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“No. They are far too powerful.”

The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, also known as the Forbidden Scrolls, were two scrolls of paper that contain the dark powers of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Young Wu and Garmadon used the scrolls to defeat Aspheera.

A thousand years later, Aspheera returned and found the first scroll only for the ninja to find the second one. A climactic battle erupted until Zane used the scroll to freeze Aspheera and the Pyro Vipers, However, Aspheera used her scroll to banish Zane back in time to the Never-Realm alongside the second scroll right before he saves Wu. Afterward, P.I.X.A.L. used Aspheera's staff to send the ninja to the Never-Realm to save Zane. He had spent around 60 years in the Never-Realm in exile, turning the naginata with the second scroll into his personal scepter after becoming the Ice Emperor by Vex who wiped out his memories, while using it to enslave the realm. However, Zane destroys it upon regaining his memories.


The Book of Spinjitzu

The story told here is different from the series.

When Wu and Garmadon were young, they were searching in their father's library trying to find a cookbook to replace their regular meal of noodles. Garmadon found a book called The Art of Broth, and when he picked it up a scroll fell out. Garmadon picked the scroll up and said that it felt hot. He tried to read it, though Wu did not want to. Their father came in and took it from Garmadon. He told them never to touch the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and ordered them to leave.

The next day, Garmadon went back to the library to find the scroll. Garmadon stated that he did it because it was "calling" him. Wu did not tell their father, though he followed his brother. Garmadon became frustrated when it was not there, to Wu's relief. Wu wanted to know what secrets it held, though not as much as Garmadon. Eventually, they found and read it, and the young Wu wrote its secrets into his journal. Many years later, a wiser Wu realized that the scroll's secrets should never have been revealed, and placed a seal over them in his journal so that it could not be seen.

Prior to Secrets of the Fobidden Spinjitzu

In the ancient past, when Wu and Garmadon were children, the First Spinjitzu Master wrote the two scrolls that contained the power of Forbidden Spinjitzu. The Master forbade the brothers from using them, but they wielded the scrolls in order to defeat the Pyro Viper, Aspheera, and her followers. The First Spinjitzu Master was angry that they disobeyed, and hid them. Ages later, the scrolls would be discovered by archaeologists.


During Snaketastrophy, an Elemental Cobra revealed to Aspheera that the Ninjago Museum of History was presenting the first Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu as one of its artifacts. After Aspheera heard of this, she began to plan to use on Wu.


The ninja except Kai start their way to one of the scrolls to stop Aspheera. They make it to the Hall H first and Lloyd grabs it, increasing his powers. Nya knocks into the scroll out of his hands, but the Pyro Vipers find them shortly after and a battle starts. During the battle, Aspheera steals the scroll.

Ancient History

While Nya was distracting the Pyro Vipers, Lloyd tried to steal the scroll by grabbing it, but Aspheera defeats him. Meanwhile, Acidicus tells the story of Aspheera's rule over Ninjago, saying that Ashpeera was corrupted by the scroll.

Under Siege

Aspheera uses the scroll within her staff to disarm the monastery and starts breaking in.

The Explorers Club

After escaping from security guards from the Explorer's Club, Nya, Lloyd, and Zane find the second scroll and headed back towards the monastery.

Vengeance is Mine!

Lloyd is seen holding scroll in the Land Bounty when Nya tries to get him to put it down, yells at her in a demonic tone, he later apologizes and reluctantly puts it down. Meanwhile, Aspheera breaks into the hangar bay and uses the scroll to teleport the Titan Mech, shortly after a battle between the snake queen and the Ninja (with the exception of Nya and Kai) with the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu starts with Aspheera defeating everyone except Zane. But before she is defeated, Ashpeera tries to teleport Wu, but fails as Zane takes the blast.

Corruption (flashback)

Vex witnesses Zane use the scroll to take the Titan Mech into the Ice Cave. Vex tries to use it as well, but it doesn’t respond to him, as he lack power. Shortly after removing Zane's memories, he gives the scroll to Zane and they start their way to Grimfax. With the scroll, Zane dethrones Grimfax, makes the winter harsher and becomes the Ice Emperor.

A Cold Goodbye

My Enemy, My Friend

When Lloyd was presented to the Ice Emperor by Vex, he saw the scroll within the staff and was shocked to realize that the Ice Emperor was Zane.

A Fragile Hope

After Lloyd recognized Zane as the Ice Emperor, he realized that the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu had corrupted for several years, and tried to convince him to let go of it. Vex, however, lied to Zane that Lloyd wanted to steal the scepter for himself.

Once and for All

Akita attempted to kill Zane, but he woke up and freezed Akita's hand with the scroll.


After Vex said "protect", Zane remembered who he was and destroys his scepter and the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, freeing the Never-Realm from his tyranny.


