“I'll hold them off. I've been hiding in this garage for 30 years, playing it safe. Time to try out that hero thing.”
“You only have one life left, Scott.”
“I know and I want it to count for something. Just promise me you'll beat this game. Find Unagami, and you make him set this right.”
— Scott and Kai in "The Speedway Five-Billion"

Scott is the first player of Prime Empire and a mechanic. He owns a few vehicles, including the Ninja Tuner Car, as well as a cloaked garage that began serving as a hidden base for the League of Jays, after he helped Jay escape from a group of Red Visors.

Having spent 30 years within Prime Empire, hiding from Unagami and his Red Visors who want him to race in the Speedway Five-Billion, Scott chose to remain on the sidelines due to having only one life remaining before he'd be "cubed". Despite this, he briefly allied with the Ninja during their time in Prime Empire.


Early life

Little is known about Scott's early life, other than he was the first person to be invited by Prime Empire's programmer, Milton Dyer, to try out the game for beta testing. When he reached level 13, the A.I., Unagami, convinced him to enter the game. His doing so caused Vast Industries to shut down Prime Empire and Dyer to abandon the project and go into hiding.[1]

Prime Empire Original Shorts

The Stowaway

While Jay was hiding inside Scott's car, he hears Scott being confronted by the Red Visors. Scott then takes out the Red Visors before escaping in his car.

Scott is chased by the Red Visors and at some point, Jay pops out of the truck and onto Scott's front window. Scott allows him to ride as they dodge most of the Red Visors except one when they crash into him.

Scott presumedly defeated the last Red Visors before introducing himself to Jay, saying that he had been waiting for him for a long time.


Scott tells Jay that they much leave immediately so they disguise themselves. They reach a closed-off area guarded by two Red Visors. To get past them, Scott and Jay use fake code names but are caught when the real Red 27 came for duty. Jay and Scott are chased by the Red Visors and are forced to fight. Despite being outnumbered, Jay single-handily defeats all of them which impresses Scott. They then hide in Scott's Garage to avoid detection.

Prime Empire

Superstar Rockin' Jay

Scott holds up his gun to the Ninja after they wondered near his garage. Nya says the secret password, and Scott lets them though his secret garage. He introduces himself to the Ninja and has been hiding the League of Jays in his base. During his explanation, Kai accidentally kills himself and would respawn moments later thinking he has unlimited lives in Prime Empire, but Scott tells the Ninja that they only receive four lives in Prime Empire. Scott touches Kai's pad showing that he has one life remaining. Scott then shows them to Superstar Rockin' Jay, the leader of the League of Jay.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Scott went inside his garage while Unagami told the Red Visors to go after him.

Racer Seven

Scott shows the Ninja his vehicles they can use for the Speedway Five-Billion. When the Ninja asked what happened to one of the cars in the last race, Scott replies that the driver was doing well with the car until they ended up being cubed, as well as telling them why he doesn't want race.

When Lloyd returns from his observation, he talks about Racer Seven and Scott explains that Unagami programed her to lose. He tells Lloyd to not bother with her since she'll never change. However, Lloyd still goes after her.

Racer Seven arrives outside of Scott's Garage, and the Ninja plus Scott are there to greet her.

The Speedway Five-Billion

Scott tracks the Red Visors as they somehow found the base. He opens his garage and begins attacking himself and allows the Ninja and Racer Seven to escape unharmed. Realizing there is too much to handle, he attempts to duck away from the attacks, but is shot and is cubed.

Game Over

Scott returns to Ninjago with everyone else who was trapped in the game. He is seen, as a human again, hugging another loved one, happy to be back in the real world again.


Scott's a good person, as shown when he chose to protect Jay and the other Ninja during their time in Prime Empire. Despite this, he was also overly cautious and bitter, as he had been trapped in Prime Empire for a very long time. With only one life remaining, he refused to enter the Speedway Five-Billion Race and was adamant to take any risks, to prevent being cubed. However, after spending time with the Ninja, he chose to become more of a hero, giving his life to helping the Ninja evade the Red Visors.



LEGO Ninjago

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire


  • He shares several design elements with various designs of the ninja:
    • His eyebrows are shaped similarly to Jay's, while he has a similar mouth to Lloyd.
      • The latter can especially be seen in his Minifigure form, where he has the same happy expression as one of Lloyd's face prints.
    • His Avatar looks similar to Jay's, with both Scott and Jay's avatar having the same colored skin and triangular patterns on their face. Some of the citizens of Prime Empire video game had a triangle pattern on their faces as well.
    • On his torso are the same dragon designs as the ninja have on their Legacy suits.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen in the live-chat of The TTV Channel's BrickFeed Podcast #119, he is named in tribute to William "Scott" Godon-Decoteau, a deceased Ninjago producer.[2]
  • He uses a recolored hood piece that Jack uses from LEGO Hidden Side.
  • He has Ninjargon text on his chest piece and hat. His hat says "3" and the letters on his torso say "AB" and "LJ". It's unknown what 3 and AB refer to, but LJ presumably refers to the League of Jay.
  • His origin is identical to both Alan Parrish from Jumanji and Alex Vreeke from Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, as all three of them were stuck in a video game for multiple decades.
    • Scott and Alex Vreeke both have one life after being stuck in a video game for multiple decades.
  • In the TV series he has one life, but in the sets he has three lives along with the ninja, as all the hero characters used the same health board in the sets.


In LEGO Ninjago

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