nearly winning. As he prepared to finish Jay, he also stated that their fight isn't personal, Ronin stepped in to rescue Jay's family and allow the Lightning Ninja to redeem himself and Samukai was ultimately sent back to the Departed Realm.

The Ninja

Because he was allied to Garmadon, he was an enemy of the Ninja. He resurrected and took Dr. Julien hostage and held his Nindroid son, Zane, hostage.

In "Day of the Departed," Samukai was eager to get revenge on the Ninja after Yang freed him. However, he was disappointed that all the other Ninja were taken by his undead allies and settled for Jay.

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