  • Power augmentation - The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu can increase a user's powers. The Forbidden Spinjitzu is incredibly stronger than regular Spinjitzu. It increased Lloyd's power to fire an energy ball hat made a hole in a wall and increased Zane's power to the point where was able to single-handedly defeat Aspheera and her army. Another example was he used it to take over the Never-Realm. Increasing an elemental power cause the elemental master to emit fire hair and glowing eyes, which the color matches the Elemental Master's signature color.
    • Power bestowal - Due to The Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu increasing it user's power, it gives its user incredible power, as Wu stated it "gave us powers we had never felt before. It felt as if we had reach our true potential in an instant". The Scroll also seemly resorted Kai's Fire for a brief moment when he held it though this could be an animation error.
    • Corruption inducement - Consequently, the scrolls induces aggression and corruption, seemingly causing users to become addicted to it via prolonged usage until the user turns evil. It slowly corrupts the user with prolonged usage and requires great will-power to overcome.
  • Realm and Time Traveling - The Forbidden Scroll can banish or send someone/something to another realm and time. Aspheera first demonstrated this by sending the Titan Mech and Zane to the Never-Realm, around 60 years into the past.[1] P.I.X.A.L. also used it to send the ninja to the Never-Realm in the present.
  • Elemental creation - The scroll increased an Elemental Master's powers to allow the user to create things alive out of out of their respective element and control them[2], as Zane was able to use his powers to create and control the Blizzard Sword Masters, Blizzard Archers, and Boreal.

Official description

Two scrolls of paper that contain the dark powers of Forbidden Spinjitzu. Although the maker of the scrolls, the First Spinjitzu Master, told his sons never touch them, young Wu and Garmadon stole them to defeat a Serpentine sorceress called Aspheera.[3]




Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


Ninjago Magazine

  • 61. Game Over?


  • The Ninjargon text written on the scroll translates to "The Forbidden Art."
  • The scroll is written in a seemingly older script, and there are commonly dashes where there should be dots and vice versa.
  • Before Zane destroyed the second Forbidden Scroll, there were two Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu.
    • One was at the Ninjago Museum of History until it was stolen by Aspheera, and the other was with the Explorer's Club until it was stolen by Lloyd, Zane, and Nya, and later sent to the Never-Realm with Zane, where Vex claims it as Zane's scepter. Upon regaining his memories, Zane destroys it.
    • As of now, there is only one Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu left, as Zane destroyed the second one when he got his memories back.
  • It changes color when it corresponds with a different power.
  • As mentioned in "Ancient History," the power of the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu can be used to send someone or something to another realm and/or time period, as shown in "Under Siege," "Vengeance is Mine!," and "A Cold Goodbye."
    • However, it's currently unknown if the scroll can only banish or send someone or something to the Never-Realm or any realm.
    • It was also revealed in a live-chat that it could also send someone or something into a different time period.[4]
  • The Scroll can channel any power, not just Elemental Powers.[5]
    • This was seen in "A Cold Goodbye" when P.I.X.A.L. possess the scroll.
    • When asked why Vex could not use the forbidden scroll, Tommy Andreasen replied that Vex had little power to use the scroll.[6]
  • The Forbidden Scrolls appears to corrupt people, as shown in "Vengeance is Mine!" when Lloyd yelled at Nya in a demonic tone, and when Zane hesitated to give the Scroll to Wu.
    • The scroll has a greater effect on those who are "pure."[7]
      • This explains why the Forbidden Scroll had no effect on Garmadon and Aspheera when they held it while the scroll briefly corrupted Master Wu and Lloyd, and turned Zane evil.
    • As shown in "Corruption," the Forbidden Scrolls can also corrupt Elemental Powers, as Zane used his scepter to corrupt Grimfax's army and turned them into Blizzard Warriors.
    • It appears the user must have a strong will to resist the effects, as seen with Lloyd in "Vengeance is Mine!" and Zane in "Corruption."
  • It appears to not work on regular people, as Kai tried to use it against Aspheera in "Vengeance is Mine!," when his powers were stolen, and when Vex tried to use it against Zane in "Corruption."
  • The surrounding power behind any of the ninja looks similar to the Super Saiyan transformation aura in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.
  • There were several scrolls on the First Spinjitzu Master's desk, two of which were the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu. It is unknown what the rest of them were.
  • The scrolls are similar to the One Ring from The Lord of the Rings, because both are powerful artifacts that can gradually corrupt its user.
  • These scrolls are the first element from a book to be introduced in the TV series, followed by Fred Finely. Both were introduced in Season 11.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, if someone held both scrolls at the same time, "it would be a mess and I wouldn't want to be the one to clean it up."[8]


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