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"Samurai X Rising"
Season 7, Episode Short
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"Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea"

Samurai X Rising is a video released on the official Ninjago website.[1] It takes place between "Secrets Discovered" and "Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea."


A mysterious force has taken over the Samurai X suit. WHO is behind the mask and will they be a friend or enemy?!


The door to the Samurai X Cave opens and the computer in the Cave is visible. It shows that there was trouble somewhere. A mysterious figure runs past and takes the Samurai X armor which is on a stand nearby. She wears it before stepping into a machine, which changes it from its red color to a new blue color. Holding a katana, Samurai X practices fighting skills. A blue vehicle rises out of the ground. Samurai X jumps into the cockpit, turns on the headlights and drives out of the cave. The vehicle jumps over a gorge. Samurai X's new face is now visible, and the words "Samurai X Rising" are flashed on the screen.




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