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“We started to wonder if the scroll and sword combined held a secret. That's when Kai reminded us there was a map on the back of the scroll a—”
“And if you use the sword on the map, the blade's reflection will reveal the tomb's location.”
Misako and Kai, "The Crooked Path"

The Scrolls of Airjitzu are scrolls created by Master Kodokuna Yang. They contain the instructions to master Airjitzu.

The difference between the two versions of the scroll is that one has a map on the back of it while the other one doesn't. It is unknown if one is a duplicate of the other, or they were both created by Master Yang for an unknown reason.

The one with the map was being held at the Library of Domu, the ancient library, until it was stolen by Ronin. It may have been donated to the library by Yang himself before he died, while he kept one of his own at his temple.

The scroll without a map on the back was kept at the Temple of Airjitzu, just as it appeared that all of Yang's other possessions did.


Ghost Story

When Wu told the ninja to go to the Library of Domu to retrieve the Scroll of Airjitzu, Zane informed them that Ronin stole it.

Stiix and Stones

After the ninja left to earn money to buy the scroll from Ronin, the latter took it out from a vase.

Later, Ronin, Morro, and the ninja chased each other for the scroll. Unfortunately, Morro was able to read the scroll before Kai could stop him.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

When the ninja completed Yang's tests, he gave them the Scroll of Airjitzu. However, Cole accidentally dropped it, holding him back and turning him into a ghost.

The Crooked Path

Morro stabs the scroll with the Sword of Sanctuary, revealing the tomb's location.


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